Second victim of H1N1 hospitalized in Rangoon

Fri 10 Jul 2009, IMNA, Kon Chan
Another carrier of the flu virus H1N1, commonly known as ‘Swine Flu’, has been detected in Rangoon, and officially announced by the Burmese government television last night.

The victim, a 20-year old man, arrived in Rangoon International Airport from Thailand on July 6. By July 7th he had become seriously ill, and was sent to Way Bar Gi hospital in North Okkalapa, Rangoon. Although the Burmese government has been testing travelers as they arrive at the airport, they failed to detect any symptoms on July 6th. The man is currently recovering, reported Burmese state-television.

The Rangoon Health Department has been testing the passengers and staff from flights on which the man infected with H1N1 had traveled, however thus far there has been no report that the H1N1 has infected any of the other travelers.

Earlier in June, a girl 13-year-old girl who was returning from Singapore was found to be infected with the H1N1 virus. At the time officials from the Burmese, Singapore, and Japanese Health Departments tested 36 people under the suspicion of having contracted H1N1 as they traveled with the girl returning from Singapore. There were so signs of the H1N1 on any of the travelers though among the 36 passengers, 21 were suffering from a normal fever and 14 were in good health.

“The young girl’s teacher and her friends are being tested and are being watched by a doctor,” said a doctor from Rangoon. “After more than 10 days if we don’t find any sign of the H1N1 virus, we will let them go.”

The girl who tested positive for having H1N1 has recovered and was released from Rangoon hospital on July 8.

Many people who are suspected of having H1N1, or are confirmed to have it, are treated at the Way Bar Gi hospital, according sources that work there.

Many people in Rangoon are using masks to cover their noses and mouths when they go out in public places such as schools, hospitals, cinemas and markets. Masks thus far have been a basic defense and can be obtained for relatively cheap.

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