#MYANMAR #BURMA #government #troops #not #allowing #Hpakant #Ginsi #villagers to #leave the #conflict #zone

The Burmese government troops not allowing Hpakant Ginsi villagers to leave the conflict zone. Villagers are held hostages by the government soldiers and being used as a human shield. The convoy came to help them out but turned away by the rifle toting government soldiers. Now the villagers are short on food supplies and trapped.cr. KACHIN VOICE

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#MYANMAR #BURMA : #Penang #Sayadaw #ignores #State #Sangha #Maha Nayaka #Committee’s #warning


YANGON—The State Sangha Maha Nayaka committee has issued a warning to the Penang Sayadaw, also known as Pannavamsa, ordering him to leave Mahar Thandi Thukha monastery in Tamwe Township by the end of March, but the Penang Sayadaw has refused and is saying he will never leave the monastery.
The monk made his statement at a press conference held on Tuesday (March 25) at Mahar Thandi Thukha monastery.
In accordance with a plenary meeting decision by the 47-member State Sangha Maha Nayaka committee held on March 6, the committee sent a letter to the Penang Sayadaw saying that the Sayadaw and his members must leave the monastery completely by March 31.
Concerning the warning letter, the Penang Sayadaw said that that letter was an incorrect decision and that the state Sangha was using authoritarian power to force the eviction of men of religion.
“The Sangha Nayaka committee sent a letter to the Penang Sayadaw in last three or four days. They [committee] are using force to drive us out of the monastery by issuing orders under Section 20/30 and Section 20/29. That’s why we must explain the committee’s warning so that all laypersons are aware of it. We will never, ever leave the monastery,” said the Penang Sayadaw at the press conference.
“If the committee forces the Penang Sayadaw to leave the monastery, activists including all monks will stage protests across the country against the forced eviction,” said London Sayadaw U Oattaya.
Although the Penang Sayadaw sent a letter dated February 27 this year to the President’s Office, there has been no response to date on how to solve the dispute surrounding the controversial property of Mahar Thandi Thukha monastery.
“Videos, photos and copies of other documentary evidence proving U Pannavamsa’s ownership of Mahasantisukha, including the monastery land grant, have also been sent to the president,” the Myanmar Times reported on March 13.
“The dispute dates to 2004, when the monastery was confiscated by the military government and put under the control of the State Sangha Committee.”

########State Sangha Maha Nayaka comittee founded by the Burma military junta should be eliminated  for the good of Buddhism in Burma now”