Migrant News by Grassrotes Human Right

A workshop on work permits and labor rights for foreign migrant workers was conducted. The workshop took place at Andaburi Resort, Kaolak, Tombol Takuapa in Phang Nga province with the cooperation of GHRE, IOM and World Vision.
It was established that migrant workers come to Thailand for several reasons, doing jobs that Thai people are not willing to do. Htoo Chit, Executive Director of GHRE suggests migrant workers take the opportunity to get a work permit as guests in Thailand, therefore receiving sympathy from the resident citizens, whilst also abiding by Thailand law.
Mr. Surapong Kongchantuk, Chairperson of Karen Culture and Development Centre (Executive committee member of Thailands’ Human Rights Committee and Lawyer Council, as well as Vice Chairperson of the sub-committee of Indigenous people) discussed the rights of migrant workers and internally displaced people in relation to the Thailand Human Rights Commission, along with new work permit regulations and the opportunity to educate migrant children.

Ms. Thidarat Tohteb from World Vision spoke about the provision of health care for migrant workers and a medical treatment card, which outlines health status and treatment required.
Later, Hla Phone Naing, GHRE’s coordinator for the migrant development program discussed road safety – signs, rules and regulations.
50 migrant workers participated in the workshop, along with community leaders and NGO workers.

Collective Warso Tingan offering ceremony of Burmese migrant workers was celebrated

The third Warso Tingan (Suit for Monk) and rice offering and Buddha Anaykazar (Spiritual empowering Buddha statue) ceremony was organized at Banbaw fish box factory warehouse by Burmese migrant workers who work at the factory.
On this special Buddhist festival hosted on the 6th of July 60 young monks who are from different regions of Burma who are learning at Chularlongkong University of Bangkok were invited and the celebration was well attended.
Ko Hla Soe, one of the organizers said “For the continued existence of Buddhist religion and the great honor of these Buddhist monks who are learning here we celebrated this special Buddhist celebration. We are also very pleased to see many monks together as this third alms giving occasion is a produce of our hard work”.
The organizers estimate that in this alms-giving around one hundred and fifty thousand Baht has been raised. The presiding monk of Wattalone Monastery, who allows 50 studying monks from Burma to live at his Monastery, also joined to honor this ceremony.
During the previous years, celebrations took place at Warso Tingan and Katheir Tingan, but only 5 to 10 monks attended as no one could bring many monks to the same place.

The occasion started at around 8AM and ice creams, white noodles, soft drinks and a variety of snacks were offered. At noon, the Tingan (Monk Robe) was offered to the Monks for them to worship. They were also offered rice. The religious ceremony had been a success and was finished by 2 PM.
A small group of Burmese migrant workers communities also celebrated Buddhist religious in other Monasteries such as Watkanfar, Wathon, Watsaypond and Watpok close to Bangkok.

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