News NCUB Border office Insulting Karens on Karen New Year Day: SPDC junta’s lawlessness

On 2008 December 27, Karen New Year’s Day, at about 6:00 PM, a soldier from Lt. Thet Khaing’s Company in SPDC Army LIR 350 deployed at Saw Behldoe outpost near Ma-u-bin village in Nyaunglebin District Kyaukkyee Township raped a seven-year old Karen girl named Ma Ni Kabyar at her home while her parents were away and then shot her to death.

On December 16, in Mergui-Tavoy District Kasehdo Township Htee Bo-bwa Special Region, soldiers from SPDC Army IB 101 killed four villagers trading oxen and buffaloes at Kasawphoe and stole two oxen and two buffaloes. The murdered villagers were Saw Hser Thel (aged 35), Saw Dah Htoo Phoe (aged 18), Saw Hut Phloe (aged 16) and Saw Deedi (aged 40) all of whom came from Se-ku village.

In KNU territory Dooplaya District Kawkareik Township, Col. Khin Maung Cho, Commander of No.1 Tactical Operations Command of No.19 MOC summoned village tract elders to IB 106 camp and ordered them to report to the army camp three days a week starting from December 11th, also threatening them with prison terms if skirmishes broke out on the road in their respective vicinity. The elders were from Wahkami, Belemai, Kaneh Kamaut, Kyeh, Dellphee, Ta-nayliu, Ru-taw and Tha-wawphya village tracts. They were threatened with seven years in jail for village tract elders and two years in jail for village elders.

Similarly, Than Win, Commander of LIR 587, also issued orders for guarding of Kaneh Kamaut-Wahkami Road with 36 villagers every day, threatening them with two years’ prison sentences if battle broke out in their allotted sentry area.

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The Myanmar Information Ministry has terminated some 11 journals and 20 magazines, the local weekly Voice journal reported Saturday, quoting the Central Press Scrutiny and Registration Board.

by China View – The 11 journals, revoked from publication for failure to apply for renewal of registration, included Thet Thant Yaung, Viva Sports, Aung Nameik, Film News, International Crimes, Maha, Bulletin, Trend, Aung Su Youth, Music World and Company Directory.

According to statistics, there are over 250 private magazines and 200 journals being sold in the domestic markets.

Candles in the Dark: The Diaries of SSSNY Students Book review

If you are still wondering why the people of Burma, especially the non-Burmans, including even the underage youth, are up in arms against their military rulers, maybe this one will clinch the matter.

General/ Book review
3 January 2009

The book is not thick, only 158 pages. There are 40 stories in all as told by the students of the School for Shan State Nationalities Youth (SSSNY) founded in 2001 by a group of youth, led by one of TIME’s 2005 Asia’s Heroes Nang Charm Tong. An average of 4 pages per story, not counting the foreword by Nobel peace prize winner Jody Williams and the introduction by program teacher Gemma Niebieszcazanski, who had edited them “numerous times,” according to her.

The contributors include Akha, Kachin, Kayan, Lahu, PaO and Shan students. You can have your pick in there: continue

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Statement Burma Youth Malaysia from Niknayman blog (burmese)

Asia World collects road tax on under construction Hpakant jade mining road

The Burma-Asia World Company has begun to collect road tax on the Mogaung-Hpakant jade mining road in Burma’s northern Kachin state soon after it started rebuilding the road in November, 2008, said local sources.
The company started to reconstruct the stone paved road from 8 Miles, Mogaung Township to the Hpakant (Phakant) jade mining city. The distance between the two is over 48 miles, said local travellers.

Local travellers to Hpakant jade mining area told KNG, that company workers have been stopping all cars travelling along the road and collecting road tax depending on the size of the cars. They collect 9,000 Kyat (US $8) for Toyota 4-wheeled cars, 6,000 Kyat (US $5) for Chinese made and small-sized tractor called Htaw-la-gyi and 5,000 Kyat (US $4) on the basis of wheels of large-sized truck (a ten-wheeled truck will have to pay 50,000 Kyat (US $44) to the company), respectively. continue

Press Statement Sean McCormack, Spokesman Washington, DC January 2, 2009 on Burma’s Independence Day

Sunday, January 4, 2009 marks the 61st anniversary of Burma’s independence from British rule. We wish to express our warmest wishes to the people of Burma on this occasion. As we reflect on Burma’s independence struggle, led by General Aung San, we are reminded of our own history.

We support the peaceful efforts of people everywhere to exercise freely their universal human rights. We stand with the Burmese people today in honoring Aung San’s vision for an independent, peaceful, and democratic Burma and look forward to the day when Burma’s citizens will be able to enjoy the fruits of freedom and democracy. We earnestly hope that day will come soon.