Arroyo offers Philippines as a model for Burma

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has held up her country’s democratic experience as a guiding light for Burma’s military regime, urging Burma’s generals to adopt a similar approach to that of her administration in matters related to political reform and the strengthening of national unity and reconciliation.

In a statement released today by the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, Arroyo is quoted as saying, “Like Myanmar, the Philippines has over a hundred ethnic groups and a variety of political persuasions, but rather than impair the vibrancy of our country’s democracy these have only served to strengthen it.”

According to Burma’s military government, the country is home to 135 distinct ethnic groups.

Arroyo, speaking of her administration’s actions directed at brining all Filipino citizens into the national political fold, added, “I have reached out to them [ethnic groups] in the spirit of reconciliation and national unity, which has enabled our society and political system to move forward without giving undue importance to their political mystique.”
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Junta Chief’s grandson enjoys Water Festival

by Mizzima News
Friday, 17 April 2009 18:59

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Burma’s military supremo Snr. Gen Than Shwe’s pampered grandson, Pho Lah Pyae, apparently had the time of his life, while participating in the revelry during this week’s Water Festival in Rangoon’s Innya Lake Street.

According to sources, Pho Lah Pyae would pay daily visits to the stage, which he hosted on the Innya Lake Street, opposite the University of Economics. The stage was heavily guarded by security officials.

Besides, his pandal would be provided with water half-an-hour before the other pandals.

A prominently Buddhist country, Burma between April 13 to 16, celebrates the Water Festival, while welcoming the New Year, which falls on April 17 this year. The Water festival is also held in Thailand and Laos.

watch VDO on ..In an interview with FRANCE 24, Thaksin Shinawatra called on Thailand’s monarch to intervene in the current political crisis

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Thaksin issued an appeal for national reconciliation and called on the king to intervene in the current political crisis. “I have urged His Majesty, it’s the time for His Majesty to intervene,” he said. “He’s the only person who can intervene in this incident. Otherwise, the violence will be even wider and the confrontation will be more and more. Reconciliation is needed,” he said.
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Military-ruled Burma’s economic growth will be diminished in 2009 because of the weaker performances of the country’s major partners, said the Asia Development Bank (ADB) in its Asian Development Outlook 2009 report that was launched on Friday.

Burma’s Economic Growth to Slow in 2009: ADB

The ADB said in the report that weaker economic performances of Burma’s major trading partners—the People’s Republic of China, India and Thailand— is “likely to put downward pressure on export prices of gas and agricultural products” that will diminish Burma’s economic growth.

“It is also likely to reduce remittances from Myanmar workers [in those countries]” the ADB noted in the report.

The ADB predicted Burma’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth to slow in the fiscal years 2008 and 2009.

“The current account is expected to remain in surplus, supported by the planned inflows of foreign aid,” the ADB reported, noting that international donors are to fund a US $690 million recovery program for Cyclone Nargis survivors. Continue reading “Military-ruled Burma’s economic growth will be diminished in 2009 because of the weaker performances of the country’s major partners, said the Asia Development Bank (ADB) in its Asian Development Outlook 2009 report that was launched on Friday.”

Solar Power Clinics in War-Torn Burma Win World’s Most Prestigious Environmental Award

A project that trained medical personnel to install solar power at hospitals and mobile clinics along the war-torn border of Burma has won the top prize at this year’s Energy Globe environmental awards.
The medical centers provide crucial aid to approximately 200,000 refugees who have fled Burma because of the catastrophic, genocidal efforts of its military-dominated government.