Shwegondaing Declaration by BDC english Translation

National League for Democracy (NLD) Declaration on 29 April 2009

Today at 18:41
National League for Democracy

97B – West Shwegondaing Street,
Bahan Township, Rangoon
April 29, 2009
Shwegondaing Declaration

We the members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) including the Central Executive Committee, representatives of State and Division organizational committees, the Members of Parliament- elect still standing with the NLD, representatives of the Central Women’s Affairs Committee, representatives of the Youth Affaires implementation Committee gathered on the 28th and 29th of April 2009 in the meeting hall of the Head Quarter of the NLD on West Shwegondaing Street and held discussions on the political and organizational Situations and the analytical report regarding the Constitution with the aim to resolve all the political impasse in striving to build up the Union of Burma as a democratic state in accordance with the inspiration of all the people.

This Shwegondaing Declaration is issued to inform the people as the agreement of the majority was obtained through these discussions for the plan to create a fair climate for the evolvement of a dialogue which is the best means for resolving the above impasse. Continue reading “Shwegondaing Declaration by BDC english Translation”

THAILAND: Resettlement leaves gaps in camp services(Irin)

NUPO, 30 April 2009 (IRIN) – The resettlement of Burmese refugees from the nine camps along the Thai border with Myanmar has been something of a success story. More than 43,000 have found homes in some 11 countries since 2004 when the programme began up to the end of 2008. Another 13,000 are expected to leave in 2009.

However, there has been a price to pay in the gap left in key refugee camp services.

Saw Wah Htee, the community leader in Umpium refugee camp in southern Tak Province, told IRIN six of the 15 camp committee members had already resettled, leaving a leadership gap. Similarly in education. Naw Baw Nyaw, secretary of the Karen Women’s Organization (KWO), said: “A major problem is that programme staff is being resettled – particularly teachers. Previously, teachers had experience. Now teachers are newly graduated, with no experience.

“Fifty percent of our teachers have been lost to resettlement since 2005.” continue

Scroll around the map of the delta region to find out more from the people affected by the disaster and those trying to help.

Cyclone Nargis: One year on

In May 2008, tropical cyclone Nargis bore down on southern Burma, claiming at least 140,000 victims and affecting 2.4 million others.
Ignoring protests from foreign governments and aid agencies, Burma’s reclusive military junta refused widespread access to the devastated Irrawaddy delta for weeks after the storm hit.
Foreign journalists are still banned from reporting in Burma, but through the voices of local people and information from aid agencies, the BBC has built up a picture of life in some of the worst-hit areas.

The Burma Campaign UK today welcomed a statement from UK Trade Minister Gareth Thomas MP that Burma should not benefit from any future EU ASEAN trade deal.

Burma should not benefit from EU-ASEAN Trade Deal – UK Government
30 Apr 2009
The Burma Campaign UK today welcomed a statement from UK Trade Minister Gareth Thomas MP that Burma should not benefit from any future EU ASEAN trade deal.

Gareth Thomas MP made the statement in answer to a written Parliamentary question by John Battle MP. Gareth Thomas MP is a joint Minister of State at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Affairs, and the Department for International Development.

“The UK position is that Burma should not benefit from a future EU ASEAN FTA (Free Trade Agreement),”said Gareth Thomas MP. “This is an issue to which the UK attaches great importance.”

Free trade negotiations between the European Union and ASEAN were opened in 2007, but have not progressed successfully, with European Union officials blaming ASEAN countries for failing to agree a common negotiating position on key issues. Continue reading “The Burma Campaign UK today welcomed a statement from UK Trade Minister Gareth Thomas MP that Burma should not benefit from any future EU ASEAN trade deal.”

Wa anniversary has positive, negative responses in Thailand

THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2009 11:08 S.H.A.N.

According to Thailand’s security, that has been closely following Wa developments, the recent Wa celebrations marking their 20th anniversary of what it calls “Peaceful Construction” was both a satisfying and disappointing event.

“We’ve been using its 10th anniversary pictorial publication like a bible on Wa up to this day,” a senior security officer told SHAN as he fondly ran his fingers through his newly received 392 page 20th anniversary publication, priced at Y188 (roughly $27) per copy in Panghsang, the Wa capital. “Whenever we wanted to know who’s who in Wa, we always
Wei Xuelong refer to the volume. The new one is even better, and more detailed.”

For instance, while the 1999 volume did not carry photographs of the Wei brothers, wanted in both Thailand and the United States, the 2009 volume has two colorful prints of Wei Xuelong, the eldest and Deputy Minister of the Wa State Government’s all powerful Finance Department, and Wei Xuegang, the youngest and Deputy Commander of the 171st Military Region that covers areas opposite Thailand’s Maehongson, Chiangmai and Chiangrai provinces.

[“I wish the SSA (Shan State Army “South”) takes its cue from this one,” he added. The group has 5 main bases across the border.]

The only disappointment was that no latest snapshots of the most well-known brother, Wei Xuegang, was again not included the new volume. “Which means we are stuck to the only two available photos we have of him,” said another. wei-xuelong-us
[“I wish the SSA (Shan State Army “South”) takes its cue from this one,” he added. The group has 5 main bases across the border.]

Tarpaulins for Cyclone Nargis affected being sold by authorities

Written by KNG
Thursday, 30 April 2009 17:06
The Burmese military junta’s authorities in Momauk Township also called N’Mawk in Kachin language in Kachin State are forcibly making people buy tarpaulin sheets (Moe-Kar) in Dunghkung village in Momauk Township. The tarpaulin was among items donated for victims of Cyclone Nargis affected areas, a source said.
According to a villager from Dunghkung village, at first, the tarpaulin sheets were forcibly sold to villagers by the authorities on August 2008. Most villagers refused to buy it.

However, some households took it because they didn’t have to pay at that time. But later, the authorities forcibly gave tarpaulins to every household at the end of September 2008, because not every household bought it when they sold it for the first time, a woman villager said.

The villagers didn’t know the tarpaulins were donated for Nargis affected areas. The authorities also did not say where the tarps came from, she added.

Meanwhile, villagers from Dunghkung village are facing difficulties paying for the tarpaulins. The authorities have been forcibly collecting the money from the villagers since January 2009, said another villager from Dunghkung village.

“This month, the authorities came and asked for the money thrice. If we had bought the tarpaulin from the market, it would have cost only 25,000 Kyat (US $25) but the authorities asked for 30,000 Kyat (US $29),” a villager said.

There are over 70 households in Dunghkung village and the village is located on the way to Bhamo also called Manmaw in local Kachin language, the second largest city in Kachin State.

Cyclone Nargis originating in the Bay of Bengal lashed the Irrawaddy delta in southeastern Burma and some other parts of Rangoon, the formal capital on May 2 and 3, 2008.

IOM supply more ART disease in Mon State

Thu 30 Apr 2009, Rai Maroah, IMNA
IOM doubles supply of medicine to HIV patients in Mon State More HIV positive patients in Mon State have been receiving vital Anti-retroviral drugs thanks to the International Organization of Migrants (IOM) who have doubled the number of patients it supplies since the beginning of April.

According to IOM staff, the organization is providing ARVs to villagers in Mudon, Thanbyuzayat, Kyaitmayan, Belin and Moulmein Townships. ARVs are the only known effective treatment for HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS.

“We only supplied ARVs to 100 people before in Mon State but now we’re providing them to 200. However, that’s not enough for everyone here and there are more and more HIV positive people every year,” said one of the staff.

In Mudon Township, for example, IOM supplies ARVs to people from 15 villages as well as food and money. The organization’s own statistics record that there were 40 HIV patients in those villages last year and there are now 50. However, IOM’s resources are limited and they cannot supply treatment to all. Lack of care has meant that some patients have already died.

According to the Burmese Weekly Eleven journal, published on April 24, only 14,000 people in Burma with HIV are receiving ARVs, yet there are an estimated 0.24 with the disease in the country and every year 25,000 people die of AIDS.