Two soldiers accused of raping and attempting to murder a woman studying in a seminary school in Kachin State are still at large, according to the woman’s family members and friends.

mizzima – A 21 year old ethnic Kachin woman hailing from Hsa Hmaw Township, Kachin State in northern Burma was raped by two soldiers at knife point. They attempted to strangle her. The soldiers looted her clothes, gold necklace and gold rings after raping her, a relative of the victim said.

“She came by Mandalar Express train and reached at 6 pm. But she arrived at home at 11 p.m. She didn’t disclose the incident that night and just said that she had lost all her belongings and would tell them in detail the next morning. They went to the crime scene next morning to find her lost belongings but found only her lingerie and a hat,” she said.

The victim came to Hsa Hmaw from Pin Htaung. The soldiers were on the same train with her. She jumped out from the train when the train was chugging into Hsa Hmaw station but the two soldiers also hopped out with her and raped her in a dark and deserted place at knife point. Then they left her naked believing she was dead. She regained consciousness at about 11 p.m. and walked home.

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