#THAILAND #Suthep #Thaugsuban:” I do #not #know the #shooter’s #POPCORN #identity.

Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ): Jatuporn alleged that the “popcorn shooter” who appeared at Lak Si was in cahoots with me. Let me reiterate once again that I do not know the shooter’s identity. None of the PDRC guards are “popcorn shooters.” I’ve spoken to all of them and stressed that our uprising must be peaceful and non-violent. We must be patient and stay focused on this course. We are determined to bring down the Thaksin regime with our bare hands.

Thank you and good night.

(image credit: unknown. The mysterious “popcorn shooter” the police claim to have apprehended is pictured in the upper left corner. The other captures are of suspected perpetrators in other attacks on the demonstrations who have not been tapped by the police)


THAILAND : PDRC Statement by Suthep Thaugsuban: 27 Jan. 2014 Good afternoon. I am here today to explain PDRC’s views on the continuation of Bangkok shutdown to the public.

PDRC Statement by Suthep Thaugsuban: 27 Jan. 2014


Good afternoon. I am here today to explain PDRC’s views on the continuation of Bangkok shutdown to the public. Thank you for joining today’s briefing.

– No negotiations with Chalerm’s renegade group

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee exists to safeguard the public interest. The Thaksin regime, on the other hand, serves only itself to the extent that it has denounced the rule of law. The proxy government under Yingluck Shinawatra is no longer legitimate. The declaration of the emergency decree was also groundless and thus illegal. Therefore, orders from the renegade group of Chalerm Yubamrung (CMPO: Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order) are unlawful.

As a result, Chalerm’s offer for the CMPO to negotiate the return of protest sites on specific dates warrants no attention. It is also self-contradictory because Chalerm simultaneously declared he would take siege of various sites and arrest all PDRC core leaders, speakers, and protesters within the next 72 hours. It is obvious that Chalerm’s offer to “negotiate” is simply an excuse for him to quash peaceful protesters and suppress their constitutional right to express themselves. The outcome has been predetermined.

We thus reject any and all attempts to “negotiate” by this group. However, we are willing to accommodate those citizens affected by the shutdown to ease their discomfort.

– The PDRC exists to serve the public; we will continue peaceful demonstrations Continue reading “THAILAND : PDRC Statement by Suthep Thaugsuban: 27 Jan. 2014 Good afternoon. I am here today to explain PDRC’s views on the continuation of Bangkok shutdown to the public.”


Good morning. Last night on stage Kamnan Suthep mentioned that he was sending a letter to President Barack Obama to explain our civil movement. He did – here it is.


People’s Democratic Reform Committee secretary general Suthep Thaugsuban has sent a letter to US President Barack Obama, affirming non-violent campaign of the PDRC to fight against a corrupt and “dictatorial” regime.

Suthep Thaugsuban speech 19.jan. : Tomorrow the 14 southern provinces will shut down their provincial town halls

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.09): Thank you, “Nong Ning’s grandmother,” for your donation of 1 million baht. We are grateful for your overwhelming generosity. Citizens have the constitutional right to gather and protest the government peacefully and without arms. They are entitled to protection by law enforcement and the state. This is true everywhere – except in Thailand. Here, the police lead criminal caravans to attack non-violent, unarmed protesters, which is the privileged treatment that UDD supporter Koh Tee and his group of thugs received while driving to attack peaceful protesters at Chaeng Wattana the other day. Shame on you, Metropolitan Police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrajang! Shame on you, caretaker Interior Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan! And shame on you, Yingluck Shinawatra. You are demonic.: Today we marched along Ladprao road. Our route was short – only about 5/6 kms – but it took us several hours to complete because everyone wanted to donate money to Pathumwan kitchen and the PDRC. Everyone told us to carry on and to not give up. People lined both sides of the street. They asked to photograph me holding their babies. This is history in the making, they said.ingluck has been sending her guard dogs to attack us. Last night, a guard at Ladprao was shot by a gun with silencer. No one noticed when he went down initially. But once news of this incident got out, Ladprao residents were especially inspired and came out in droves to greet us.We are facilitating the transport of Khun Prakong Chujan’s remains back to Phuket. Once there, PDRC – Phuket will take care of the rest. Muanmahaprachachon will keep close and take care of each other as we always have – much better than the caretaker government ever has or could.(The former Democrat MP on Saturday donated five million baht from his family’s account to the family of Mr Prakong Chuchan, a protester who was killed by a grenade attack at Banthanthong area on Friday.  The PDRC, meanwhile, donated another one million baht to the family.) Continue reading “Suthep Thaugsuban speech 19.jan. : Tomorrow the 14 southern provinces will shut down their provincial town halls”

Suthep Thaugsuban:Thaksin’s puppets have been conspiring to murder me. They tried to capture me at the Intercontinental hotel last evening


(19.29): I apologize if my speech is rather spontaneous, and less scripted tonight, due to the tragic events that happened earlier today. Today at 9 am, a procession of us left Lumpini to walk the streets of Bangkok and invite our friends to come join our Shutdown activities. This is an activity we have done several times as you know. Most unfortunately, this time, upon reaching Bantadthong Road, an explosive was thrown into our procession. At least 31 of our friends were injured. 10 of these were women. The most critically injured woman went into cardiac arrest because her main artery in the chest area was severed, but the doctors at Ramathibordi were able to help her although she has yet to regain consciousness. Another gentleman was also hit by bomb fragments in the chest and is in critical condition. Several others were critically injured and are awaiting operation at Ramathibordi Hospital. Our friends at Hua Chieaw Hospital are recovering and have asked me to tell you not to worry. Several people have also been admitted at Klang Hospital and Chulalongkorn Hospital. Core leaders Satish Sehgal and Puttipong Punnagan have visited all those in hospital. We will take care of all hospital expenses, so please don’t worry. I implore you to please keep our injured friends in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

Suthep Thaugsuban (19.55): Thaksin’s puppets have been conspiring to murder me. They tried to capture me at the Intercontinental hotel last evening, and then again tried to shoot me in Lumpini after discovering I had moved there. Good policemen are keeping me informed of the regime’s movement. Thaksin proxies believe that if they stop me, our civil uprising will end and you all will go home. And today, after the Bantadthong incident, the police “Line” group issued a notice that the protesters had faked the bombing. Well, Adul/Worapong/Kamronwit, I’m not like your UDD leaders – I don’t kill my friends to reap personal gain! You are despicable! National Security Council (NSC) chief Paradorn Pattanatabut, that includes you too.

(19.52): What kind of barbaric government is this? Why are they not taking responsibility for these attacks on innocent citizens? We are entering the third month of our peaceful demonstrations and we have not even broken anyone’s window. Why are we being attacked? We are not terrorists!

Brothers and sisters, we have made huge sacrifices to get here. Two of our friends – Wasu Suchantabut and Yuttana Ong-art – have already fallen. If I should be taken, promise me that you will continue our good fight until we prevail. We shall not let our friends’ blood be spilled in vain. We shall topple the Thaksin regime, and we will emerge victorious!

The Thaksin regime is diabolical. Not only are they irredeemably corrupt, they are willing to murder innocents to stay in power. Thaksin has done this and now his puppets are too. We cannot let them carry on! But I am resolved to see this through. Tomorrow at 10 am, I will march again. Yingluck/Adul/Worapong/ Kamronwit: if you kill Suthep Thaugsuban, a million more Sutheps will rise immediately. And you shall have no place to stand in our beloved homeland.

Tomorrow at 10 am, I invite all our friends from the provinces whose citizens were injured to shut down your provincial town halls. Bangkok friends, I implore you to join us, your fellow citizens, in this fight against good and evil. This is your home, our home – we cannot let these villains continue to run free before our eyes. Join us! Come on out and join your brothers and sisters! (thunderous chants of “come out, come out, come out” from the crowds) Civil servants, it is time for you to join us as well. Do not continue to support the Thaksin regime. Come out and join us on the streets. We know you are not like Yingluck, national police chief Adul Sangsingkaew, deputy chief Worapong Chewpreecha, Metropolitan Police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang – so please come take a stand against them with your fellow citizens.

It is time to end the Thaksin regime once and for all. Please take a stand. Please rise up with us! Thank you and good night!

SHUTDOWN BKK:Appeals Court rejects Suthep’s appeal against his arrest

The Appeals Court has rejected an appeal of protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban against the lower court’s approval of a warrant for his arrest on charges of illegal assembly of more than ten people and trespassing of government offices.

The Appeals Court ruled that the authority to issue arrest warrant rests with the judge of the lower court in accordance with Articles 66 and 59/1 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Therefore, the lower court’s decision not to accept Suthep’s appeal is legally justified.

The arrest warrant for Suthep, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, was requested by Bang Sue police.

Additionally, Mr Suthep has another arrest warrant pending against him. The warrant was issued by the Criminal Court on December 2 as requested by Thung Song Hong police on insurrection charge.



Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban today declared a total shutdown of state properties in the next few days


The PDRC is NOT seizing, nor do we have any plans to seize, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), AEROTHAI (Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Limited), any method of public transportation, train stations, or any airports. We are minimizing disruption to the general public as much as possible while pressuring the caretaker government to resign from office. Rumors or reports stating otherwise are thus inaccurate.

BANGKOK, Jan 14 – Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban today declared a total shutdown of state properties in the next few days and the possibility of holding the prime minister and some Cabinet members captive to force the government to resign.

In his announcement on stage at Asoke intersection, the former Democrat MP said Bangkok will be occupied round the clock until protesters win their months-long battle.

He disclosed that he was contacted this morning and offered to postpone the general election from Feb 2 to May 4 only to be told that an election delay was meaningless for the people who insisted on the prime minister and her ministers to resign en masse to pave the way for a good person to step into her shoes and lead the national reform.

“After my rejection, (that person) deplored that the government has stepped much further back. I told him that the government should make a jump if it can’t find the way to step down. Government buildings will be completely shut down in the next few days. I will take the lead,” said Mr Suthep to the cheering crowd.

“We will cut off electricity and water supplies at the residences of Cabinet members. They should send their family members out of the houses so they can run easily.”

Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra stood firm that she was not holding on to power for her political stability but she was merely performing her duty in preserving democracy.

“People are the genuine owners of sovereignty,” she said. “I am protecting democracy for the people who are owners.”

The embattled premier said the government will discuss with the Election Commission (EC) tomorrow on setting a new election date and called on those invited to attend the forum.

EC members should attend the meeting to give their opinions on the legal aspect to postpone the election while political parties are welcome to exchange their points of view, she said.

EC commissioner Somchai Srisuthiyakorn said earlier that a large-scale discussion would be fruitless and he would not attend the meeting. About 70 people have been invited.

Ms Yingluck said, “I beg EC members to directly listen to the meeting for a joint resolution. If we split the meetings into smaller groups, problems will be endless. There are two issues to be discussed: the election administration and legal aspects.”

The opposition Democrat Party and anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee have turned down the forum but Ms Yingluck said the government would do its best and wants the Democrat Party to announce its intention concerning the election.

“The duty of a political party is to run in an election. If rules and regulations are rejected, the country will not survive. Protesters should also join the reform forum to jointly solve the problems,” she said. (MCOT online news)

“Occupy Bangkok” Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ) stage speech 9.january 2013

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.59): Brothers and sisters, fellow patriots everywhere, greetings.


Hello there, little patriots! (image credit: เวทีราชดำเนิน)
Hello there, little patriots!
(image credit: เวทีราชดำเนิน)

Today was our longest march ever. It was not 10 hours – our record when we visited our friends in Silom and Yaowaraj (Chinatown) – but 11 hours in all.Thank you for your astounding generosity. Cash, provisions, and even cough medication – I am in awe and grateful. A special thanks to all the students I met today. The many, many elementary schoolchildren who saved up their allowances in coins especially for Loong Kamnan brought tears to my eyes. Suksanari school’s chant of “Loong Kamnan, su su” was music to my ears.Students from all the educational institutions who came to greet us promised to help Occupy Bangkok on the 13th. Dhonburi Rajabhat University, Panichayakarn Ratchadamnoen, Chinoros school, and several others – I thank you.

Thank you again, DSI chief Tharit Pengdit, for freezing our accounts. Without you we probably would have never seen such overwhelming generosity.Upon returning to Democracy Monument this evening, I received some good news. I thank the Criminal Court for rejecting DSI’s request for arrest warrants for 35 of our protest leaders.

The government has been abusing the sovereign power of the people to do whatever it wants. It tried to pass an Amnesty Bill whitewashing graft, corruption, and murder, and it has violated and denounced the Constitution and the Constitutional Court again, and again, and again. This, my friends, is why it is time for the people to reclaim their sovereign power. But we will do so without arms, in a disciplined manner, and peacefully. We are not here to use force against anyone no matter how badly this sham government tries to taunt us. We will topple the Thaksin regime with our bare hands! The world shall witness our pure victory!  On the 13th we will distribute prayer sheets. If anyone tries to trick us into using force, we will pray for them instead.

We shall announce our plans beforehand and we must remain disciplined. We’ve already released information on the 7 stages (Chaengwattana – Lard Prao – Victory Monument – Pathumwan – Ratchaprason – Lumpini – Asoke. Our other movements will be strictly confined to surrounding pre-announced government offices, so please listen carefully to core leaders’ instructions.

Let me repeat again that Operation Occupy Bangkok does NOT involve the shutting down of any form of public transportation or any airports. We are also leaving one lane open for public street transport such as buses and friendly taxis. Neither are we shutting down Laem Chabang port, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Bank of Thailand, or any commercial banks. Additional information: Ambulances, those with medical emergencies, tour buses, and hotel/restaurant/merchant vehicles may also pass freely.As we’ve said before, we want as little disturbance as possible. If this doesn’t work, we’ll start focusing on how to handle individual cabinet members and Yingluck. Government officials, please prepare for a long holiday starting on the 13th. Better yet, please come join us!

I heard about the protest staged by the vans-for-hire at Victory Monument today. I understand they are upset because the occupation of Bangkok will disrupt their business. However, we must continue on in order to bring down the Thaksin regime, and for this, sacrifice on all our parts is necessary.

Red-shirted friends, please consider carefully what the Thaksin regime has actually given you. Has it benefitted you, or the UDD leaders? For example, Nattawut Saikua is now a wealthy deputy minister (Commerce Ministry), Jatuporn Prompan wears a Patek Philippe watch, and Arisman Pongruangrong has just invested in an airline. Where does their money come from?

Red-shirted friends, please reflect on all the information about the Thaksin regime that we have been repeating. Please know that we are ready to welcome all of you at any time. Thaksin, his cronies, and his proxy government have exploited our country’s money and resources for their personal gain. They don’t care about Thailand’s future. They don’t respect the rule of law. How can we build a better future for our children and grand-children if they remain in power? How can we teach the next generation what corruption is if all such wrongdoings are granted amnesty by these crooks?

It’s time to give up, Yingluck. Stop pleading the military to intervene with your crocodile tears. If you want help, go to National Police chief Adul Saengsingkaew, Deputy National Police Commissioner Gen Worapong Chewprecha, and Metropolitan Police Bureau Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Khamronvit Thupkrajang. Those are the only police leaders that will help you now.

Jarupong (caretaker Interior Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan), stop threatening to remove the Kamnan and other local officials from Surat Thani and Chumphon who no longer support your sham, corrupt government. Take a look at all these Kamnan and administrative officials from Nakhon Si Thammarat. No one respects you anymore, Jaropong! It’s time for you to resign. You have no place here – you have betrayed Thailand enough!

Kamnans speaking on behalf of local officials (Amphur heads, public health officials and local law enforcement) and residents of Phak Panang, Nakhon Si Thammarat (21.58): We support reform before election and will be here to occupy Bangkok on 13 January!

Brothers and sisters, witness the bravery of these provincial officials. More and more join us everyday. Therefore, those of you who are undecided, government officials who have not yet voiced an opinion, we implore you to join us from 13 January onwards to end the Thaksin regime. Together we stand, my friends. Thank you and good night!

Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ) speech stage 7.january


Information Center for Civil Movement for Reform and Good Governance in Thailand

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.14): Brothers and sisters, dedicated patriots, good evening. I applaud all those who joined our 7-hour march today. Despite the scorching sun, everyone continued to sing and smile. Our Thonburi friends were very happy to welcome us. Our Thonburi supporters have asked why we are not occupying their side of the city. One main reason is because we want to invite as many government officials – who are mainly stationed in Bangkok – to join us as possible. We therefore invite all of you in Thonburi to come occupy Bangkok with us.People kept joining us along the way. I was afraid that the 10,000+ lunch packs we had prepared wouldn’t be enough. But the masses assured me that they had brought their own provisions, and even gave me food.We didn’t march past any financial or business districts today because Thonburi is a residential area. Still, our friends across the river donated over 2.5 million baht to Ratchadamnoen kitchen! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. And even better still are your promises to bring your entire household to occupy Bangkok on 13 January 2014.

It is time for us to show the world that this sham government can no longer govern. We are focusing on blocking government officials from traveling to work, although director-generals and deputy permanent secretaries have already openly joined our rallies. They even gave us tips on which areas to occupy.
We have no other viable option to topple Thaksin’s proxy government. They refuse to step down. But rest assured that we will inconvenience Bangkokians as little as possible. The protesters will leave bus lanes open, and friendly taxis such as those with Thai flags can also travel in those lanes. Medical vehicles will of course be able to freely travel, although state vehicles will not be allowed to pass. Let me also stress that Occupy Bangkok does not involve shutting down public transportation or any airports, thus tourists will be able to get around the city.
We will prevail over the Thaksin regime, my friends. It is only a matter of when. And on the day that sovereign power is returned to the people, our first act will be to seize the assets of Yingluck and her corrupt cronies who have pillaged our country.
To those UDD (redshirt) leaders who keep terrorizing us, who keep threatening to murder me, we’re not afraid of you! If you take me down, a million Kamnan Sutheps are ready to immediately replace me. There’s no room left for you here. We will accept nothing less than a free, fair Thailand for our future generations. We are not afraid!
Unlike the other side who keeps falsifying information and fabricating allegations to discredit us, we are honest and responsible citizens. Stop trying to trick the public. They’re too smart.
On the 13th, we must remain disciplined. Please stay alert and help us block off only the designated intersections. This will help keep any disturbances to a minimum.
 Jarupong (caretaker Interior Minister and leader of the Pheu Thai Party Jarupong Ruangsuwan), we’re not afraid of you either. Look at all these Kamnan and officials from Chumporn. Come take a picture! You can’t bully us!
Representative of Chumporn Kamnans and officials (20.49): Caretaker Minister Jarupong, you denounced the law so we no longer respect you. We will fight alongside the people until we win. No longer will we let this government bring the country to ruin. Thank you, Kamnan Suthep, for showing us how to rise up by example.
I invite the Kamnans to sing with me on stage, and on behalf of everyone, thank you all for your bravery.
Have you ever seen a "patriot tree?" Thank you for sharing this, PDRC-Uttaradit.
Have you ever seen a “patriot tree?” Thank you for sharing this, PDRC-Uttaradit.

วันนี้มีต้นไม้มาแนะนำจาก คุณนิกร ชำนาญหมอ ออกดอกบานเต็มต้น ดอก กปปส.ครับ สวยจริงๆครับ

Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ) “Shut Down กรุงเทพฯ” ปิดกรุงเทพ NEWS UPDATES



10.january :Here are some updated details for the 13th:

We are closing Chaeng Wattana Road entirely. Government Complex will be inaccessible. Please note that Mongkut Wattana private hospital has volunteered to take care of our friends stationed there. We are indebted to you.
– Lardprao junction will be completely blocked off to private cars (apart from medical vehicles, those with medical emergencies, and the other types of purposes I’ve mentioned previously).
Victory Monument, Lumpini/Ratchaprasong/Asoke junctions will also be completely blocked off (with the same exceptions as Lardprao junction).
Pathumwan intersection. This will be our new home.

Our other activity consists of surrounding and closing off government offices so officials cannot enter. Of course, the Ministry of Public Health will not be shut down as the civil servants there have already decided to shut down the Ministry to join us. As I’ve said before, we are NOT shutting down any airports. Tourists and travellers can come and go freely. Occupy Bangkok does NOT involve the shutting down of any type of public transportation, buses, trains, sky trains, underground trains, etc.


I have some updated Information on the 7 stages we’re setting up on 13 Jan. 2014.

– In front of Chaengwattana Government Complex. PDRC-Nonthaburi (กปปส. นนทบุรี) will lead the organization of this stage.
– Lardprao Junction. Friends from Isaan will be here. 
– Victory Monument. PDRC protest leader Thavorn Saniam will be overseeing this stage. On 22 Dec. 2013 lots of people came here and we expect even more this time.
– Pathumwan Junction. PDRC protest leader Sathit Wongnongtoey will co-host this stage with Chulalongkorn University. 
– Lumpini. Our friends from Silom are the organizers here.
– Ratchaprasong. Dr. Seri Wongmonta, Chumpol Julsai, and various celebrities and artists will be in charge of this stage.
– Asoke: Friends from the Eastern provinces will be here, along with our own Nathapong Theepsuwan.

UPDATE 6.JANUARY  We are departing Ratchadamnoen on the 13th and will set up 7 stages all around Bangkok. Here are the 7 locations:
– In front of Chaengwattana Government complex. 
– Lardprao Junction. Our friends from the north and Isaan will be there. Rangsit University faculty and students will host the events here. 
– Victory Monument.
– Pathumwan junction. Chulalongkorn University will organize the events here. 
– Lumpini park. Our friends from Silom will host the events at this location.
– Asoke. Mor Sor Wor Prasanmitr (Srinakharinwirot University) and NIDA to host.
– Ratchaprasong. Celebrities and artists led by Dr. Seri Wongmonta will take the stage here.

Thai Airways union members to join Occupy Bangkok on 13 Jan.


Suthep Thaugsuban (21.06): For those of you desiring to join us at Ratchadamnoen on the 13th, please come no later than the evening of the 12th. We are leaving Democracy Monument for good on the morning of the 13th for other grounds and not looking back!

(21.12): The government is now desperately trying to extinguish our efforts with lies and false accusations. I’ve been told by concerned individuals to set things straight so the public doesn’t have misunderstandings. Thank you for your concern. Please listen up. This will be my last public service. After this task is finished, I’m going home. So I don’t care if the government or anyone else tries to tarnish my reputation – I will not be running for any public office after this, so I could care less what people say about me now.(21.15): During my 35 years as a politician, people have loved and hated me. Coincidentally, almost all of those who hate me are among those we’re trying to topple now.

Sathit Wongnongtoey on stage (19.22): Some tips to remember. First, do come as a group – travel with friends and family. Second, during this 10 day lead-up to the shutdown, Thaksin’s cronies will do what they do best. The scare tactics have already started.

Sathit Wongnongtoey on stage (19.12): Starting from 31 October 31, we’ve now been rallying for 65 days. 10 days remain until we “occupy Bangkok” on 13 Jan. 2014. We’ve announced our main plans in advance but are keeping some details to ourselves to keep the sham government on its toes. Our friends in the provinces are already making preparations to travel into Bangkok, along with provisions. The Trang group is coming with a whole truckload of food, and our Isaan friends are fully supplied to stay 20 days!

“Shut Down กรุงเทพฯ”
ปิดกรุงเทพ เพื่ออะไร ทำอย่างไร เริ่มเมื่อไหร่

ปิดกรุงเทพ เพื่อแสดง อารยะขัดขืน ขั้นสำคัญ ทำให้รัฐบาลเป็น “รัฐบาลล้มเหลว” (Failed Government) บริหารราชการไม่ได้อีกต่อไป

มวลมหาประชาชน พร้อมใจกัน ออกมาปิดถนนในกรุงเทพฯ ถนนในกรุงเทพ กลายเป็นถนนประชาชนเดิน ประชาชนตั้งเวที ต่อต้านรัฐบาล ทุกสามแยก สี่แยก ข้าราชการไปทำงานไม่ได้ ประชาชนนำรถยนต์ของตนจอดขวางถนนทุกแยก

ตัดน้ำ-ตัดไฟ สถานที่ราชการ ทุกแห่ง รวมทั้งบ้านนายกและคณะรัฐมนตรี แต่ไม่มีการตัดน้ำ ตัดไฟ บ้านเรือนของประชาชนทั่วไป เพราะไม่ต้องการให้ประชาชนเดือดร้อน

รถเมล์ รถไฟ รถไฟฟ้า BTS รถไฟฟ้าใต้ดิน เรือเมล์ ยังเปิดบริการปกติ ทุกถนน ยังคงเว้นช่องทางเดิน ของรถเมล์ และ เผื่อสำหรับรถพยาบาล หรือ คนที่จะไปโรงพยาบาลด้วย

เริ่มปฏิบัติการปิดกรุงเทพฯ วันจันทร์ที่ 13 มกราคม 2557 เวลา 9.00น. เป็นต้นไป และปฏิบัติการต่อเนื่องทุกวัน จนกว่าชัยชนะจะเป็นของปวงชนชาวไทย

ทุกเวทีจะมีมวลมหาประชาชน ร่วมกับนักเรียน นิสิต นักศึกษา อาจารย์ และศิลปิน จัดรายการบนเวที ที่มีทั้งการปราศรัยแสดงความคิดเห็น เรื่องการปฏิรูปประเทศไทย การแสดงของศิลปิน ดารา นักร้อง นักแสดง นักเรียน นิสิต นักศึกษา ตลอด 24 ชั่วโมง

ในขณะเดียวกัน ประชาชนในต่างจังหวัด จะรวมตัวกันลุกฮือ ขึ้นปิดสถานที่ราชการทุกแห่ง แสดงอารยะขัดขืน พร้อมๆกับการปฏิบัติการปิดกรุงเทพฯ

“The Shut Down of Bangkok” closed Bangkok to anything? When should I start
“Operation Occupy Bangkok”
The why, how and when of shutting down BangkokBangkok will be occupied and symbolically shutdown in a potent display of civil disobedience, effectively turning the caretaker government into a “failed government” that can no longer govern.The masses (“muanmahaprachachon”) will simultaneously occupy Bangkok streets, transforming them into walking streets, and citizens will erect platforms and stage anti-government rallies at every third or fourth intersection. Government officials will not be able to travel to work as citizens will have parked their vehicles to block off every street and intersection.Water and power will be cut off to government offices and the caretaker Prime Minister’s and her cabinet members’ residences. Citizens’ residences will not be affected to avoid disturbing them.Public buses, trains, BTS sky-trains, MRT underground trains, and public boats will operate normally. Street lanes will be reserved for buses as usual and also for ambulances or those with medical emergencies.Our occupation of Bangkok commences on 13 January 2014 at 9.00 hours.
We will continue our occupation all day, every day, until the Thai people are victorious.Every stage will see members of the public along with students of all ages, professors, and artists organizing events which include rallies on how to reform Thailand and performances by artists, celebrities, musicians, actors, and students that will continue around the clock.At the same time, citizens in the provinces will join forces to shut down all local government offices in a joint display of civil disobedience along with the shutdown operation in Bangkok.