#MYANMAR #BURMA #PROTEST #Lashio, #Shan #State #against the #official #recognition of #Rohingya” #CENSUS

More than 300 local people staged a protest yesterday in Lashio, Shan State against the official recognition of “Rohingya” as a legitimate ethnic category to be registered in the 2014 national census.
The protestors released a statement announcing that they are in agreement with the whole Rakhine people in Rakhine State against the registration, and national ethnic groups in Myanmar are also against it, and they strongly oppose using “Code (914)” to officially register “Rohingya” in the national census.
They broke into chants of “Peace for the Union!”, “Peace for Rakhine State!”, “Peace destroyers are Myanmar’s enemies!”, “There is no “Rohingya” in Myanmar’s history!”, “Get those falsely named “Rohingya” out!”, “No “Rohingya” in the national census!”

“People in Rakhine State are protesting against the “Rohingya” registration in the national census. It’s not that there is no reason behind it. If we put the name “Rohingya” in the national census, it would be as if the government officially recognizes it. The Rohingya is not a legitimate ethnic group. They are not also real citizens of Myanmar. We strongly agree with the whole Rakhine people in Rakhine State against the registration,” said Ashin Inkura from the Nationality and Religion Safeguarding Association.
Over 300 local residents along with Buddhist monks participated in the protest which peacefully ended in the afternoon that day.



BURMA : US$ 8 million worth of brown opium was seized at Chin Shwe Haw checkpoint near the China-Myanmar border

An estimated Ks 8 billion (US$ 8 million) worth of brown opium was seized at Chin Shwe Haw checkpoint near the China-Myanmar border on January 24, according to customs officials.

A Nissan truck coming from Laisho was stopped and searched on Friday evening revealing 37 packs of raw opium weighing about 1000 kilograms in total hidden under corn bags. The vehicle was headed to Chin Shwe Haw checkpoint and across into China.

The drivers, vehicle and opium was handed over to Kwun Lon Special Anti-Drug Force who are now investigating the matter.

In August last year, officials in Mandalay seized methamphetamine tablets worth Ks 1800 million at 16-mile Kyauk Chaw checkpoint in Mandalay Region.

Myanmar Police Force seized 9.7 million methamphetamine tablets last year.

SSPP news sources:2000 bags of rice (40 tons), the aid from Nippon Foundation in Japan is unable to deliver toits Wanhai Headquarters

source panglong.org

Due to the ongoing clashes between Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) and Burma Army, 2000 bags of rice (40 tons), the aid from Nippon Foundation in Japan is unable to deliver toits Wanhai Headquarters, according to SSPP news sources.

“The Natala (Border Areas and National Races Development Affairs) Lashio Office promises that once the clashes are over, the rice aid from Japan will be delivered to the SSPP HQ. The clashes between the SSPP/SSA and government troops are occurring in Wanwap village, Kehsi Township in southern Shan State. The confrontation occurred when the government army did not comply with the ceasefire agreement that both sides had signed. Now people are scared to live in the village, even monks have fled from their temples. The government army has occupied the temple’s compound and directs its military operations there,” said Maj. Sai La, the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

The SSPP/SSA was said to have told the Nippon Foundation earlier that they will not accept the offer if the aid come through the Myanmar Peace Center (MPC). Reportedly, all the current aid from Nippon Foundation, which are distributed to all ethnic groups, are being managed by the MPC.

“The Nippon Foundation and the MPC came together to offer aid in cash at the Natala Office. The Natala then purchased the required amount of rice and stored it in their office. On 24 June, I went to sign the invoice and official documents with the duty officer at the Lashio Natala office, but the bags of rice were not yet delivered,” Maj. Sai La told SHAN.

“We have suggested the Nippon Foundation give us cash instead of rice, because we can purchase the rice ourselves later,” said the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

He continued by saying, “Not only do our people prefer Shan rice, but the money would also go to local vendors, allowing locals to benefit by gaining more income,” explained the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

On 24 June, it was reported that clashes occurred between the SSPP/SSA and the Burma Army as the latter with Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 525 attacked the former’s base at Wanwap village, Kehsi Township in southern Shan State. The next day, 25 June, following the SSA’s withdrawal reinforcement troops from the Burma Army arrived. The two Burmese units then mistook each other for the SSA and engaged in friendly fire for several hours, said an SSPP source.

Update Unrest LASHIO U Ye Htut 29.may 2013


လားရိႈးျမိဳ႕ ဆူပူအၾကမ္းဖက္မႈမ်ားအား လံုျခံဳေရးတပ္ဖြဲ႕မ်ားမွ တားဆီးအေရးယူမႈမ်ား ျပဳလုပ္ ေနပါတယ္။




လားရိႈးျမိဳ႕ကိုေရာက္ရိွေနတဲ့ သတင္းေထာက္မ်ားအခက္အခဲရိွရင္ ျပန္ၾကားေရး၀န္ၾကီးဌာန ျပည္နယ္ ျပန္ၾကားေရးနဲ႕ ျပည္သူ႕ ဆက္ဆံေရးဦးစီးဌာနရဲ့ ေအာက္ပါဖုန္းနံပါတ္မ်ားကို ဆက္သြယ္အကူအညီေတာင္းခံႏုိင္ပါတယ္။ လိုအပ္တဲ့အကူအညီမ်ားေပးဖို႕၊ ညႊန္ၾကားထားျပီးျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

ဦးေ၀လင္း၊ လက္ေထာက္ညႊန္ၾကားေရးမွဴး။ ဖုန္း ၀၉ ၅၃၄၃၉၉၆

ေဒၚဆိုင္းလီခမ္း ဦးစီးအရာရိွ။ ဖုန္း ၀၉ ၄၀၃၇၂၅၅၂၅

ဦးထြန္းေနလိႈင္ဦး၊ ဓာတ္ပံု။ ဖုန္း ၀၉၄၃၁၇၁၃၆၈

Curfew imposed in Lashio following clashes-muslim man burn buddhist wife-video

credit emg 29.may 2013


Fresh clashes occurred in Lashio, Myanmar’s northeastern Shan state, yesterday after a Muslim man had doused a Buddhist woman with fuel and set her on fire.

Two Islamic religious buildings and shops were set on fire in the clashes, which prompted authorities to impose a curfew.


Nay Win, aged 48, was chasing after Aye Aye Win, 24, trying to douse her with fuel. At that time, the woman was at her petrol shop near the township maternal and child welfare association office by the Union Highway.

Nay Win is the Indian-Chinese man of Islamic faith while Aye Aye Win is the Chinese-Myanmar woman of Buddhist faith.

The woman tried to run but was caught and doused with the fuel by the man, who was later beaten by angry local people from nearby areas.

As soon as the information spread, police arrived at the scene and arrested Nay Win.

At 5pm, about 150 locals had gathered in front of No (1) Police Station, shouting for the handing over of the arsonist to them.

According to the local reporter of the Daily Eleven, the man and woman did not know each other before, and the man living in Kengtung only arrived in Lashio three days ago. He was staying in a hotel, the reporter said.

Aye Aye Win, whose hands, legs and hair were burnt, is receiving treatment at the emergency ward of Lashio People’s Hospital.

An official from Shan State Police Force said: “The incident occurred after a row between Nay Win and Aye Aye Win at the petrol shop. We found two stimulant tablets from the pocket of the man’s trousers. The father of the victim has opened a case at the police station.”

Five relatives of the victim and about 10 Buddhist monks arrived at the police station at 7pm, shouting for taking the arsonist out of the police station and gradually, the number reached about 30. The suspect was sent to Lashio Prison at 7.30pm, the police officer added.

Lashio Police Station has charged Nay Win with arson attack, attempted murder and drug possession.

Angry residents set fire to a mosque near Lashio Myoma market and an Islamic school on Lanmadaw Road around 7 pm. The fire spread to 15 shops near the school and was nearly extinguished by 11 pm, according to local residents.

The authorities managed to handle the mob outside the police station and all over the city around 8:30 pm and section 144 of the Penal Code has been imposed in Lashio since 9:30 pm last night.


This riot occurred on the same day the Union Peacemaking Committee and the Kachin Independence Organization held their first peace talk in Myanmar.

The majority of the population in Lashio is Chinese while few Muslims live in the city. Critics have called for the authorities to investigate which country and organization are involved in the riot and release the report to the public.

Since Thein Sein’s civilian government took office, the first riot started on June 8 2012 in Rakhine State based on Thida Htwe’s death that occurred on May 28, a day after Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh visited Myanmar to discuss bilateral cooperation.

Ten days before Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Myanmar, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told Myanmar Minister of Foreign Affairs Wunna Maung Lwin that US President Barack Obama will release an official announcement for the easing of investment sanctions on Myanmar.

After riots occurred in Meikhtila, Mandalay Region on March 20 this year, the riots had spread to other townships in western Bago Region. These riots occurred after the Latpadaungtaung Investigation Commission released its report on March 12 and around the time President Thein Sein went on a goodwill visit to New Zealand and Australia.

MYANMAR-CHINA : Kyaukphyu-Muse railway project – video -BURMESE/ENGLISH

credit eleven media

The government has been trying to sign a final contract with China to start a railway project extending between the western and eastern regions of Myanmar without releasing any information to the public, reports say.

Officials from Myanmar and China signed a memorandum of understanding for railway project connecting Kyaukphyu, Rakhine State and Muse, Shan State two years ago and they are now trying to sign a memorandum of agreement in the near future. Details about the project have not been released yet.


“Chinese Ambassador Mr Yang Houlan visited Maday Island yesterday (May 19) and met with the local residents. I don’t exactly know the reason for his visit. When we asked the Chinese ambassador whether there are railway and motorway projects in Maday Island, he didn’t give a direct answer and said he didn’t know. The Chinese ambassador himself didn’t give an official disclosure about whether there is a railway project or not. We, the local residents, don’t get to know anything about the Kyaukphyu-Muse railway project,” said Tun Kyi, a local resident from Kyaukphyu.

Local residents from Kyuakphyu also say that they were not informed about the oil and natural gas pipeline project and they only found out after the project started.

The residents say they will not accept any projects including the new railway and motorway projects that lack transparency and public notifications.

“The gas pipeline and Kyaukphyu deep seaport projects are nearly completed. The local residents are now suffering from the disadvantages of the gas pipeline project, but the authorities and respective companies continued to work [on the project]. When the locals protested to show their dissatisfaction, they get sued. Such kinds of things are still happening in this time,” said Snow from Myanmar-China Pipeline Watch Committee.

“Even though the government kept saying to have transparency, [they] haven’t done anything about it in reality. We accept the investment arriving to Rakhine State, but we only have the locals to benefit from these projects. Now, only a group of people receive the benefits but the locals don’t receive any benefits. Instead, they have to face the consequences of the projects. As [they] still haven’t solved the compensation issues of the local residents, they shouldn’t work on the railway project now. So, I want to tell those who will make the decisions about the project to make the decisions after cooperating with the local residents,” she added.

The railway project is 868.262 kilometers long (539.19 miles) and will pass through Kyaukphyu, Ahn, Mandalay, Lashio, and Muse.

The project includes 79 train stations, 409 bridges, and 101 tunnels and will also connect with Kunming, Yunnan province in southern China. It will be built with full investment from China.

အမ်ားျပည္သူသို႔ ခ်ျပျခင္းမရႇိဘဲ ေက်ာက္ျဖဴ-မူဆယ္ ရထားလမ္းစီမံကိန္း အၿပီးသတ္စာခ်ဳပ္ ခ်ဳပ္ဆိုရန္ ႀကိဳးပမ္းလ်က္ရႇိျမန္မာ-တ႐ုတ္ ေရနံႏႇင့္ သဘာ၀ဓာတ္ေငြ႕ပိုက္လုိင္း စီမံကိန္းမႇ ေရနံႏႇင့္ သဘာ၀ဓာတ္ေငြ႕မ်ား တ႐ုတ္ႏုိင္ငံသို႔ ပို႔လႊတ္ရန္ အဆင္သင့္နီးပါး ျဖစ္ခ်ိန္၌ ေက်ာက္ျဖဴ-မူဆယ္ ရထားလမ္းစီမံကိန္း စတင္ရန္အတြက္ အမ်ားျပည္သူသို႔ ခ်ျပျခင္းမရႇိဘဲ အၿပီးသတ္ စာခ်ဳပ္ခ်ဳပ္ဆိုရန္ ႀကိဳးပမ္းလ်က္ရႇိေၾကာင္း သိရသည္။အဆိုပါ ေက်ာက္ျဖဴ-မူဆယ္ ရထားလမ္းစီမံကိန္းကို ၂၀၁၁ ခုႏႇစ္ ဧၿပီ ၂၇ ရက္က ျမန္မာ-တ႐ုတ္ ႏႇစ္ႏုိင္ငံ တာ၀န္ရႇိသူမ်ားမႇ နားလည္မႈစာခြၽန္လႊာ (MoU) လက္မႇတ္ေရးထိုးခဲ့ျခင္း ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း၊ လက္ရႇိကာလ၌ အဆိုပါ မီးရထားလမ္း စီမံကိန္းအတြက္ Memorandum of Agreement ကို မၾကာမီ ေရးထိုးရန္ စီစဥ္ေနေၾကာင္း၊ စီမံကိန္းႏႇင့္ ပတ္သက္သည့္ အခ်က္အလက္မ်ားကိုမူ လက္ရႇိအခ်ိန္အထိ ထုတ္ျပန္မႈ မရႇိေသးေၾကာင္းလည္း သိရသည္။ Continue reading “MYANMAR-CHINA : Kyaukphyu-Muse railway project – video -BURMESE/ENGLISH”

Sino Burma border: Traffic between Lashio and Muse has been suspended by continued conflict between the Burma Army and KIA

29.may 2012 Traffic between Lashio and Muse, the Sino-Burmese border, has been suspended by continued conflict between the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) since yesterday. Also affected is the traffic between Mantong and Namtu where the oil and gas pipelines will be passing through, said sources coming to Lashio. (SHAN)

Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ ordered to move out of Burma Army’s way

THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2012 13:41 S.H.A.N.

Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ units operating around its former HQ Hsengkeow in Hsipaw township have been ordered to withdraw by the Burma Army’s Lashio-based Northeastern Region Command on Tuesday, 24 April, according to SSA sources.

The withdrawal order was relayed to the SSA liaison office in Lashio, Shan State North capital, by Chief of Staff Col Win Thein. “He said if we were unable to pull out, the next best alternative would be not to be seen wearing uniforms and carrying arms.”


sspp-ssaSSPP/SSA troops at the 48th anniversary of the founding of the SSPP parade (Photo: SSPP)


The Burma Army is carrying out an “area-cleansing” operation, according to the locals. Continue reading “Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ ordered to move out of Burma Army’s way”

Shan State Poll Watch-2.April

22:00, 1 April 2012)

Village Tract KDUP SNDP USDP LNDP NLD Invalid
Nawng Mawn (Pong Htoon) 1 220 53 3 173 10
Hang Na-Hernlawn 4 888 30 6 41 70
Downtown (62 stations) 5,488 10,148 7,834 938 20,535 ?

A soldier from a battalion, based in Lashio, says his freedom to exercise his right, like others in the unit, was forfeited when his superiors took the responsibility to tick his ballot paper.

SNDP monitors say apart from Kung Mong and Nampawng, where the People’s Militia Force (PMF) of Bo Mon is supreme, and Quarter # 5 (Kawng Ai) where the NLD is leading, the SNDP appears to be doing well. (Data at 09:30, 2 April, says SNDP is still leading)

According to Sai Win Khaing, MP, People’s Assembly, elections held in Hsenwi is generally free and fair. The SNDP won by a wide margin in most of the polling stations in Hsenwi.

The SNDP is leading in 13 polling stations, NLD in 1 and USDP in 1. (18:00)

In 45 polling stations, SNDP gets 9,050 votes, NLD 2,971 and USDP 2,731 (22:00)

Kalaw, People Assembly

Village Tract NUP SNDP USDP NLD PNO Invalid
*Mulon 12 7 410 2
*Kabani 17 11 237 5 30
*Kyauk Pawk 1 109 57 2 18
115 polly stations out of 131 stations 1,212 491 14,692 40,781 8,321 2,794

*Data from Eleven Media Group (Sao Tha Oo, SNDP candidate, 09:30, 2 April, says NLD won by 43,943 votes)


At Quarter # 5, Lashio, 1 polling station has 1,355 eligible voters. Only 454 turned up to exercise their rights.

At Wanmark, Mongyaw, also in Lashio Township, there are more than 500 eligible voters, but no one turned up all day. So far, nobody knows the reason.

One SNDP monitor commented that many Shans don’t have ID cards, because they used to be expensive and also many Shans didn’t think they need to go anywhere outside Lashio. “Now that the IDs are cheaper, about 5,000 kyat, and we need their support, the people must be encouraged to obtain ID cards from now on,” he said. “On the other hand, ethnic Chinese, both native and alien, are buying ID cards at more than 100,000 kyat each. This trend will grow, if it is not kept in check.”

Shan State Poll Watch-Lashio 15.00

SUNDAY, 01 APRIL 2012 15:23 S.H.A.N.

Lashio        The daughter of Quarter # 5 polling station chief was ticking the ballots for the voters for 10 minutes. She stopped after a party watcher went up to her and warned.

Boxes carrying advance votes arrived there before the polling station was opened, as required by law. Another batch of advance vote boxes arrived at 07:30. The NLD watcher asked the polling station chief not to accept them, but he did nevertheless.

At Quarter # 4, there were very few civilian voters, as the polling station was set up for the military (LIB 522) and their families. Both the NLD and SNDP did not place watchers there. (Advance vote boxes failed to arrive at Polling Station # 4 at 08:45, prompting NLD to protest.)

At Quarter # 3 polling station, there are few voters. Continue reading “Shan State Poll Watch-Lashio 15.00”