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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy has secured an absolute majority in the combined houses of parliament which guarantees her party has the numbers to secure her choice of the next president.

Thein Sein to talk with Suu Kyi after electoral process
President Thei Sein responded the request made by NLD’s chairperson Aung San Suu Kyi that he would do mutual coordination and discussion after the electroal process. The reply was posted on the presidential spokesperson, Ye Htut’s Facebook account this afternoon.
The chairperson requested a talk with the president, the military chief and the house speaker for national reconciliation.
The presidential spokesperson posted “for the discussion, the reply has been made to her this morning that mutual coordination would be carried out after the electoral process.”

Suu Kyi requests to meet president, military chief and house speaker
The chairperson for NLD, Aung San Suu Kyi has sent request letters dated November 10 to the President, the Military Chief and the Union Parliament Speaker to meet up.
In the letter, she says, it is very important to fulfill the people’s will through the election in a stable and peaceful manner for the state’s dignity as well as for the sake of the people. The meeting is for national reconciliation. She requested them to meet with her at a convenient time in the next week. The request letter was sent out separately to each person.


NLD releases announcement
National League for Democracy released an announcement late tonight (Nov 9) requesting people to avoid arranging special events, going on demonstrations and shouting in public, use of loudspeakers annoying the surrounding neighbourhood and speaking ill of rivals for reasons of election winning.


Graphic design KO MYOE NY
Graphic design KO MYOE NY


The 36-hour-long live event that announces polling results at the front of the NLD’s headquarters came to an end at 11 pm.
The NLD has already declared polling results of almost all 10 regions and states. The results for the remaining four regions and states will be announced via its official website.

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Poll results declared at the NLD’s headquarters.









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Today 9pm update result for Region/State Hluttaw, released by UEC Election Result Center in Nay Pyi Taw….Meanwhile, UEC announces that there will be no more updates announcement for today, saying more updates announcement will start again on Wednesday, 11 NOV, 9am.

Unusual Incidents: Security Sub-committee Reports
Security sub-committee of Police Force sent a report to the Union Election Commission on Tuesday. The report includes the incidents happened inside and outside of polling stations.
They are tearing ballot paper 2 times, voting on behalf of other person 33 times, repeated giving out ballot paper 14 times, change of polling station 1 time, disturbance at the polling station 6 times, Sangha and nun voting 2 times, unlawful voting 2 times, death while voting 3 times, lost of stamp 1 time, lost of ballot paper 1 times, other cases 23 times.
And 88 cases were concerned with polling station. They are encouraging to vote -13 times, death while coming to vote 1 time, incident happens 17 times, filed the law suit 13 cases, solved by the commission 31 cases, complaints to the commission 34 cases, wounded 16 cases, death 6 cases, news reporting 31 cases totaling 119.

Although instructions were given for re-counting of votes by USDP in Poba Thiri Township in Nay Pyi Taw, the Township commission said they will not follow the instruction.
Commission Chairman Tin Aung Kyi said that although instructions were given for re-counting of votes in Poba Thiri Township in Nay Pyi Taw where USDP made a complaint, the commission will not be doing so.

Here’s the update of preliminary result released by UEC Election Result Centre in Nay Pyi Taw as of 9 pm on Tuesday.
In Region/State Hluttaw, National League for Democracy won 4 seats in WaingMaw and Phakant Constituencies in Kachin State, 5 seat at Loikaw, Phruso, and PhaHsaung Constituency-2 in Kayah State, 1 seat in ThanTaunggyi Constituency-1 in Kayin State, 3 seats at Myinmu Constituency-2, Butalin Constituencies in Sagaing Region, 12 seats at ThaNutPin, NyaungLayPin, Kyaukdagar, Taunggoo, Paungte, Letpadan Constituencies in Bago Region, 4 seats at Ngape and MinHla Constituencies in Magwe Region, 3 seats at Kyaikmayaw Constituency-1 and Belin Constituencies in Mon State, 6 seats at Pindaya Constituency-2 and MaBein, MongTon Constituency-2 and MongYaung Constituencies in Shan State, 2 seats at Pyapon Constituencies in Ayeyawady Region, Union Solidarity and Development Party won 1 seat in PhaHsaung Constituency-1 in Kayah State, 1 seat in Myinmu constituency-1 in Sagaing Region, 1 seat at Kyaikmayaw Constituency-2 in Mon State, 4 seat at Pindaya Constituency-1, Mongsat Constituencies and MongTon Constituency-1 in Shan State, Kayin People’s Party won 1 seat in ThanTaunggyi Constituency-2 in Kayin State.
So far, NLD won 78 seats in Pyithu Hluttaw, 29 seats in Amyotha Hluttaw and 182 seats in Region/State Hluttaw. USDP won 5 seats in Pyithu Hluttaw, 2 seats in Amyotha Hluttaw and 19 seats in Region/State Hluttaw. Wa Democratic Party won 1 seat for Pyithu Hluttaw and 2 for Region/State Hluttaw. Kachin State Democracy Party also won 1 seat for Pyithu and won 2 seats in Region/State Hluttaw, Mon National Party won 1 seat in Region/State Hluttaw. Zomi Congress for Democracy won 1 seat in Pyithu Hluttaw and 1 seat in Amyotha Hluttaw. Shan Nationalities League for Democracy won 2 seats in Pyithu Hluttaw and 4 seats in Region/State Hluttaw. Independent Candidate won one seat in Amyotha Hluttaw. Kayin People’s Party won 1 seat in Region/State Hluttaw.

In Rakhine State, Dr. Aye Maung from Rakhine National Party defeated but won majority seats in parliament where NLD won second most votes.
According to news released on November 10 morning of 11:00 am, Dr. Aye Maung from Rakhine National Party defeated but won majority seats in parliament where NLD won second most votes in Rakhine State.


Father and son win in the Election in Sittway, Rakhine State
Wai Sein Aung compete representing ANP in Amyothar Hluttaw Constituency No-2 and Kyaw Zaw Oo as a independent.
They are the very first candidates in Myanmar emerged from a household list and live in Ye New Su ward, Sittway, Rakhine State.
Kyaw Zaw Oo, previously served as ANP central executives committee member.
Wai Sein Aung is the father and Kyaw Zaw Oo is son.

NLD won 78 seats out of 88 seats announced by UEC in Lower House
According to the election results announced by UEC at 12 noon today, NLD won 29 seats out of 34 seats in Lower House. The UEC said NLD won 78 seats out of 88 seats in Lower House.

Election News Updated : 12:10 PM
Poll results in Myingyan Tonwship, Mandalay Region.
Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency (Lower House )
U Paw Khin (NLD)- 113,644 votes
U Aung Zan (USDP)- 28,315 votes
Amyotha Hluttaw Constituency(Upper House)
U Aung Myo Latt (NLD)- 166,278 votes
U Zaw Myint Pe (USDP)- 43,278 votes
Regional Parliament Constituency No.1
U Chan Myae (NLD)- 56,587 votes
U Kyaw Hsan (USDP)- 14,465 votes
Regional Parliament Constituency No.2
U Khin Maung Aye (NLD)- 58,696 votes
Daw Aye Aye Min (USDP)- 14,796 votes

NLD wins in Myitkyina Township, Kachin State, according to the Form (19) result announced by UEC
Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency (Lower House)
NLD- 48,968 votes
USDP- 26,812 votes
Amyotha Hluttaw Constituency (Upper House)
NLD- 49,882 votes
USDP-18,882 votes
State Parliament Constituency No.1
NLD- 25,463 votes
USDP-8,354 votes
State Parliament Constituency No.2
NLD- 20,805 votes
USDP-18,879 votes

South Okkalapa Township Form (19) result
Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency
Dr. Saw Naing (NLD) -63657 votes
U Aung Thein Lin (USDP) – 11249 votes
Amyothar Hluttaw Constituency
Dr. Myat Nyana Soe (NLD) -67108 votes
Malikha U Hla Chit (USDP) -9763 votes
Regional Parliament Constituency (1)
Daw Thit Thit Myint (NLD) -30546 votes
U AUng Kyaw Moe (USDP) – 5065 votes
U Wiin Naing Tun (Myanmar National Congress Party) -881 votes
Regional Parliament Constituency (2)
U Moe Myint (NLD) -32292 votes
U Myo Min Aung (USDP) – 5526 votes
Karen National Parliament Constituency
U Saw Say Wah (Karen People’s Party) – 49 votes
U Saw Albert (USDP) -31 votes
Daw Pan Thinzar Myo (NLD) – 395 votes
U Aung Myaing (Karen National Party) – 32 votes
Rakhine National Parliament
Daw Khin Saw Wai (NLD) – 645 votes
U Zaw Aye Maung (Rakhine National Party) – 1523 votes
U Maung Maung Kyaw (USDP) – 71 votes Continue reading “#‎Election #Poll #results #MYANMAR #BURMA”

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Ballot boxes kept at administrator’s house: NLD

Aye Mya Mya Myo, the National League for Democracy’s Lower House candidate for Kyauktan, Yangon Region, has complained to the township election sub-commission claiming the ward administrator was keeping advance ballot boxes at his home.

Ohn Myint, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) candidate, was minister for livestock, fisheries and rural development.

“I do not know how they keep advance ballot boxes in other villages. I saw boxes of advance ballots kept at a makeshift office in front of the house of the ward administrator of Shwepyitha on November 3. I saw six polling stations in another village of Shwe Pauk and only four of which were working. I did not see the correct number of ballot boxes. When we told them, they sealed the ballot box. Another box had to be brought from the house of the administrator and then it was sealed. The boxes loaded with advance ballots should not be kept at his house. I informed the chairman of the township sub-commission. He said they were waiting for the special police to arrive on November 6 and 7 and so the boxes had to be kept at the administrator’s house. I objected for security reasons,” Aye Mya Mya Myo said.

She said the administrator’s house was in no.4 ward in Tada, adding that she would ask where other administrators were keeping their boxes.

The NLD candidate has campaigned in 57 village tracts and 80 branch villages in Kyauktan Township.

Other candidates are Soe Kyi from the Union of National Politics Federation, Soe Hlaing of the Farmers Development Party and Zin Aung of New Society Democratic Party.
There are more than 126,000 voters in the township.


SNLD missing from advance ballots, voters claim

The Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), often known as the Tiger Head party, says advance ballots did not show its logo in Mongpan Township, southern Shan State.

“The election commission is solely responsible,” said Sai Nyunt Lwin, secretary of SNLD.

A SNLD candidate Sai Tun Hla said some ballot papers excluded another SNLD candidate Sai Tun Aung and the party logo during advance voting in Mongpan on November 5.

Sai Tun Hla said: “While we were monitoring in constituency no.2 in Mongpan, an advance voter called Sai Aw said he found his ballot paper didn’t include the SNLD candidate Sai Tun Aung and only had three parties. We’ve reported it to the township commission. We have never heard of such a case. Our supporters are honest and afraid of wrongdoing so they bring nothing into polling stations to obey election rules. So we have no photo record of it.”

He also said the party had already assigned monitors to the 33 polling stations in Mongpan.

The Shan National Democratic Party, also known as the White Tiger party, the NLD and the USDP will also compete in the township.


We are very much concern about the voting tactics for advance ballots. Now, many have questioned the states’ abilities to protect voter privacy and secrecy as well as the errors in voting lists. In Mandalay, Pyikyitangon Township, the actual voters are around 200 only yet there are 7000 voters in the list. Another big issue is the advance voters are requested not to seal the envelopes, and yet asked them to vote right in front of the officials. The public servants are scared to vote for National League For Democracy (NLD) and those who voted for National League For Democracy (NLD), they were asked to stamp two times in order to become a wasted votes. UEC (Union Election Commission) should look into this rising concerns about advance voting tactics. UEC should encourage the officials in respective townships to abide the voting rights and voter privacy as well as to avoid the threats of force to influence the voting. Voter privacy and secrecy of ballots are the important part of the election process and we would like to urge the UEC to take urgent actions to handle these rising issues immediately. ############## Advance ballots unsealed in Mon State Some advance ballot papers were brought in open envelopes to the election commission in Mudon Township, Mon State, said Zaw Win, the in-charge of voter lists at the National League for Democracy’s branch there. “Three ballot papers from the detainees at the Kyaikmaraw police station, and 21 from the midwifery training class at Mawlamyine were brought to the election commission unsealed on November 4. Since this is infringing the voting rights of a citizen, we object to those votes,” said Zaw Win. Myint Thoung, the chair of the Mudon election sub-commission, said: “The envelopes of the ballot papers from the midwifery class were not closed individually but had been sealed together in a package.” He added that the advance ballots from 147 foreign voters and those from 600 family members of the servicemen have been received. “We get those from wards and village tracts daily. We’ve instructed the concerned officials to take care of the security measures.” Mudon Township is home to 165,376 eligible voters and 102 polling booths. 12196285_632706606872025_7501241675726903162_n

eleven media Photo-Bo Bo Myint

UEC blames parties for voter list blunders


Political parties have been blamed by the Union Election Commission (UEC) for the erroneous voter lists for apparently failing to offer constructive help to correct mistakes.

An announcement said political parties did not cooperate enough to correct inaccuracies in the voter lists, adding that all they had done was criticise the commission.

It also said advance voter lists were announced four times nationwide and the parties did not persuade enough voters to correct the lists.

It said: “Although the nationwide voter lists were on public display from September 7 to 14, some of the errors could not be corrected as few voters came to check the lists because of a major party’s criticism.” This was seen as an apparent reference to the National League for Democracy.

The commission said repeated names in the lists caused the duplication of voter ID cards. Continue reading “#MYANMAR #ELECTION #monitoring #ballots #unsealed #missing #SNLD #MON”

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Solo protester detained in Mg So Pyay

cr. eleven media
A solo protester in Pyay was detained shortly after marching with vinyl posters saying that the Union Election Commission must take full responsibility for faulty voter lists.
Within a few minutes of holding the poster, the head of the police force and about eight members from No.2 regional police station stopped and detained the protestor at about 9:30 am.
“As it is the first time for him, we didn’t file a case. We will summon the administrator of where he lives and made him signed a promissory note right before us. We strictly stopped his activity to avoid unnecessary events over this matter during the election period,” Myo Myint from No.2 police station said.
The two posters reading the commission’s promise for only 30 percent of voter lists would be corrected is not acceptable because the commission is being supported by public fund and international aid. The commission must take full responsibility. The commission would be punished for vote rigging.
“He was taken to the police station shortly after he started. They [police officers] didn’t let us enter into police station when we got there. But they let some people in. The head police officer said that they will let him go and they will not file any case. Later, we were told to send our information with one person for briefing,” Thiha Lwin, a local reported said.
Later, the protester is a 48-year old, Tin Htay Win from Sin Pite village of Telgone village tract in Pyay Township.


Union Election Commission PUTS ON Ministry of Immigration and Population TO DECIDE ON WHITE CARDS VOTING RIGHT


It is up to the Ministry of Immigration and Population—and not the Union Election Commission—to decide whether or not holders of white, temporary citizenship cards should be allowed to vote in the 2015 election, UEC chairperson Tin Aye said on the weekend.

“It is still too early to say [whether white-card holders can or cannot vote in the election]. We need to discuss the issue further,” he told a group of journalists at the Inya Lake Hotel Yangon on September 14.

The UEC chairperson was asked to clarify remarks on June 29 by Minister of Immigration and Population Khin Yi, who told a press conference in Nay Pyi Taw that the question of whether or not white-card holders can vote in 2015 depends on the UEC.

Tin Aye said that the UEC has no mandate to decide who can vote but simply follows the rules and instructions of the legislative parliament and the respective ministry on this question.

“The commission needs to act upon the decision of the respective ministry. If the ministry says that white-card holders can vote, the commission must accept their votes. The commission does not have authority over it. The commission is just the election organizer,” he said.

“Parliament makes the law. If the parliament approves the right of white-card holders to vote, then they can vote. So, whether or not they can vote depends on what kind of law is in place. We will act in accordance with the laws. Only then will it be a free and fair election.”

Tin Aye added that those who believe it is within the jurisdiction of the UEC to decide whether or not white-card holders can vote need to read the laws again.

Union Election Commission leaves parties short on time

A hluttaw representative has criticised the Union Election Commission for not giving parties enough time to prepare for a crucial meeting this Friday to discuss issues surrounding the 2015 general election.

The April 26 meeting will cover voter registration, party financing, a code of conduct for parties, voter education and civil society election monitoring, and the commission has invited individuals and organisations to participate.

But political parties said invitations were received on April 11, which left them just eight days – over the water festival holiday – to prepare a presentation to submit to the commission.

The commission said anybody was allowed to apply to give a presentation of up to 10 minutes. However, they were required to submit a soft copy of their presentation by April 19.

“We have no time to prepare to discuss the five topics stated on the invitation. During the [hluttaw] recess, I also have to help deal with the problems of the people from my constituency,” said U Thein Nyunt, chairman of the New National Democracy Party and the Pyithu Hluttaw representative for Thingangyun. “I have to prepare for motions and questions for the seventh session of the hluttaw so I will ad-lib my way through the meeting.”

He said the second discussion point, party finances, was the most important.

“It is crucial for achieving victory in the election,” he said.

Ko Myo Yan Naung Thein, founder of the Myanmar Network for Free Election, was among those invited to attend the meeting.

He said it was “a good sign” that the commission had reached out to civil society organisations, particularly election monitoring groups.

“I’m very glad to get a chance to be a participant in the discussions,” said Ko Myo Yan Naung Thein, who in late 2010 established Bayda Institute, a political science training school.

He said he would discuss the electoral fraud that the network had observed while monitoring the 2010 general election and what steps it believes should be taken to ensure the next election is “free and fair”.

“Especially I will discuss three issues: voter registration, voter education and the status of civil society observers,” he said.

The network, established in June 2010, monitored voting in all states and regions except Chin State and Tanintharyi Region. Continue reading “Union Election Commission leaves parties short on time”

Union Election Commission has warned Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) not to publish any “racist” article.

28.december 2012 credit EMG

The commission chairman summoned RNDP leaders to their office in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw, on Monday to convey the message, said sources.
The commission chief also demanded an explanation for publishing the pictures of Thida Htwe, who was allegedly killed by three Muslims on May 28 in Rakhine state, in a calendar and forbade the RNDP leaders to organise a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the fall of the Rakhine Empire on December 31, said Zaw Aye Maung, Rakhine National Affairs minister for Yangon Region.
RNDP chairman Dr. Aye Maung said the party would reconsider the use of racist language in their party newsletter.
He claimed that the calendar was intended to raise funds for a monastery named after Thida Htwe at the request of her parents.
Aye Maung said denied that December 31 would be celebrated by the party itself.
The party leaders have been warned of being prosecuted for failing to provide “formidable explanations” for their actions, said Zaw Aye Maung. “And the chairman accepted our explanations up to a certain extent.”
The two bouts of clashes in the Rakhine state in June and October left nearly 200 people killed and over 100,000 displaced.

Union Election Commission denied the Zomi National Congress entrance into the country’s political landscape

The Union Election Commission denied the Zomi National Congress entrance into the country’s political landscape after the party’s registration request was rejected over a naming row.

The party, which represents the Zomi ethnic group in Chin State, won two seats in the 1990 general elections, but the results were later annulled by ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council in 1992.

The Zomi primarily live in Tedim and Tonzang townships in Chin state. However, the government does not recognise the group as a separate ethnic nationality and classify their language as a local dialect within the country’s western state.

Union Election Commission’s deputy director Hla Maung Cho said the ZNC was unable to register because the term ‘Zomi’ is not recognised by the Burmese government.

“We notified them to change their title because [Zomi] was not included on the list of ethnic nationalities recognised by the [Immigration and National Registration Department],” said Hla Maung Cho. Continue reading “Union Election Commission denied the Zomi National Congress entrance into the country’s political landscape”

Union Election Commission had informed the NLD party that “all restrictions are lifted for the organisational activities.”

Election authorities have lifted restrictions on political campaigning in an unusually swift response to complaints by pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party.

The National League for Democracy complained earlier on Monday that the restrictions could make upcoming by-elections unfair.

The state Union Election Commission’s decision to lift all restrictions was unusual.