#President #Attempts to #occupy #farmlands #invite #bribery, #outlaw –

As the attempts to occupy farmlands have been common lately, these acts may invite bribery and other unlawful things; to prevent from such cases, the ministries, state and regional governments should monitor the land disputes in line with standing laws and orders, said the President during the workshop for farmlands management held at Myanmar International Convention Centre in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
“Some acquire farmlands around town outskirts to run industries, gardens, inns, and petroleum shops. As many have tried to transform farmlands into other categories by any means necessary, some gone beyond the law,” said the President.
The workshop also focused on usage of farmlands for Urban and Rural Development Project.
He urged the authorities from different states and regions to keep close watch on land cases.
After the opening of the country’s economy, foreign investment and trading have surged in. On the other hand, the property speculations have risen each day making the land prices rocket enormously. People do not invest in productivity sectors but instead in automobiles, property, banking, and estate business. For these reasons, hiking land prices, sluggish investment and inflation are likely.
The President urged to balance self- and national-interest.
“To give immediate attention over land disputes is necessary. Delay is formed due to lengthy red tape. People’s property area should be measured and registered,” he argued.
Along with the urbanisation, the squatters are rife throughout the suburbs. The Urban and Rural Development Project should be mapped to provide better lifestyles for them, continued the President.