Thaksin-Two passports confirmed, third might be Cambodian travel document

aking every possible step to narrow the political space fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s has on the globe by using the Interpol and other diplomatic moves to corner him, a senior government official said yesterday.

Thaksin might be able to stay in Dubai, but United Arab Emirates will not allow him to use the gulf state as a launching PAD against the Thai government, said Vice Foreign Minister Panich Vikitsreth.

“The UAE government has told us that Thaksin could not use the country as his political base, but could return as an investor,” Panich said in an interview yesterday.

The UAE and Thailand are preparing an extradition treaty, he said, adding that Abu Dhabi had already sent a draft for consideration.

Asked if the government was aware of the movements being made by some former executives of the now-defunct Thai Rak Thai Party to meet Thaksin in Dubai, Panich said nobody could be barred from travelling abroad or meeting anybody. continue

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