ANTI GOVERNMENT PROTESTER PDRC to expose shocking corruption conspiracy

A People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) co-leader Sathit Wongnongtoei said the PDRC has obtained a very import information that related to what he called “shocking” corruption conspiracy in the country’s energy sector that has exploited the country’s wealth for over a decade.

Sathit who was a former Democrat party’s MP announced at the Lumphini protest site before midnight that this significant information and evidence revealed how the conspiracy started and who were in connection.

The conspiracy still prevails even though the ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown and had to run away from the country after the Supreme Court sentenced him to serve two years in prison for involving in the purchase of a piece of land on Ratchadapisek while he was prime minister.

He said although Thaksin has gone, but the regime still haunts the country and continues to plunder the country’s resources, particularly energy which he said has made not only Thaksin but all his family members, friends and lackeys richer while the majority of the population remains poor and poorer.

He did not elaborate the information which has just been obtained and rectified but said if it is exposed, it will “shock” not only Thais but also the world.

He recalled why Thaksina has to sell his telecom business and turn to energy instead as he realized of the even greater and immense interest that he could get from energy than telecom business.

He said this information will be unraveled in the next few days and that the Thaksin regime would be shaken if it is exposed. THAIPBS

THAILAND : People’s Democratic Reform Committee _PDRC_Press Statement by PDRC Spokesperson Akanat Promphan: 14 Feb. 2014

Press Statement by PDRC Spokesperson Akanat Promphan: 14 Feb. 2014

Heavily armed police forces storm peaceful rally sites;
Centre for Maintaining “Peace and Order” attempts to incite violence a flop

(14 Feb. 2014) Early this morning, while anti-government demonstrators were merit-making for Macha Bucha day (a Buddhist holiday venerating the anniversary of Buddha’s first major sermon and the ordainment of 1,250 monks), heavily-armed law enforcement officials under the instructions of caretaker Labor Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, head of the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO), laid siege to demonstration sites at Misakawan-Makkhawan and Chaeng Wattana in an attempt to reclaim the areas.

Noted PDRC spokesperson Akanat Promphan: “Despite CMPO chief Chalerm’s vow to treat demonstrators like they were his ‘relatives,’ the weapons and equipment the police transported into the sites included handguns, bulletproof protective gear, and net guns (images #1 – #4). In addition, police officers attempted to instigate violence. The unarmed protesters responded by resisting peacefully, choosing to pray instead.” (image #5)

“We particularly applaud NSPRT (Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand) rally leaders and protestors, whose Misakawan-Makkhawan site was actually invaded by the police, for their level-headedness and calm,” Akanat complimented (images #6 – #7).

CMPO’s failed attempt to provoke violence to justify the declaration of the Emergency Decree is a desperate ploy by Yingluck Shinawatra’s caretaker government to distract public attention from her failed schemes on rice and rubber. It is also a political maneuver by CMPO chief Chalerm to retain his position. However, the operation was a failure.

“CMPO’s latest move under the groundless Emergency Decree was a flop,” lambasted Akanat. “At Government House (around Misakawan-Makkhawan) the majority of the NSPRT had joined a parade to deliberately avoid confrontation. Therefore, few protesters were present. Those that were stood their ground and refused to engage despite police threats. Demonstrators at Chaeng Wattana also stood their ground – their only response was praying (images #8 – #10). Chalerm was incoherent and rambling during his post-event briefing, and even tried to label rubber-band slingshots as artillery in a nonsensical attempt to show that protesters were armed.” (images #11 – #12)

Continued the PDRC spokesperson: “CMPO has also failed to intimidate the public from joining PDRC rallies. Today is the first day of PDRC’s ‘Thailand Love Fest’ and the streets have been flooded with supporters since early morning. CMPO’s terrorization of citizens has not affected and will not affect our demonstrations. We will continue our efforts to unseat Yingluck’s caretaker government and launch reform before the next elections in a peaceful, unarmed, and non-violent manner.” (images #13 – #14)




Army warns police to take action against troublemakershard-core red shirt leader in Pathum Thani who led a group of red shirts to harass protesters



THAI PBS Colonel Winthai Suvaree, deputy spokesman of the army, said that the army could not accept the conduct of Wutthipong Kotthamkul, alias Koh Tee, hard-core red-shirt leader in Pathum Thani who led about 200 motorcyclists from Pathum Thani to harass protesters and officials at the Chaeng Wattana protest site of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.

The red-shirt group, said Colonel Winthai, also main an unveiled threat that if the Bangkok Shutdown operation does not end in three days they would return to take actions against the protesters as well as officials deployed to provide security at the protest site and its close vicinity.

He questioned the police why the gang was allowed to flout with the law with impunity whereas the police did not take action against them.

Colonel Winthai also expressed concern over the violent incidents which took place in the past couple of days, including a violent incident today when a bomb was lobbed into a crowd of marching protesters on Banthadthong road led by Suthep Thaugsuban. Altogether 36 protesters were injured. Soldiers who later combed a block of deserted buildings at the crime scene where the bomb was believed to be thrown found a small cache of war weapons and ammunition as well as clothing at a deserted building.-

Anti-government protesters rallying at Chaeng Wattana site were attacked shortly after noon today with about 200 red-shirt people with guns and bombs. The Center for the Administration of Peace and Order is now sending police reinforcement to stop the fighting in the area. There was no report of casualties but the People’s Democratic Reform Committee is mobilizing security force to help their colleagues at the Chaeng Wattana site.

BANGKOK PDRC Press Release, 7 Jan. 2014: We urge international press to exercise extreme caution with all information about the PDRC received from non-PDRC sources.

 PDRC Press Release, 7 Jan. 2014

We urge international press to exercise extreme caution with all information about the PDRC received from non-PDRC sources. There have been widespread efforts to fabricate information about the PDRC to undermine the movement. Here are some examples:

1) Three counterfeit documents labelled as PDRC declarations have been recently circulated via the Line app and Facebook. One of the documents was read out by a United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) disc jockey on a YouTube clip.

2) A picture of a white board claiming to be taken at the PDRC demonstration site. This was provided on the Facebook page of Thaksin-hardcore fan ‘นะโม ตัสสะ.’ It claims that the PDRC would disrupt public transportation ranging from BTS to airports on 13 January 2014. However, as we have clarified categorically and repeatedly in press briefings, on Ratchadamnoen stage, and on our Facebook pages, PDRC plans to occupy Bangkok on 13 January do not involve the shutting down of public transportation or any airports.

3) The presence of unidentified “men-in-black” that caretaker Labor Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, on behalf of CAPO (Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order), alleged to be demonstrators shooting at police officials. After more than a week, National Police Chief Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew has officially admitted that these “men-in-black” were in fact police officials.

We again urge you to exercise extreme caution with information about the PDRC received from non-PDRC sources. Please verify the authenticity of such information. If you have any questions on this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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ขบวนการณ์สร้างความเท็จยังคงทำงานอย่างต่อเนื่อง ขอให้ทุกคนระมัดระวังนะครับ ฝากแชร์ต่อด้วยครับ โฆษก กปปส.
ขบวนการณ์สร้างความเท็จยังคงทำงานอย่างต่อเนื่อง ขอให้ทุกคนระมัดระวังนะครับ ฝากแชร์ต่อด้วยครับ
โฆษก กปปส.1526354_726584404027046_156407074_n1555507_726584434027043_1381067071_n




People’s Democratic Reform Committee – PDRC -Are you joining the Ratchadamnoen New Year’s countdown? Activities will start at 4 pm tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

#เวทีราชดำเนิน จะเปิดถนนคนเดินบน ถ.ราชดำเนินกลาง-แยกคอกวัว เวลา 16.00 น. (31/12/56) จัดงานปีใหม่มวลมหาประชาชน แบบงานวัด


ตำรวจยัไม่หยุดยิง เลวจริงล่าสุด- เสียใจด้วยครับ..เสียชีวิตแล้ว สู่สุขตินะครับนักรบประชาชน-STUDENT SHOT VIDEO

เสียใจด้วยครับ..เสียชีวิตแล้ว สู่สุขตินะครับนักรบประชาชน

เสียใจด้วยครับ..เสียชีวิตแล้ว สู่สุขตินะครับนักรบประชาชน
เสียใจด้วยครับ..เสียชีวิตแล้ว สู่สุขตินะครับนักรบประชาชน




Bluesky channel (16.52): Vibhavadi-Rangsit inbound and outbound (including expressway entries and exits) blocked by Kor Por Tor (People and Student Network for the Reform of Thailand) protesters demanding the release of their 13 colleagues currently in police detention. The police captured the 13 protesters and flew them to Pathumthani via helicopter earlier today.


Hundreds of protesters led by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) continued encirclement of the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) where the Election Commission is using as an official venue to register party-list candidates

Hundreds of protesters led by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) continued encirclement of the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) where the Election Commission is using as an official venue to register party-list candidates for the February 2 election.

All the center’s seven entrances and exits were blocked by protesters. Entries are banned.

The encirclement of the center was the second day with the situation remaining peaceful this morning.

However at about 7.30 a.m. today, officials of the EC tried to convince protesters to allow them entry to work but were rejected.


2,000 protesters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee led by Ms Anchalee Praireerat and Nitithorn Lumlua stormed the compound of the DSI




Aum Sky Exits's photo.
Aum Sky Exits’s photo.


Some 2,000 protesters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee led by Ms Anchalee Praireerat and Nitithorn Lumlua stormed the compound of the DSI and about 200 of them broke into the building and then engaged in a scuffle with police guarding the building, said Tarit Monday.

He claimed that two notebooks belonging to the DSI and a microphone of a TV Channel 3 reporter had been missing.

He said that illegal encroachment and theft charges would be lodged with the police against the protest leaders.

The protesters, most of them members of the Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand, left the DSI at about 2 p.m.

Uthai Yodmanee, a coordination of the network, said that although the protesters did not meet with Tarit, their storming of the DS

THAILAND PROTEST : Wrap-up for foreign press and foreigners by Chitpas Bhirombhakdi (ตั๊น จิตภัสร์ ภิรมย์ภักดี)

Wrap-up for foreign press and foreigners by Chitpas Bhirombhakdi (ตั๊น จิตภัสร์ ภิรมย์ภักดี)

– NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration) poll: 47% of 1254 respondents all over Thailand believe that the political crisis would continue if elections are held on 2 Feb. 2013; 46% support reform before elections.
– The Dept. of Special Investigations (DSI) brought additional sedition charges against protest and rally leaders today in defiance of the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the protests were protected under the Constitution.
– Suthep Thaugsuban thanked all his supporters for joining his 10-hour march today. The DSI’s freezing of protest leader accounts inspired more donations than ever – we received over Baht 7 million from today’s march towards Rajdamnoen kitchen.
– Suthep stressed that there would be no negotiating with crooks and the Thaksin regime.
– We’ve provided information on the Sunday rally on our websites, including: this page (People’s Democratic Reform Committee – PDRC),เวทีราชดำเนิน, and spokesperson Akanat Promphan’s page (เอกนัฏ พร้อมพันธุ์).


The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) says the upcoming February 2 election will not go smoothly but plagued with troubles.

The forecast of trouble ahead was a result of its survey conducted from December 17-19 on a total of 1,254 people across the country for their opinions on the upcoming February 2 election.

The poll reveals that 55.34% of people asked think the coming election will not run smoothly because it will be obstructed and derailed by protesters. But 32.70% said the election will not be affected. The rest has no comment.

On the questions of how fair and transparent the election will be if compared to previous elections, 28.79% said it will be less fair while 21.13% said it will be least fair election to date. However 28.63% said it will be fairer, and 8.29% said it will be the fairest election.

Asked about the political situation after the election, 47.21% said they believed political unrest will continue while 21.85% said conflict will widen, and 20.33% was optimistic with thought that it will improve.

On which will come first between  election and national reform, 46.33% said national reform should come first, while 36.28% favored the election. Only 4.31% said both national reform and election should be carried out in parallel.

CREDIT Nueakan Lannai-in
CREDIT Nueakan Lannai-in

BANGKOK URGENT!!! :Rural Medical Network needs volunteers to help take care of us this Sunday Rally-ชมรมแพทย์ชนบทรับสมัครทีมอาสาการแพทย์ฉุกเฉินจากโรงพยาบาลต่าง


The Rural Medical Network needs volunteers to help take care of us during our great rally this Sunday. Please like and share. Thank you.



ชมรมแพทย์ชนบทรับสมัครทีมอาสาการแพทย์ฉุกเฉินจากโรงพยาบาลต่างๆครับ ต้องการรถพยาบาลพร้อมทีม หากมีแพทย์มาด้วยจะดีมากเพื่อเป็นทีม ALS(ทีมการแพทย์ฉุกเฉินศักยภาพสูง) หากไม่มีก็ไม่เป็นไรจะปฏิบัติการเป็นทีม BLS(ทีมการแพทย์ฉุกเฉินศักยภาพทั่วไป) เชิญสมัครมาร่วมกิจกรรมอาสาเพื่อชาติประชาธิปไตย ดูแลมวลมหาประชาชนครับ รถพยาบาลจะอยู่กับมวลชน เราจะไม่ไปจอดไกลนอกพื้นที่ เชิญชวนครับ สมัครด่วน เป้าหมายคือ 100 คันครับพี่น้อง เมื่อวานวันเดียวโรพยาบาลชุมชน โรงพยาบาลศูนย์/โรงพยาบาลทั่วไป และโรงพยาบาลจากมหาวิทาลัย สมัครมากว่า 40 คันแล้วครับ เราจะร่วมสร้างประวัติศาสตร์การสุขภาพไทยที่เราเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของการเปลี่ยนแปลงประเทศด้วยสันติของมวลมหาประชาชน