The activist U Tun Kyi, who is a resident of Madae Island where the Chinese  National Petroleum Cooperation (CNPC) has been carrying out many projects, told Narinjara over the phone that the Kyauk Pru district police chief informed them the Arakan state government permitted them to stage a demonstration on the Island of Madea against the CNPC.

“We submitted an application last week to Arakan state government to allow a demonstration in Madae Island against the Chinese company. We did not receive the permission from the Arakan state government but we received information from the District police chief authority who  told me the Arakan state government has allowed us to stage the demonstration,” U Tun Kyi said.

Local residents firstly submitted an application to Kyauk Pru district police station to stage the demonstration but the authority denied the issue permission. So the residents submitted the appeal to Arakan state government continually. Continue reading “ARAKAN AUTHORITIES PERMIT DEMONSTRATION AGAINST CHINESE COMPANY”