Comedians Kyel Thee and Pan Thee, and the dancer Mya Sabai Ngone, members of the Thee Lay Thee Colourful Dance Troupe, will return to Burma on November 27.

“We are worried that the date will be changed when we meet with [Burmese] embassy officials. We’ve decided that if everything is Ok, we will return to Burma,” Kyel Thee told Mizzima.

The performers will give a farewell show in Mae Sot, on the Thai-Burmese border, on Sunday.

They said they decided to return home because comedian and troupe leader Zarganar, who was released from prison on October 12, told them to return to begin performing in Burma.

Kyel Thee said: “After he was released from prison, they have planned many shows. Another thing is that he has plans to do other great work. We will contribute in that work.”

Shortly after he was released from prison, Zarganar visited prisons and sent food and medicine to political prisoners.

Kyel Thee said they did not know whether they could perform freely or not in Burma, which censors entertainers who make what the government views as damaging remarks against public officials or the state.

Gradual loosening of censorship rules has taken place over the past six months.

Comedian Godzilla, comedian Sein Thee, comedian Zee Thee and dancer Chaw Su Myo, other members of the dance troupe, returned to Burma on September 11.