China and new air-defense identification zone threatens Japan’s sovereignty

China is playing a very dangerous game by installing an “air-defense identification zone” over territory outside of the jurisdiction of this nation. This brinkmanship will only reinforce the negative image of China throughout the region based on internal disputes and external factors. The latest announcement by China will only further the cause of Japan throughout the Mekong Delta and the Asia Pacific based on the mutual suspicions of several nations.


It appears that China believes that it can crush the Tibetan Buddhists and Xinjiang Muslims by enormous Han migration at home. While at the same time the one party state of China threatens regional stability by claiming a host of disputed areas. Past disputes were always tempered by the fact that China was weak in the field of economics and military prowess. However, the new China, since Deng Xiaoping introduced genuine economic reforms many decades ago, is now a powerhouse in many areas. Therefore, political elites in Beijing are intent on claiming many disputed areas from a position of strength.  MORE ON