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Singapore has two marital legislations such as Muslim Law Act and Women’s Charter. It bans a marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. A non-Muslim woman is required to attend one-year religious conversion training before becoming a Muslim wife. Official interviewers are obliged to ask a Muslim man whether he is able to guide his bride-to-be on the path of becoming a Muslim wife. ? NO OUTCRY FROM HRW AND OTHERS ???



Myanmar has drafted legislations designed for religious conversion and population control which will soon be released for public debate, said Myint Kyaing on May 2, a director general from Ministry of Immigration and Population.
President Thein Sein formed a drafting commission on March 7. And the commission convened three times to complete its work.
The bills will be revised in accordance with the public suggestions, Myint Kyaing said.
“We will soon publish the four drafts on state-owned newspapers, within one or two days. They’re all finished. We will request the public for their suggestions. According to suggestions from the public and organizations, we will amend the draft provisions before completion,” he said. Continue reading “#Inter #faith #marriage #law #Singapore #BURMA #MYANMAR”