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Thein Aung Myint, who was indicted for violating Section 18 of the penal code, staged a solo protest in front of the Aungmyethazan Township court against the presiding judge on December 15. He was on trial for advocating the release of information on the murder of freelance journalist Ko Par Gyi, and he now accuses the judge who indicted him of unfair bias.
Thein Aung Myint applied for permission to stage his protest in front of the court house, but his application was rejected. On the same day, Mandalay residents and civic organisations also protested against the judge.

“I was sued for violating Section 18 by demonstrating to find out the truth about the Par Gyi murder case. The township judge favoured the plaintiffs,” the defendant said.
Township deputy judge Hlwan Moe Aung held a press conference to address the defendant’s protest against the court.

“He demonstrated to find out the truth about the Par Gyi case on October 27 without permission. Now he protests against the judge for unfairness. We did not bully him in court, and we handled the case in accordance with existing laws, rules and procedures. The judicial system is independent and free from the control of the administrative pillar.”
Hlwan Moe Aung added that Thein Aung Myint will not be charged for demonstrating in front of the court because the demonstration was in line with the law.
Mandalay residents demonstrated on October 27 and November 4 to demand the release of information on the Par Gyi case. The authorities charged Thein Aung Myint alone for violating Section 18.