Battle for KNLA base camp eases

by Daniel Pedersen on Apr.16, 2009 bleming_9-1
Colonel Nerdah Mya

The battle for the Karen National Liberation Army’s Sixth Brigade 201st battalion headquarters Wah Lay Kee, just over the Thai border in Burma, eased on Thursday morning.
After three days of intermittent fighting the KNLA has suffered no casualties, but a combined force of Burma Army and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army have lost one soldier and 12 have been wounded, said KNLA Colonel Nerdah Mya.
Three had been seriously wounded by booby traps set around the camp.
Fighting initially broke out on Sunday night at about 7pm and an ensuing skirmish lasted about half an hour.
On Monday, as Thailand celebrated Songkran and television images showed areas of Bangkok in flames, the morning began quietly for the KNLA.
But in the afternoon a joint force of about 40 soldiers from the Burma Army and its ally, the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, launched a fresh attack against the 201st base camp.
Seven 81mm mortars were launched at the camp, but the KNLA hit back with RPG and small arms fire.
As the DKBA and soldiers of Burma’s ruling military junta, the State Peace and Development Council retreated, one of their men was killed and three were injured.
Wah Lay Kee is a significant base camp that the KNLA lost but won back at the beginning of last year’s rainy season on June 30.
At this stage there have been no casualties on the KNLA side.
KNLA Colonel Nerdah Mya said his soldiers had pushed the enemy back to its base camp.
“The fighting has eased off for now, but we are still pursuing them,” he said, at about 4.25pm Monday. Continue reading “Battle for KNLA base camp eases”