Thai police chief: No live bullets fired by police

BANGKOK, Dec 27 – Thailand’s police chief today stood firm that police did not use live ammunition in yesterday’s crackdown on anti-government protesters at the Thai-Japanese stadium.

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Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew said police strictly followed required steps in dealing with the protesters, starting with a warning before firing tear gas.

He refused to answer when asked if police fired rubber and live bullets at the opposite side but insisted that they adhered to crowed-control procedures and would not open fire if the registration venue was not intruded.

Regarding a video clip showing policemen hitting a protesters’ vehicle, he said police would urgently investigate the cases. He would not commit to when the probe would be finished.

Asked about the diminishing image of the Thai police, Pol Gen Adul said police are obliged to strictly adhere to the law and perform their duties with patience.

He said police nationwide were ordered to maintain public order when constituency candidates start their registrations for the February 2 general elections tomorrow. The registrations will be held nationwide through January 1.

He confirmed that one police officer was killed and 34 others were injured in yesterday’s clash at the Thai-Japanese stadium.

Deputy National Police Chief Worapong Chiewpreecha insisted that police used only tear gas and rubber bullets and followed international standards in dealing with protesters yesterday. (MCOT online news)

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