RCSS/SSA:“That means it is clear that they [Burma army] don’t want us to build our headquarters in Mongton.

WEDNESDAY, 20 MARCH 2013 10:46 KP

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The December 2, 2011 was one of the most important dates as the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS), the political wing of Shan State Army (SSA) has signed the first ever agreement between Myanmar government. Subsequently, following the agreement the two have officially met not less than 5 occasions in different locations. The two have met in union level at Taunggyi, and Kengtung. Among the many agreements the two have made, in which one of the most important for the RCSS/SSA includes to specify its active territories and to build its headquarters. According to sources from RCSS/SSA, Monghta, in the east and Homong, in the south are the two major territories to build its military headquarters, army camps and family housings. Nevertheless, until today agreement has not yet come into being as the Burma army has been obstructing to initiate the project, sources from RCSS/SSA said.

“To the best of our good-will, we will adhere to the truce agreement. But if we have no choice, we can’t help. Although according to the agreement made, Monghta and Homong are the territories given by the government; but the army do not want to follow suit. The army just want us to stay where they have specified. They want us to be like drops of water in their hands. We are told not to carry weapons where about we go. We are soldiers; we can’t go without weapons. We have not decided yet if we are withdrawing from the Loi Mut Nang Len bases,” RCSS/SSA spokesperson, Maj Lao Hseng told the SHAN.

With the deadline of March 20, 2013 the RCSS/SSA must withdraw its bases from Loi Mut Nang Len in the east of Salween, instructed by deputy commander-in-chief of triangle region, said RCSS spokesperson.

“That means it is clear that they [Burma army] don’t want us to build our headquarters in Mongton. In fact, this area has been one of our former bases; even this they do not want us to make a settlement, needless to say if in other places. Our term of agreement with the government is now over a year. Nevertheless we have not yet realize anything from the agreement, Maj Lao Hseng complains.

Similarly, SSA bases in Homong were instructed to withdraw by the end of February. But SSA took time to withdraw and only on in the first week of March were completely relocated. As to what reason is unknown the Burma army were shelling with heavy artilleries for 2 days over the former SSA bases.

Map of Mongtoh and Monghta
Map of Mongtoh and Monghta

Some critics say, Burma army is pretending as if there were unrests going on along the ethnic regions, so it is justified to reinforce and military build-ups. With this military presents, the Burma army can increase its influence and power of domination in the ethnic regions. Continue reading “RCSS/SSA:“That means it is clear that they [Burma army] don’t want us to build our headquarters in Mongton.”