THAILAND : #Home #BOMBED #Constitutional #Court #judges Supote Khaimuk

The home of one of the 9-member panel of the Constitutional Court judges Supote Khaimuk was bombed Thursday morning but nobody was injured.

Latprao police said the grenade attack on the judge’s house on Soi Latprao 34 occurred at 01.15 a.m.

EOD police said a M 67 safety pin was found at the scene. The grenade hit the roof of the parking lot. A car parking inside was damaged.


#THAILAND: Another #grenade #M79 #attack on #anti #government #protesters on Chaengwattana

10.04.2014 The protest site of the anti-government protesters on Chaengwattana road was struck by a M79 grenade and a firecracker bomb late Thursday night, causing injury to a security guard.

Soon after the explosions behind the CAT Telecom head office which is near the protest site, guards rushed to inspect the scene along with troops.

They found that the grenade hit the net which the security guards tied to prevent grenade attack at the protest site and fell on the floor and exploded.

Guards said it was fortunate that the grenade was stopped by the net before exploding, thus causing slight damage and injury.
EOD police were called in to inspect the scene before midnight.