Bangladesh to erect pillars along India-Burma borders

Bangladesh is gearing up to erect pillars for demarcating its land boundary along the borders with neighbouring Burma and India based on agreements, according to the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Bangladesh Defence Ministry yesterday.

Bangladesh has already decided to erect a total of 314 pillars on the border with Burma and as many as 320 pillars on the border with India and will have no dispute with any of its two neighbours for demarcating its boundary, according to the source.

When Bangladesh will start erecting the pillars along the borders with its two neighbours has not been stated.

Bangladesh had successfully demarcated the land boundary with Burma and is yet to start surveys for identifying its boundary along the border with its largest neighbour India.

Bangladesh shares a 320-km border with Burma, partially demarcated by the Naff River, while it shares a 4,096-km border with India, of which 2,979 km is the land border and 1,116 km is over rivers.

Tension erupted repeatedly between the two normally friendly neighbours Bangladesh and Burma over territory early this year. There was palpable tension when Burma started to fence its land border without formally informing Bangladesh following the dispute over gas and oil explorations in the Bay of Bengal in October last year.

Bangladesh still has disputes with Burma and India over its maritime zone in the Bay of Bengal and has sought formal settlements with its two neighborus from the United Nations.

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