APRIL 3.2013  Buthidaung: Two Muslim men were arrested by police in Arakan state on suspicion of an attack on a meditation monk in Buthidaung of northern Arakan state, said a police source.

The arrested were identified as Mamad Inu and Zubai of Let way Dack Pu Zun Chaung village in Buthidaung township.

The incident was took place at 7:30 PM on 28 March while a monk named U Pynya Thiri, 30, was mediating at a small bamboo hut on the top of a hill located at the western part of Dhama Madai monastery near Buthidaung’s prison, the source said.

While the monk was mediating in the place, two Muslim men approached the hut and asked for cheroots from the monk. When the monk replied he had no cheroots, two men went up on the hut and dragged the monk to ground from the hut.

During the time, two men stabbed the monk’s back with a bamboo sharp and assaulted the monk.

As the monk was fearful after the attack, he went back to his monastery, Dhama Madai, and informed the incident to abbot of monastery,U Nara Padi.

Later the abbot went and complained of the incident to security forces from Bthidaung prison.

The prison police arrested two Muslim men- Mamad Inu and Zubai of Let way Dack Pu Zun Chaung village that is located near the monastery.

After the incident, army has been deployed and patrolled the area to prevent from any unnecessary incidents taking place in the area.