Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ) speech stage 7.january


Information Center for Civil Movement for Reform and Good Governance in Thailand

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.14): Brothers and sisters, dedicated patriots, good evening. I applaud all those who joined our 7-hour march today. Despite the scorching sun, everyone continued to sing and smile. Our Thonburi friends were very happy to welcome us. Our Thonburi supporters have asked why we are not occupying their side of the city. One main reason is because we want to invite as many government officials – who are mainly stationed in Bangkok – to join us as possible. We therefore invite all of you in Thonburi to come occupy Bangkok with us.People kept joining us along the way. I was afraid that the 10,000+ lunch packs we had prepared wouldn’t be enough. But the masses assured me that they had brought their own provisions, and even gave me food.We didn’t march past any financial or business districts today because Thonburi is a residential area. Still, our friends across the river donated over 2.5 million baht to Ratchadamnoen kitchen! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. And even better still are your promises to bring your entire household to occupy Bangkok on 13 January 2014.

It is time for us to show the world that this sham government can no longer govern. We are focusing on blocking government officials from traveling to work, although director-generals and deputy permanent secretaries have already openly joined our rallies. They even gave us tips on which areas to occupy.
We have no other viable option to topple Thaksin’s proxy government. They refuse to step down. But rest assured that we will inconvenience Bangkokians as little as possible. The protesters will leave bus lanes open, and friendly taxis such as those with Thai flags can also travel in those lanes. Medical vehicles will of course be able to freely travel, although state vehicles will not be allowed to pass. Let me also stress that Occupy Bangkok does not involve shutting down public transportation or any airports, thus tourists will be able to get around the city.
We will prevail over the Thaksin regime, my friends. It is only a matter of when. And on the day that sovereign power is returned to the people, our first act will be to seize the assets of Yingluck and her corrupt cronies who have pillaged our country.
To those UDD (redshirt) leaders who keep terrorizing us, who keep threatening to murder me, we’re not afraid of you! If you take me down, a million Kamnan Sutheps are ready to immediately replace me. There’s no room left for you here. We will accept nothing less than a free, fair Thailand for our future generations. We are not afraid!
Unlike the other side who keeps falsifying information and fabricating allegations to discredit us, we are honest and responsible citizens. Stop trying to trick the public. They’re too smart.
On the 13th, we must remain disciplined. Please stay alert and help us block off only the designated intersections. This will help keep any disturbances to a minimum.
 Jarupong (caretaker Interior Minister and leader of the Pheu Thai Party Jarupong Ruangsuwan), we’re not afraid of you either. Look at all these Kamnan and officials from Chumporn. Come take a picture! You can’t bully us!
Representative of Chumporn Kamnans and officials (20.49): Caretaker Minister Jarupong, you denounced the law so we no longer respect you. We will fight alongside the people until we win. No longer will we let this government bring the country to ruin. Thank you, Kamnan Suthep, for showing us how to rise up by example.
I invite the Kamnans to sing with me on stage, and on behalf of everyone, thank you all for your bravery.
Have you ever seen a "patriot tree?" Thank you for sharing this, PDRC-Uttaradit.
Have you ever seen a “patriot tree?” Thank you for sharing this, PDRC-Uttaradit.

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