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latest earthquake hit near the town of Namche Bazar, near Mount Everest, The US Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 7.3. Vishal Rishi Sharma : I would like to inform you that Airport is now open. It was closed only for a while. Flights are now functional. Also everything in Kathmandu is safe. Few casualties have been reported but situation is under control and devastation is not that huge. 1505123920150512_125432_resized 15051241Earth-Quake-1 (1) #NEPALQUAKE Relief Unreachable – Gorkha Far-West 11.may Dear All, This is to kindly inform you all that in the far west region of Gorkha, due to the landslide the roads(kaccha) also have seems to be destroyed completely, taking away more than 150 Donkeys death, which use to carry loads to reach up the mountain, near the lake. Today is the fifteenth day and currently there is no source of way to reach up there, except for the expert climbers. It is sad to tell you all that the local people in that zone who we met told me that the locals there have all started feeling that they belongs to no one’s lands, as time has passed and they are just left haphazardly with no source of basic relief until now. I do not know how to put up this word correctly but I have this strong feeling that the leaders of the country who are leading are playing with the sentiments of the civilians right now, be it you me or any. It is of a big surprise to me that how it is even possible for the government to charge one and half lakh to two and half lakhs, of rupees for delivering the relief material to anyone interested at that particular zone? Where else the relief material that only fits in the helicopters are worth not even more than fifty to sixty thousand rupees only, is a question to me. This is not the time to do business is how I think. Either we have forgotten our rights to public property else the government has forgotten it’s the public’s property. Finally, after the fifteenth day the Secretary of the wards that you will see in the video(First left hand side of the screen is Dhurbaraj Parajuli, a Secretary of Keranju, VDC-9) is moving today along with other EIGHTY SEVEN i.e. 9th May. Where else when I tried to reach out to the CDO of Gorkha district, his cell phone was switched . Eventually I consider this INHUMAN!!!! I, would kindly request you all to appeal in this regard as many of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are all crying out loud for help and we think should also think outside the box as I am sharing the correct information if you all are not informed well, that there has been no relief material properly sent there . Let us all help!!!!! Here is some collective information please kindly get an idea how to reach there. Most importantly we should ask for free service P.S. I do not recommend anyone to go hiking there with the relief material as we were told that it’s an unusual and awkward small thin ways where soil erosions are high, every day, along with 100 meters down there is a river flowing The routes to reach there are as follows: Day 1: Kathmandu – Gorkha Bazaar to Swoti (By Bus) Manabu (Hiking) Hiking starts Day 2: Manabu – Dauraht- Dhunche – Chaihtey Khola – Kashigaun (O/N) Day 3: Kashigaun – Ahi Khola – Kerauja (O/N) Day 4: Rumhchet – Jhulchuk – Doh Bahn – Sauli Bhatti – Jhayam Khola – Dahdye Bharyang – Jagat (sirdibas) (O/N) Day 5: Jagat (Sirdibas) – Salairi – Ghatey Khola – Fhilm – Chisopani – Nayang Fedi – Pewa – Uyang (O/N) Day 6: Uyang – Rana – Dafridi – Gup – Prok – Nahmrung (O/N) Day 7: Nahmrung – Relcham – Legam – Sachau – Lay Gau – Syala Day 8: Syala – Samagaun. (O/N) Keranju – Village Development Committee – Ward no. 9 Election Area Zone: 3 Total Wards: 29 Wards where vehicle reached: 18 Wards where vehicle unreached: 11 Continue reading “#7.1 #Earthquake!! in #Nepal #Again #Today #12 May 2015 #VIDEOS”


12.may 2015 second one RASUGADI 

LANGTANG ,The hole village is gone.. Ang Norbu Sherpa :Just for info: we have been working since 10 days for search and rescue mission Langtang. It is not the Spanish who found the body it is the local guide local police and local army who discovered it.the Spanish were in Langtang only on Tuesday. So the media please use your commensense before you broadcast Nepal National Mountain Guide Association – NNMGA Mountain Guide – Ang Norbu Sherpa, Sunar Gurung , Ang Gyaljen Sherpa and Jangbu Sherpa B was at Langtang now for search and rescue, guide Lakpa Kitar Shepa is at Sindu palchok now with Zealand Mountain Guide as volunteer and tomorrow guide Suman Gurung,Tenjing Sherpa and Jangbu shepa A is heading to Laprak village taking cloth and Tents, guide Prem Gurung is heading to Lamjung soon taking Tents and food, Past president Pemba gyalje sherpa, Genral Secratery Furba Namgel Sherpa and,TC chief Lambabu Sherpa went to Langtang earthquake victim camp today to distribute 100 tents. Guide Tshring Pande Bhote is busy rescuing people with simrik helicoptor every day, Thank you very much all fellow guides for your great contribution Dorjee Lama Sherpa CR. Ang Norbu Sherpa 11182142_944753175564254_1448800578600008166_n11114742_944753125564259_1062651247748981286_n11149331_944753155564256_36402556557448320_n


Dan Fredinburg
April 25 at 1:27pm · Instagram ·
This is Dans little sister Megan. I regret to inform all who loved him that during the avalanche on Everest early this morning our Dan suffered from a major head injury and didn’t make it. We appreciate all of the love that has been sent our way thus far and know his soul and his spirit will live on in so many of us. All our love and thanks to those who shared this life with our favorite hilarious strong willed man. He was and is everything to us. Thank you.

Dan Fredinburg

April 22 ·

#JaggedGlobe #Everest2015

Day 19: Jagged Globe Sherpa team. JG bought them all top of the line jackets to wear this year. Guys in green work Basecamp. Guys in blue climb with us. And Pem, in the black best, is the boss and does it all. #JaggedGlobe #Everest2015

Dan Fredinburg
Dan Fredinburg

#RIP #Marisa #Eve #Girawong #Mountaineering #EVEREST

Our hearts are broken
It is with deep sorrow and profound grief that we can confirm the loss of our Everest/Lhotse base camp doctor, Marisa Eve Girawong. Eve perished in the aftermath of the avalanche that struck the base camp area following the devastating Nepal earthquake earlier today.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Eve and her family and friends.
We will have more information later after daybreak in Nepal and additional updates from our team.
Thank you for your combined prayers and well wishes.

Madison Mountaineering


#RIP #คุณหมออีฟ (Everest Earthquake 25.04.15)‪#‎everest‬ ‪#‎madisonmountaneering‬

# ฝันสลายที่เนปาล
“หญิงไทยคนแรกผู้พิชิตยอดเขาเอเวอร์เรสต์” !
*** “RIP คุณหมออีฟ (Everest Earthquake 25.04.15)”

แต่กลับไปไม่ถึงฝัน และบรรทัดต่อจากนี้คือเรื่องราวของ
“ดร.มาริสา อีฟ จีรวงศ์ไกรสร” หรือ “หมออีฟ” วัย 29 ปี
ที่ทำงานให้กับเมดิสัน เมาท์เทนเนียร์ริ่ง บริษัทสหรัฐฯ
“น้องคนนี้ผมเพิ่งได้รู้จักไม่นาน ประมาณ 2 ปี
แต่เขากับภรรยาของผมรู้จักกันตั้งแต่เด็ก เพราะบ้านอยู่ติดกัน
จึงสนิทกันมากตั้งแต่เด็ก ก่อนที่น้องอีฟจะย้ายตามครอบครัวไปอยู่ที่อเมริกา
เราได้พูดคุยกัน แล้วน้องอีฟก็ได้บอกเราว่า เขากำลังจะไปขึ้นเขาหิมาลัย
ผมคุยกับน้องเขาบอกผมว่า เขาจะเป็นผู้หญิงไทยคนแรกที่ไปพิชิตยอดเขา
ตอนนั้นตัวผมเองนึกว่าเคยมีคนทำได้แล้ว น้องอีฟยืนยันว่ายัง
น้องเขายังเตรียมธงไทยไป เพื่อปักบนยอดเขาเอเวอร์เรสต์
เมื่อวานนี้ตอนที่ผมรู้ว่าเกิดแผ่นดินไหวที่เนปาล ผมกังวลทันที
เพราะตอนเช้าผมเพิ่งจะเห็นรูปของน้องอีฟ และข้อความโพสต์ว่ากำลังมุ่งสู่ยอดเขาในวันที่ 28 ของทีมน้องอีฟ แฟนผมโทรเช็กกับทางบ้านเธอทันที
เพราะน้องอีฟถือ 2 สัญชาติครับ น้องอีฟ หรือ หมออีฟ
เป็น 1 ใน 17 คนที่เสียชีวิตในแผ่นดินไหวบนเขาเอเวอร์เรสต์
ตอนนี้พ่อแม่น้องกำลังเดินทางไปรับศพลูกที่เนปาล คนที่จิตใจดี
ชอบช่วยเหลือคนอื่นแบบน้องอีฟ ไม่น่าอายุสั้นเลยครับ !!! cr.Nismo Well
RIP ครับน้องอีฟ
till we meet again ‪#‎everest‬ ‪#‎madisonmountaneering‬”

#MYANMAR #BURMA: #Rescue #Teams #US And #Nepal #Arrive To #Help #Searching For #Two #Missing #Climbers

23.9. Mountaineers from Htoo Foundation, Ko Ye Min Thu, Ko Sai Kyaw Wunna Soe, Ko Sai Kyaw Thu Htwe, U Namar Johnsin and U Unn Kaw who were trained specifically to conquer Mt. Everest, reached at Base Camp, 13,200 ft above sea level and they are making search and rescue tasks. Local tribe porters also went together with search and rescue tasks for supporting.

There is raining and so glooming with mist that makes poor visibility around Mt. Hkakabo Razi region.

Bearing so extremity bad weather, the search and rescue team members from Htoo Foundation are seeking Ko Wai Yan Min Thu and Ko Aung Myint Myat, two missing climbers with humanitarian spirit and wholehearted afford.

10384212_858967407470261_2547346105282483123_n 10648699_858967414136927_4403788806105716499_o





Htoo Foundation’s patron U Tay Za, ground extensive search and rescue team which is seeking two missing climbers, will arrive base camp which is 13200 ft above sea level on September 23.


Today, 20 Sept 2014, our Putao rescue team has been waiting for a favorable weather to fly to the basecamp with two of the B3 helicopters to perform a visual search for the 2 missing climbers at Mount Hkakabo.

They have been preparing to fly since 6:30 am this morning. They will be bringing with them 4 oxygen bottles and associated accessories, hiking gears. In order to gain high altitude they will be flying with the least weight combination possible.

One of the B3 will be flying up to 23,000 feet.

The following will be joining the flight in search of the missing.

Two Captains for the B3
Two Nepalease pilots
Two Rescue Climbers from America
Two Sherpas from Nepal


The path our Search & Rescue team is going to pass in search of the missing climbers.


Hkakabo Razi from a climber’s perspective.


The road travelled by the Hkakabo climbers. Our team will be using the same road in search of the missing. Below the log is the headwater of Mayka river called Adonwar.


To help search and rescue mission of two missing climbers, Htoo Foundation had contacted American rescue team which is led by Andy Tyson who ascended Mt. Galan Razi successfully and he arrived together with one of the rescue team member at Yangon today, on September 19, 9.00 sharp this morning. 

US team Expectations and Requirements:
A) When US rescue team coordinator (Andy Tyson) arrives in Putao there will be a meeting with the Chairman (U Tay Za), Invitation of Nature and the families of the missing climbers as well as other rescue organizers to create a plan. US climbing team will not proceed past Putao without this meeting.

B) US technical rescue team requires a translator with solid English skills.

C) US rescue team reserves the right to withdraw from the operation at anytime. This will not effect transportation out of the mountains or other logistical arrangements.

D) US rescue team will evaluate the helicopter pilots. Each individual of the team has the right to refuse flights based on pilot skill, weather, equipment, or other reasons.

E) Body recovery may not be possible. In other words, rescue team cannot guarantee they will be able to get the body(s) down from the mountain due to weather, terrain, time, location, rescuer safety concerns, etc.

F) US rescue team will provide details and perspective on climbing rescue, expectations, safety and technique. Climbing team will follow their internal protocols and not be required or obligated to deviate from their internal protocols.

G) US rescue team will not be obliged to rescue other individuals that deviate from plans.

H) US rescue team will need appropriate time to acclimatize to climb above base camp.

I) US rescue team will hold regular briefings on situation, updates and plans.

J) US rescue team will require transportation, food and lodging throughout stay in Myanmar. Climbers will be flow by Helicopter out of the mountains regardless of outcome of the search.

K) US rescue team requires dedicated Thurya Satellite phone for duration of operation.

L) US rescue team will bring personal clothing, climbing and basic technical rescue equipment.



U Ann Kong the brother of U Nimar Johnsin. They are Myanmar Tibetans living in Ta Hawn Dum and have been to the Hkakabo many times. They are the toughest and best at climbing these mountains.

This is U Ann Kong’s 4th trip to Hkakabo first 2 trips were sending the climbers to Hkakabo and another 2 times to search for the missing up to 18,000 feet.

Today, he has gone up a 5th time following his brother U Nimar to look for the missing climbers. Continue reading “#MYANMAR #BURMA: #Rescue #Teams #US And #Nepal #Arrive To #Help #Searching For #Two #Missing #Climbers”

18 Burmese among 62 asylum seekers held in Indonesia

credit narinjara news

( Dhaka, 15 July 2013) : The Indonesian police have arrested 62 asylum seekers from Burma, Bangladesh and Nepal. A police patrol of the island nation caught 18 Burmese along with 41  asylum seekers from Bangladesh and three from Nepal on Friday while they were travelling by a boat in the Indonesian cost.


The immigration official source said that the arrests were made following a tip-off from the local Indonesian residents who observed the boat plying in the coast of Karawang of west Jeva.

Soon the officials searched them and found that their boat was leaking that compelled them for stranding adrift on the Karawang shore.

Besides the 62 asylum seekers, the police also arrested two Indonesian crewmen along with them. Later they were taken to Karawang immigration office for interrogation, said a local media report. It also added that all the 62 foreign nationals were finally taken to Bogor in west Jeva and put them in the detention camp