#Trat #Tourism #Council #planning #sea #route between #Pattaya and #Trat #islands

TRAT, 1 August 2014 (NNT) – The Trat Tourism Council is planning to connect a tourism route by sea between Pattaya and Trat islands before expanding the route to connect with more locations in the future. Chakapat Tawaetikul, the president of the Trat Tourism Council, chaired a meeting of the committee to develop a marine tourism route. The meeting was attended by both public and private sectors to share their ideas on the topic. As there are many Thai and foreign tourists who love to sail, the relevant authorities set up a special area comprising Pattaya, Koh Chang islands and Trat islands. It also has a plan to connect the Trat islands to the neighboring sea. However, the connection with neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam requires more discussion since it must handle immigration issues.

#MYANMAR: #NEW #HOTELS #PLANED #not in #vicinity of the #PAGAN city’s ancient temples.


Thanks to the booming numbers of local and foreign tourists to the ancient city of Bagan, the centre of Myanmar’s culture and heritage, the Ministry of the Hotels and Tourism has decided to add a fifth hotel zone to the area.


With Bagan’s four existing hotel zones reaching full capacity, the fifth zone is being added for the convenience of tourists. However, a city plan is also being undertaken to ensure that the buildings are not located in the vicinity of the city’s ancient temples.

Myanmar’s tourism soared immensely last year, making Bagan and its ancient temples the most popular tourist destination in the country. Up to last February, there were 77 licensed hotels, motels and guesthouses, and 2,386 rooms according to the inventory kept by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

President Thein Sein, meeting with hotel zone entrepreneurs, said that tourists travel to Bagan on account of its heritage, so this heritage must be well preserved. Continue reading “#MYANMAR: #NEW #HOTELS #PLANED #not in #vicinity of the #PAGAN city’s ancient temples.”

Myrauk-U locals object to MSF clinics for Bengali patients


Residents of Myrauk-U Township in Rakhine State have objected  to plans by the Holland-based Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to open clinics for Bengali patients.

MSF Director Richard Kinder held a meeting with township administrator Ye Win, officials of other governmental departments, town elders and members of social organisations at Myrauk-U General Administration Office on the 29th of May.

During the meeting, Mr. Kinder sought approval from local authorities to open clinics in Myrauk-U town and Shantaung village and the use of jetty to transfer the Bengali patients from the villages to Myrauk-U town.

The local people refused the request of the MSF Director and objected to the move, according to Aung Soe Myint who attended the meeting.

The MSF coordinator demanded that the jetty was needed to carry patients according to work procedures. But the local people objected to this due to fears that the Bengalis would go in and out the town wards. MSF started running clinics in the town five months ago, said Aung Soe Myint.

Despite objections to MSF’s running of clinics, the MSF is currently the only organisation providing medical aid to Bengali patients in the area.


Myanmar Burma planning to issue official documents for migrant workers in Thailand

YANGON, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — Myanmar authorities are planning to issue official documents to the remaining undocumented Myanmar migrant workers ranging from 800,000 to 1 million in Thailand, official media reported Wednesday.

Temporary passports have been issued for more than 1.2 million Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand.

More than 101,000 out of undocumented Myanmar migrant workers in Malaysia were granted passports, plans are underway to issue more passport to the remaining more than 100,000 workers.

Arrangements are being made to identify offspring of Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand as the citizens of Myanmar and provide them with education.

More than new 40,000 Myanmar workers have been sent to Thailand under the agreement of the two countries.

Labor Attaches were assigned duties in Thailand and South Korea to handle the issues of Myanmar workers there.

A nine-point policy is being implemented and formulation of a five-year work plan is being carried out.

Under the MoU between Myanmar and Thailand, issuance of official documents started since 2009.

Myanmar workers have been working in 15 countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Middle East countries.