ABDSF student 1988( Htay Naing ) was killed by Moe Thee Zun, real name  Myo Than Htut  and his group 1994 in North of Thailand.So, His mother opened the case at North of New Dagon Police Station now. 

My mother report and ask president Thein Sein in Burma and
Now They reply mother ,
President Thein Sein order to police help my mother open case with 302 .
Daw San Suu Kyi ‘ law and peace’ group
investigation for how to death my young brother.
what means case with 302 ?
302 is kill to die .302 have many different small 302,a 302,b etc .
Try to kill , support to kill , help to kill, damage for document, etc.

In Burma some of MTZ aka Myo Than Htut, old friends ask Htay Naing’ mother and Htay Naing’ sister . What are Htay Naing’ families need from MTZ . Htay Naing’ mother said , She need true story with who try to kill Htay Naing and support . Because Htay Naing is real university’ final student in 1988 . MTZ, Win Naing Oo, DNA wrote Htay Naing is spy . Why?? They are same side fighting for Democracy . Why they kill same group?? Htay Naing’ sister said she will follow Daw Aung San Suu Kyi ‘ law and peace group order . Also like to listen U Thein Sein . Because inside Burma change slowly .


Names of students killed by Moethee Zun and (DR) Naing Aung DNA Group ,he,s married with Khin Omar from Burma Partnership


UNSC urged to investigate junta’s ‘Crime against Humanity’

Thursday, 10 December 2009 22:01

New Delhi (Mizzima) – On International Human Rights Day, 442 Members of Parliament from 29 countries on Thursday urged the United Nations Security Council to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the Burmese military junta’s ‘Crimes against Humanity’.

MPs from Asia, Europe, North and South America in a letter urged the Security Council to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate ‘Crimes against Humanity’ and ‘War Crimes’ committed by Burma’s military rulers and to impose a global arms embargo against the regime.

The letter sent by Japanese MPs Azuma Konno and Tadashi Inuzuka, who are members of the House of Councillors, the National Diet of Japan, and endorsed by 442 MPs across the globe, was addressed to the UNSC’s President Ambassador Michel Kafando, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and members of the Security Council.

The Burmese military regime has been committing widespread and systematic crimes including the killing of thousands of its own civilians and widespread rape of ethnic women, forced displacement of over one million refugees and internally displaced persons, recruiting tens of thousands of child soldiers, and using modern day slave labour, the MPs said in the letter. Continue reading “UNSC urged to investigate junta’s ‘Crime against Humanity’”

New Zealand MPs back call for UN Security Council to investigate crimes against humanity in Burma

Investigate crimes against humanity in Burma

Thursday, 10 December 2009, 2:15 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party
10 December 2009
Media Statement

New Zealand MPs back call for UN Security Council to investigate crimes against humanity in Burma

A significant number of New Zealand MPs are joining the call to urge the UN Security Council to launch an investigation into crimes against humanity committed by the military regime in Burma, says Labour MP Maryan Street.

“They are joining over 400 Members of Parliament from 29 countries around the world in the call for the council to launch the investigation and to impose a global arms embargo on that regime.
“Today is International Human Rights Day and is a particularly appropriate time to acknowledge the need for such action, which is long overdue,” says Maryan Street, who chairs the Cross-Party Parliamentary Group on Burma.

“So far 23 New Zealand MPs, including Labour Leader Phil Goff and many of my Labour colleagues, have signed the letter to the UN Security Council. MPs from the Green Party and the Maori Party have also signed.

“Burma’s military regime has carried out brutal attacks on its own people for decades. According to the Thailand Burma Border Consortium, a humanitarian agency providing aid to Burmese refugees and displaced persons for 25 years, the regime has destroyed over 3,500 ethnic minority villages in Eastern Burma since 1996.

“At least 75,000 people were forced to leave their homes during the past year alone and more than half a million people remain internally displaced.

“These crimes are well documented by UN bodies, yet no effective action has been taken.

“It’s time for the United Nations to act and act quickly,” Maryan Street says.

British MPs allege war crimes in Burma

British MPs allege war crimes in Burma
Nov 27, 2009 (DVB)–A group of high profile MPs in Britain have submitted a parliamentary petition calling for the United Nations to investigate possible crimes against humanity and war crimes in Burma.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Democracy in Burma (APPG Burma) said in the petition this morning that it “expresses grave concern at the escalating systematic human rights abuses being perpetrated against the people of Burma by the military dictatorship”.
It added that civilians are the targets of “widespread torture, forced displacement, sexual violence, extra-judicial killings and forced labour”.
Furthermore, the British government should urge the United Nations to establish a Commission of Inquiry into these crimes, it said.
It is the second time this year that the APPG Burma has tabled what is known as an Early Day Motion (EDM) on Burma, and signs of progress by the UN have been hard to find. Continue reading “British MPs allege war crimes in Burma”

Peace through Justice in Burma by Zaw Win

Dear friends of Burma,
Please see attached important document URL are ongoing legal struggle for the part of Burma Democracy and Peace in Burma.

I would like to share the current international pressure actions and movement are so much important of international community to withhold support for Burma’s 2010 elections until the constitution is amended and human rights abuses perpetrated by the government end.

I believe that international pressure can have an effect on the regime in Burma.

I really recommended to all of my friends to read all of reports and reiterates that the global community cannot support a criminal constitution or the ongoing elections, and that the only justice for the people of Burma is a referral to the International Criminal Court.

Best Regards,
Zaw Win

“There can be no global justice unless the worst of crimes against humanity are subject to the law.
In this age more than ever, we recognize that the crime of genocide against one people truly is an assault on us all –a crime against humanity. The establishment of an International Criminal Court
will ensure that humanity’s response will be swift and will be just.”

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
Call President Obama to sign into law

Call for the President Obama Administration to support United Nations Security Council Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Burmese regime’s war crimes, crimes against humanity, and system of impunity (US Policy toward Burma and House Resolution 898, calling for the Obama Administration to support a UNSC Commission of Inquiry)