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For immediate release on 15 October 2014
Public Statement
Violation of the rights of the victims and alleged offenders must be stopped:
The performance of the officials and media in Koh Tao murder case
On 15 September 2014, two tourists from UK were murdered and their bodies were left on the beach of Koh Tao, Surathani, Southern Thailand. Later on 2 October 2014, police officials claimed three suspects who are migrant workers from Myanmar have confessed to the charges and on 3 October, two of them were brought to the crime scene for reenactment and an ensuing press conference was widely reported in the media.
Since the investigation is still ongoing, the alleged offenders must enjoy the right to presumed innocence until a final verdict is made against them. It is prohibited to treat them as if they are already the perpetrators. Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) and other signatories would like to express our deepest concern about the practice of the concerned officials and media which would be tantamount to a violation of the right to privacy of the victims’ families and the rights of alleged offenders as follows;
1. In a case where death sentence is mandatory, if an alleged offender does not have his lawyer, it is required that the inquiry official must provide him a legal representative as per Article 134/1 of the Criminal Procedure Code and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Should the official fail to provide a legal counsel, any evidence given by the alleged offender would not be admissible.
2. If the confession given to the official has been obtained when the alleged offender is put under duress or being threatened, such a statement shall not be admissible. The officials who have committed such an intimidating act will also face a legal action since the act can be construed as a breach of an obligation as per the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT).
3. The reenactment of the crime at the crime scene, even though it was done so as part of the gathering of evidence by the inquiry officials, but it should be carried out solely just to serve the said purpose, but not to be part of a press conference. Even though the case has attracted avid attention from the public, the authorities are required to respect the right to privacy and the right to freedom and dignity of the alleged offenders. In addition, according to the Royal Thai Police order no. 855/2548, it clearly stipulates that no media would be allowed to be present during the enactment of the crime and no interviews or interaction between the inquiry officials and the alleged offenders or other parties can be given or made in the presence of the media, since their reports might have tampered with the investigation.
4. There was a massive and extensive dissemination of images and information about the crime scene reenactment and the interviews with state officials and other persons concerned or not with the case via the media. Several news agencies featured quite graphic images or facts about the event. The redistribution of information and images of the victims by the media simply give reminiscence to the horrible incidence and would only further traumatize families of the victims. It would also infringe on the dignity of the alleged offenders and might tamper with the investigation. Breaches that happened include for example an interview to the press by the interpreter regarding the statements given by the alleged offenders to the officials, even though such revelation was a breach of the code of ethics of an interpreter, or an interview given by a National Human Rights Commissioner who was supposed to be there simply to monitor if any rights violation has taken place or not, but not to give an interview to affirm incriminating evidence against the alleged offenders.
The Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) and other signatories have the following demands to make;
1. Any interviews by persons concerned and not with the case in future must be carried out with consideration of their respective roles and the code of ethics regarding confidentiality which must be observed during the investigation process and dignity and reputation of the victims must be respected.
2. In the reportage by media, caution must be made to ensure respect of the right to privacy and to mitigate any further damage to the reputation of the victims and alleged offenders. It should always be borne in mind that any media report might induce the audience to prejudge a person as a perpetrator. But if it is proven later that that person is not guilty, any remedies would not suffice the damage already done to the person. Media professionals, in particular, are urged to seriously monitor their own work.
With respect for the rights and freedom of the people
Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA)
Union for Civil Liberties (UCL)



!! #IMPORTANT #article #reflecting on #fairness or #legality of yesterday’s #decision by #Samui #court #koh #Tao

Important article reflecting on fairness or legality of yesterday’s decision by Samui court to move forward with the Koh Tao murder case advance witness hearings session despite defence team requests for postponements to allow time for preparation and meeting with accused.


Attorney at Law – nadthasiri@gmail.com
LL.M. – United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
Typically, a trial or court hearing will be scheduled for taking evidence, and the witnesses for the case will give their testimony during this hearing. In any case, the hearing will be conducted in open Court and in the presence of the accused.
The date the witnesses are to give testimony in Court will be designated during the first inspection of the evidence by the Court. However, in case of necessity, for the benefit of fairness, if the Court deems suitable or any of parties make a request, the Court will issue an order to take evidence in respect to important issues in the case before the date designated for the taking of evidence. This is called Advance Testimony before the entry of the charge in the Court.
There are two different periods of witnesses testimony; before the entry of the charge in the Court, and after entry of the charge in the Court. Both are to take place before the trial and before the taking of evidence commences.
In this case, the prosecutor must be confident that their witnesses are substantial and material to the case, and there is the possibility of loosing these witnesses, and to secure these witnesses testimony the prosecutor can submit a motion to urgently conduct the advance testimony of witnesses before the entry of the charge in Court under the Section 237 bis. of the Criminal Procedure Code of Thailand.
In practice, the inquiring officer will submit the motion to the prosecutor along with the case’s file with the explanation of necessity and justification. After receiving the motion from the inquiring officer, the prosecutor will review the motion, and if in agreement with the inquiry officer he then will further submit the motion to the Court.
There are five grounds for the motion to have the witnesses testimony taken before the entry of the charge in Court:

1. There are reasonable grounds to believe that the witness will depart from the Kingdom, or
2. The witness has no habitual residence, or
3. The witness has residence far a way from the Court of trial, or
4. There are reasonable grounds to believe the witness will be tampered with directly or indirectly, or
5. There are necessary causes which make it difficult to bring the witness to give testimony in the future.
Once the Court is satisfied that the motion is compliant with the law, then the Court will grant permission to take the witnesses testimony promptly, and designate the date of hearing for this procedure.
On the hearing date before the commencement of the trial, if the offender and/or witnesses can not understand Thai, an interpreter must be appointed for them. Then, the Court must ask the alleged offender whether he has a counsel or not. If not, the Court must appoint counsel, or the accused has right to apply to the Court to appoint one for themselves according to Section 173.
In the case where the Court has to appoint a counsel for the alleged offender, if the Court is of the opinion that it can appoint one for them in time, it shall do so and proceed with the taking of the witnesses testimony promptly. But, if the Court is of the opinion that the Court cannot appoint the counsel for the accused in time, or the alleged offender cannot appoint one in time, the Court itself shall examine the witnesses for the accused. Continue reading “!! #IMPORTANT #article #reflecting on #fairness or #legality of yesterday’s #decision by #Samui #court #koh #Tao”

@Arachneed #Burmese #civil #society #urges for a #fair #trial #KHOH #TAO #Thailand

Therefore in a situation such as this if the accusation by the Burmese civil society members stand true then Thailand may well be violating several international legal conventions, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the UN Human Rights Committee states that “fundamental principles of fair trial” may never be derogated from. by denying a fair trial to the accused and also to the victims. Thailand is certainly a party to many of these conventions, especially those endorsed by the United Nations and an irresponsible handling of the case by the Royal Thai police and also the failure of the Thai diplomacy to resolve the issue with its Burmese counterpart may lead to the escalation of the controversy and the reaction to it may be much larger leading to international shame for the pristine South East Asian nation



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Cases of progress, Koh Tao

Calling witnesses in advance cases of Koh Tao. Filing from Friday 10 October Testimony was taken from two additional. The lawyer team would have to work hard to hear that a team of lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, sent to help. Witnesses in advance, may be seen as facilitating a witness, but it may be that it is a legal technique to remove trial easily discouraged, this is really bringing to justice and punishment, according to the justice system that is fair. Track. trial is disclosed to the public and the accused must be brought to court. 9: 00 pm, หว้ province, Koh Samui Shrine on a hillside philosophy. Video-beauty

Witness article 237 continue to prosecute before the courts building. When you believe that the witness will travel out of the Kingdom. There are no addresses or sources, as well as a resident person, away from the Court at the trial, or believe that it is a mess with the witness, whether directly or indirectly, or another reason, it is difficult to release the testimony traced the future Prosecutor by ourselves or by receiving a request from the victim or from an investigation will submit a claim by specifying several actions that the accused claimed to have done wrong to the Court so that the Court has instructed the witnesses to it as soon as possible. If knowledge and who is in control of the public prosecutor or investigating employees, the public prosecutor brought a particular court. If the control is contained in the Court’s jurisdiction, the Court picked the option considered when the Court received a request like that, it gives the Court the witnesses immediately. In this operation. The opposition also accused the lawyers or the khanopyan deposit in the case, according to the second paragraph. If this is the case, the accused alleged that the criminal offense if the Court will prosecute cases in which a lawyer must be set, or the defendant has the right to ask the Court to set a lawyer according to section 173 before beginning such witnesses, the Court asked the accused if there is a lawyer or not. In that case, the Court must give the lawyer, If the court sees that it is set up, lawyer, Attorney, area and proceed to the witnesses as soon as possible. But if the court sees that a lawyer cannot be set immediately or accused may not set up the lawyers. The witness asked the Court to replace some of those witnesses testify, the Court read, listening to testimony. If the accused in court by then, the Court read the aforementioned testify the presence of accused if the accused were subsequently sued the defendant in the criminal offense then such witness hearing, the trial of the accused in that case indicated that if he was to sue the defendant and persons who need to bring their testimony traced to travel out of the Kingdom. There are no addresses or sources, as well as a resident person, away from the Court at the trial, or believe that it is a mess with the witness, whether directly or indirectly, or another reason, it is difficult to release the testimony traced the future. The accused filed pleadings for courts by reason of a court order to allow witnesses who it immediately, when deemed appropriate, the Court, the Court ordered the witnesses allowed to notify the public prosecutor investigated and employees involved know. In the witnesses The public prosecutor has the right to the khanopyan Park and bring three of four paragraphs referred to in paragraph 1 and paragraph 5 comes into force, the provisions in section doyonulom 172 Tri comes into force doyonulom to witnesses who are children under the age of eighteen years may not exceed. unoffical translation  CR.Pornpen Khongkachonkiet


#ျမန္မာေရႊ႕ေျပာင္းလုပ္သားမ်ားအား ျမန္မာသံရံုးမ်ားက လံုေလာက္ေသာ အကာအကြယ္မ်ားေပးရန္ #လိုအပ္ေၾကာင္း ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီ ၏ ထုတ္ျပန္ေၾကျငာခ်က္

ျမန္မာေရႊ႕ေျပာင္းလုပ္သားမ်ားအား ျမန္မာသံရံုးမ်ားက လံုေလာက္ေသာ အကာအကြယ္မ်ားေပးရန္
လိုအပ္ေၾကာင္း ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီ ၏ ထုတ္ျပန္ေၾကျငာခ်က္

ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီ ထုတ္ျပန္ေၾကျငာခ်က္ အမွတ္ (၃∕၂၀၁၄)

ေန႕စြဲ – ၁၂ ေအာက္တိုဘာလ ၂၀၁၄

၁။ စက္တင္ဘာလ (၁၄) ရက္ေန႔က ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံ ခိုေထာင္ကၽြန္းတြင္ ၿဗိတိန္စံုတြဲအသတ္ခံရမႈျဖင့္ စြပ္စြဲကာ ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံ ေကာ့စမြီေထာင္တြင္ အဖမ္းခံထားရေသာ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသားႏွစ္ဦး အေရးႏွင့္ပတ္သက္၍ ျမန္မာအစိုးရ ႏွင့္ ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာသံရံုးတို႔က ေဆာင္ရြက္ေနၾကျခင္းအေပၚ ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီက စဥ္ဆက္မျပတ္ေစာင့္ၾကည့္ၿပီး မိမိတို႔ပါ၀င္ႏိုင္သည့္ အခန္းက႑မ်ားမွ ပါ၀င္ေဆာင္ရြက္သြားမည္ ျဖစ္သည္။

၂။ ခိုေထာင္ကၽြန္းမွာ ထိုင္းလူဆိုးဂုိဏ္းမ်ား က်က္စားသည့္ေနရာျဖစ္ျခင္း၊ ထိုင္းရဲတပ္ဖြဲ႕ႏွင့္ စကားျပန္တို႔၏ ထိုးႀကိတ္ရိုက္ႏႈက္စစ္ေဆးမႈေၾကာင့္ ျပစ္မႈက်ဴးလြန္ျခင္းမရွိပါဘဲလ်က္ က်ဴးလြန္သည္ ဟု ထြက္ဆိုရျခင္းျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း အက်ဥ္းခံႏွစ္ဦး၏ ေျပာၾကားခ်က္၊ သက္ေသခံဖုန္းမွာ ထိုင္းရဲမ်ားစြပ္စြဲသကဲ့သို႔ သံသယတရားခံမ်ား၏ အခန္းအနီးတြင္ ေတြ႕ရွိျခင္း မျဖစ္ႏိုင္ျခင္း၊ ဒီအန္ေအ စစ္ေဆးခ်က္မ်ားကို မႈခင္းဆရာ၀န္ႀကီးက လက္ခံမႈမရွိျခင္း၊ ထိုင္းဥပေဒအရာရွိကိုယ္တိုင္က ထိုင္းရဲမ်ား၏ တရားစြဲရန္ တင္ျပမႈကို ခိုင္လံုမႈမရွိ ဟု ယူဆျခင္း အစရွိသည့္ လစ္ဟာမႈမ်ားကို ေတြ႕ျမင္ေနရရာ၊ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသား ေရႊ႕ေျပာင္းလုပ္သားႏွစ္ဦးမွာ အျပစ္မရွိပါဘဲလ်က္ ဓားစာခံအျဖစ္ ထိုးေကၽြးခံရျခင္းျဖစ္မည္ကို ကၽြႏ္ုပ္တို႔က မ်ားစြာ စိုးရိမ္လ်က္ရွိသည္။

၃။ ယခုခိုေထာင္ကၽြန္းတြင္ ဖမ္းဆီးခံရသည့္ သံသယတရားခံ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသားႏွစ္ဦးမွာ ေရႊ႕ေျပာင္း လုပ္သားမ်ား ျဖစ္ေနသည့္ အတြက္ ဓားစာခံအျဖစ္ မတရားထိုးေကၽြးခံရျခင္း မျဖစ္ရေလေအာင္ တည့္မတ္ေသာ တရားဥပေဒ ၏ အရိပ္ေအာက္တြင္ ရသင့္ရထိုက္ေသာ အခြင့္အေရးမ်ားရရွိေစေအာင္ ျမန္မာအစိုးရ ႏွင့္ သက္ဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာသံရံုးတို႔က နီးနီးကပ္ကပ္ ေစာင့္ၾကည့္ကာ လိုအပ္သည့္ ကာကြယ္ေစာင့္ေရွာက္မႈမ်ား ရရွိႏိုင္ေအာင္ ဖိဖိစီးစီး ၀ိုင္း၀န္းလုပ္ေဆာင္ေပးၾကရန္ လိုအပ္သည္။

၄။ ယခုလက္ရွိအခ်ိန္အထိ ထိုအစြပ္စြဲခံရသူႏွစ္ဦးအေရးတြင္ ပါ၀င္ကူညီေဆာင္ရြက္ေပးေနၾကသည့္ ျမန္မာအစိုးရ ႏွင့္ သက္ဆိုင္ရာ တာ၀န္ရွိသူမ်ား၊ လူမႈအသင္းအဖြဲ႕မ်ားအား ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီက ေက်းဇူးတင္ရွိသည္။ ထိုျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသား ႏွစ္ဦးမွာ ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားမ်ားျဖစ္ေနသည့္အတြက္ ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီက တစ္ဖက္သတ္ ဘက္လိုက္ကာ အေဆာတလ်င္ ေျပာဆိုေနသည့္သေဘာ မျဖစ္ေလရေအာင္၊ ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီသည္ အေျခအေနကို ေသခ်ာေစ့ငုစြာ ေလ့လာၿပီး ေစာင့္ၾကည့္လ်က္ရွိသည္။ ထိုပုဂၢိဳလ္ႏွစ္ဦးအေရးတြင္ ပါ၀င္ကူညီႏိုင္ရန္အတြက္ အျခားေသာ ျပည္တြင္းျပည္ပ အဖြဲ႕အစည္းမ်ားႏွင့္ ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသား ပါတီက ဆက္သြယ္ လက္တြဲေဆာင္ရြက္သြားမည္ ျဖစ္သည္။

၅။ ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံမွာသာမက အျခားေသာ ႏိုင္ငံတကာေရာက္ ျမန္မာေရႊ႕ေျပာင္းလုပ္သားမ်ားသည္လည္း ျပႆနာမ်ား ရင္ဆိုင္ႀကံဳေတြ႕ေနၾကရလ်က္ရွိရာ၊ ျမန္မာအစိုးရ ႏွင့္ ျမန္မာသံရံုးမ်ားအေနျဖင့္ ႏိုင္ငံတကာေရာက္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသားမ်ားအား ထိထိေရာက္ေရာက္ ကူညီျခင္း ကာကြယ္ျခင္းမ်ားကို ေဆာင္ရြက္ေပးရန္ လိုအပ္ေၾကာင္း ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီက အသိေပးတိုက္တြန္းသည္။

ရခိုင္အမ်ိဳးသားပါတီ R. CORAL ARAKAN NEWS


#Rakhine #group #urges #Thai #PM #Prayuth to #reopen probe into #Koh #Tao #murder case

The Rakhine National Network has said it will send an open letter to Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha concerning the Myanmar nationals charged with murdering two British tourists on the southern Thai island of Koh Tao.
The network published the letter on October 10 on its Facebook page, requesting that the case be re-examined, to find out the real culprits and to increase diplomatic cooperation between Thailand, Myanmar and Britain to resolve the case.
The group says in the letter that it wants the case to be reconsidered, as it believes the two Myanmar nationals – Zaw Linn and Win Zaw Tun – have been arrested unlawfully and they have been wrongly accused of the murder, which occurred in an area where many gangs operate.
Meanwhile, the parents of Win Zaw Tun who live in Kyaukphyu Township in Rakhine State have said they would like to go and meet their son in Thailand.
The two accused are from Rambree Island and Kyaukphyu Township in Rakhine.
“After his mother read the report about the case in a newspaper, she cried a lot. She is very eager to go there to meet her son. She is very unhappy. But we have no money or no idea about how to go there,” said Tun Tun Htike, father of Win Zaw Tun.
Myanmar nationals living in Japan staged a protest recently in front of the Thai embassy in Tokyo, handing over an open letter to an embassy official, demanding that the Thai government find correct and strong evidence about the murder case.



#LAWYER #TEAM #IMPORTANT: informed #Samui #Court #start #witness #PUBLIC #hearing #Koh #Tao #murder #case 2mrw 830am.


IMPORTANT: informed Samui Court start witness PUBLIC hearing Koh Tao murder case 2mrw 830am. Accused, prosecution and defense lawyers attend.

As a public criminal case, the court is open for anyone to attend and listen subject to restrictions on note taking, photos and recording.




#CLIP #ထိုင္း႐ုပ္ျမင္သံၾကား #Channel #3 မွ ေမးခြန္း ထုတ္လိုက္တဲ့ လိပ္ကၽြန္း လူသတ္မႈမွာ စကားျပန္ ႏွစ္ဦးထဲက #ROHINGY #OFFICAL #TRANSLATOR

မန္မာႏိုင္ငံ သမၼတ ဦးသိန္းစိန္က
ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံရွိ ျမန္မာအလုပ္သမားမ်ားကို
မွန္ကန္တဲ့ ကာကြယ္မႈေတြ ျပဳလုပ္ျပီး
သန္္ ့ရွင္းျပီး တရားမွ်တ တဲ့ စစ္ေဆးမႈေတြ
လိုအပ္တယ္လို ့ ထိုင္ဝန္ၾကီးခ်ဳပ္ ကို ေတာင္းဆို

สื่อผู้ดีตีข่าว! พยานคดีฆ่าฝรั่งเกาะเต่า ไม่เชื่อเพื่อนทำ

!!!!!! Koh Tao murder case official translator reveals all confidential information on channel 3 TV now-Appalled Ch3 decision to release this interview with alleged Rohingya Koh Tao case translator. Dangerous, unethical, ethnically insensitive.-Ch 3 presenter finished interview piece saying plain clothed police officer was monitoring interview! So police knew? consented? arranged? CR. ANDY Our team request all incl. translator NHRC relatives media to cease sharing Koh Tao accused confidential comments as can -ve impact defense

Both Koh Tao accused migrants have already now appointed personal Thai lawyers ทางผู้ต้องหาเกาะเต่าทั้งสองคนได้แต่งตั้งทนายส่วนตัวคนไทยแล้ว

ထိုင္း႐ုပ္ျမင္သံၾကား Channel 3 မွ ေမးခြန္း ထုတ္လိုက္တဲ့ လိပ္ကၽြန္း လူသတ္မႈမွာ စကားျပန္ ႏွစ္ဦးထဲက တစ္ဦးျဖစ္ခါ ထပ္တရာ (႐ိုတီ) ေရာင္းေသာ ရန္ကုုန္မွလာၿပီး ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံမွာ ၁၈ ႏွစ္ ၾကာၿပီဆိုတဲ့ သူ႔အေၾကာင္းအား Channel 3 မွ သြားေရာက္ ေတြ႔ဆံုေမးျမန္း ထားတာကို ထပ္ဆင့္မ ွ်ေဝ လိုက္ပါတယ္။

Sayar Wai
အမွန္တရားဆုိ ၾကာၾကာဖံုးကြယ္လုိ.မရဘူးဆုိတာမသိလုိ. လိမ္ညာေနတာလား ေအာင္ကုိဦး (ခ)ကမာ (ရဲစကားျပန္) ရယ္ ..အမွန္တရားေပၚတဲ့အခ်ိန္ မင္းအတြက္ လားရာမေကာင္းဘူးဆုိတာေတာ့ သိေစခ်င္တယ္။

>>>ေမးျမန္းခန္အား တတ္သေလာက္ က်ိဳးစားျပီး ဘာသာျပန္ေပးလုိက္ပါသည္။<<<



ထုိင္းနိုင္ငံေတာင္ပုိင္း စူရတ္႒ာနီခရုိင္ ေကာ့ေတာင္က်ြန္းအဂၤလိပ္စံုတဲြ အသတ္ခံရမွဳ.မွာ စကားျပန္အျဖစ္ပါ၀င္ခဲ့တဲ့ ရုိတီေရာင္းသူ tourist police အက်ီ ၤ ၀တ္ဆင္ထားသူဟာ ဘယ္သူလဲ တရားခံအျဖစ္သတ္မွတ္ခံထားရတဲ့ ၂ ေယာက္ ဘယ္ေလာက္ယံုၾကည္ရသလဲဆုိတာကုိ ဦးတည္ျပီးေမးသြားပါတယ္။

ေျဖဆုိသူကေတာ့ ရန္ကုန္ျမိဳ.ကေန ထုိင္းမွာ ၁၈ အၾကာ လာေရာက္အလုပ္လုပ္ကုိင္ေနတဲ့ ေကာ့စေမြက်ြန္းမွာ ဘုန္းၾကီးေက်ာင္းေရွ. မွာ ပလာတာေရာင္းသူ ေအာင္ကုိဦး(ခ) ကမာ ပဲျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

ရဲအားစကားျပန္သူ ။ ။ နိုင္ေမာင္(ေမာင္ေမာင္) ကေတာ့ ဓါတ္ပံု(CCTVမွပံု) ျမင္တာနဲ. အျပည့္အ၀ ၀န္ခံပါတယ္။ သူေျပာတာက ပံုထဲ ဆုိင္ကယ္ေမာင္းသူဟာ က်ေနာ္ပါ အလယ္ကေတာ့ အေဇာ္( ေဇာ္လင္း) အေနာက္ဆံုးကေတာ့ အ၀င္း (၀င္းေဇာ္ထြန္း) သူတုိ.က်ေနာ့သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြပါလုိ.ေျပာပါတယ္။ မင္းတုိ.ဘယ္သြားၾကတာလဲဆုိေတာ့ 7/11 မွာ ဘီယာသြား၀ယ္တာလုိ.ေျပာပါတယ္ က်ေနာ္က အစ္ေမးေတာ သူတုိ.ေျဖပါတယ္။

နိုင္ေမာင္နဲ.အေဇာ္က ေကာ့ေတာင္က်ြန္းမွာဖမ္းမိတာပါ။ အ၀္ငးက ေျပးသြားျပီ စူရတ္႒ာနီ ဘက္ကုိ ည 8နာ၇ီ9နာ၇ီ၀န္းက်င္ေလာက္ အဲ့မွာ ဟုိကအဖဲြ.ေတြကဖမ္းထားလုိက္တာ ။

သတင္းေထာက္။ ။ နိုင္ေမာင္က သူတုိ.၂ ေယာက္ နိုင္ငံျခားသား ၂ ေယာက္ကုိ သတ္တယ္ဆုိတာ ျမင္တယ္လုိ.ေျပာသလား။

ရဲစကားျပန္။ ။ အဲ့အခ်န္မွာက အေမာင္ မရွိဘူး ေမာင္ေမာင္ရွိတာက ဘီယာေသာက္တဲ့အခ်ိန္ေလာက္ပဲ သူက သူ.ေကာင္မေလးဆီ သြားတာ။ ေနာက္ဆက္တဲြျဖစ္တာ ဘာျဖစ္လဲမသိဘူး လုိ.ေျပာတယ္။

သတင္းေထာက္။ ။ ဒါဆုိ ေမာင္ေမာင္က ဟုိ ၂ ေယာက္ (ေဇာ္လင္းနွင့္၀င္းေဇာ္ထြန္း) ကုိ တရားခံလုိ. ေျပာလုိ.မရဘူးေလ ။ Continue reading “#CLIP #ထိုင္း႐ုပ္ျမင္သံၾကား #Channel #3 မွ ေမးခြန္း ထုတ္လိုက္တဲ့ လိပ္ကၽြန္း လူသတ္မႈမွာ စကားျပန္ ႏွစ္ဦးထဲက #ROHINGY #OFFICAL #TRANSLATOR”

!!! #update #Rohingya #Koh #Tao #case #translator #reveals #confidential #information on #channel #3 TV

Despite formal letters of concern written both to prison head and DG of corrections department, MWRN were refused access to the accused.

Samui prison and Corrections dept. said no one other than lawyers, embassy officials or legal family (family is on way) can meet the accused
Qu. Justice 4 all Koh Tao case more likely if neither Thai, Myanmar, UK government interferes in independent judicial process + lawyers?

!!!!!! Koh Tao murder case official translator reveals all confidential information on channel 3 TV now-Appalled Ch3 decision to release this interview with alleged Rohingya Koh Tao case translator. Dangerous, unethical, ethnically insensitive.- Ch 3 presenter finished interview piece saying plain clothed police officer was monitoring interview! So police knew? consented? arranged? CR. ANDY




My lawyer warns Ch 3 behaviour undermining fair trial rights of accused in Koh Tao murder


Our team request all incl. translator NHRC relatives media to cease sharing Koh Tao accused confidential comments as can -ve impact defense

Both Koh Tao accused migrants have already now appointed personal Thai lawyers ทางผู้ต้องหาเกาะเต่าทั้งสองคนได้แต่งตั้งทนายส่วนตัวคนไทยแล้ว


#Khunying #Pornthip #KOH #TAO #forensic #work #needs to #separate #with #police #authority

Khunying Pornthip  said  : This case lack of reliability from people because there were no simulation and the police didn’t act right according to the forensic process. The forensic process needs 3 sections, 1st section is officers who responsible for questioning,and making report about the case, 2nd section is officers who collect witnesses and evidences,3rd section is the officers who examine witnesses and evidences. So this murder of 2 Britons on Koh Tao needed to have knowledge and used forensic experts only. Meanwhile the officers who came to check the crime scene needed to listen the information from the experts first and the experts would look for the cause of death, how they died because the crime scene might not be in only 1 place. Especially in this case didn’t manage the process instantly so might not had all the subjects matter. As same as the postmortem in this case, only gave DNA test report to the media but the fact need to have results of other examinations together whether blood,alcohol or drug in the dead bodies. And the investigation and probe of the police still used the same old way, that the officers who collected evidences and officers who proved the evidences are up on the enquiry officers only. And enquiry officers compiled all 3 sections together, this is completely a different thinking and method with the forensic. Maybe because the enquiry officer had seen that if they had enough witnesses and evidences then they could just write report and sent to attorney. But for me i think the law still needs to modify especially the case like this one that needs the forensic to lead the way or see to the part that was’t clear to make it clear before writing the report and send to the court.
So in this case, about the first section that i have to say is the enquiry officers needed to have knowledge, the weak point is maybe because they didn’t understand that this case needed to use forensic experts then they didn’t ask forensic experts from Surat Thani to come manage. Then the 2nd section is collected witnesses and evidences, in this case is a murder case that has 2 dead bodies, 100% that you must had forensic experts only. Continue reading “#Khunying #Pornthip #KOH #TAO #forensic #work #needs to #separate #with #police #authority”