Ye Township USDA office use government administration to request family lists from area residents

HURFOM,YE TOWNSHIP: In order to obtain the exact lists of the eligible voters, a government backed civilian group, the Union Solidarity and Develop Association  (USDA), which is expected to enrollee as a political party, has used the assistance of the Burmese government Township Peace and Development Council [TPDC] authorities to significantly increased its influence in Ye township. Many local sources have reported that the USDA plans to use this effort as leverage to win the most seats for their members in the new parliament in the anticipated 2010 election.

After the finish of Burma’s traditional New Years Water Festival, the government backed civilian organization and expected political party, the USDA, began using members in Ye Township to distribute a family survey form to pressure residents into voting for them.  Distribution of the form highlights their connection with the government and their active observation of area residents prior to the anticipated 2010 election, according to a Lamine sub-township resident, located in Ye territory.

A 44 year old ethnic Mon resident from Lamine, who asked that his name be kept anonymous, confirmed what other villagers have reported:

In this sub-township, I witnessed that their people [USDA members] approaching the Township Peace and Development Council [TPDC] to distribute the family members lists among the [sub-township] inhabitants. They have been distributing a family list form which is titled ‘The Family List Form No.6/66 to Determine Which Residents are Above the Age of 18′ My family received this form on last week. As the family’s head, I have been urged to fill out the form and send it back to my ward/village headmen. Continue reading “Ye Township USDA office use government administration to request family lists from area residents”