Myanmar’s Foreign Ministry urged Islamic nations to protect Myanmar citizens


Myanmar’s Foreign Ministry urged via embassies in Islamic nations to protect Myanmar citizens in their countries, President Office Director Zaw Htay said.

The Myanmar’s request was made after a recent clash between Myanmar fishermen and Bengali Muslims in Indonesia. Myanmar fishermen and Bengalis asylum seekers brawled with knives and rocks at an Indonesian immigration detention center, leaving eight dead and another 15 injured on Friday.

Soon after the violence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued instructions to Myanmar embassies to concerned Islamic nations including Indonesia to protect life and property of Myanmar citizens.

In addition to Indonesia, we hear of some Myanmar citizens who suffered violence and abuse in Malaysia, the director said.

The fight broke out at the detention center where Bengalis and Myanmar fishermen are kept, in North Sumatra province on Friday.

The witnesses told the police that the clash started early Friday after a Bengali Muslim cleric and a fisherman got into a heated debate about sectarian violence that erupted last month in central Myanmar, Sumatra police chief Endro Kiswanto said.

The Indonesian authorities have named 25 Bengali Muslims as suspects and they are being questioned. Three other Myanmar escaped unharmed and they are being kept with full security.

Myanmar demanded the Indonesian government to reasonably investigate and explain the cause of the clash [why are knives or weapons capability of harming or killing kept at the detention center and the situation of securities there], to investigate and punish those involved in the clash and to place emphasis on the security of Myanmar citizens in Indonesia.

Burmese Government Strongly Objects Al Jazeera Television’s Fabricated Non-Sense Propaganda For So-Called Rohingya (Bengali)-Exaggerating Rakhine conflict as a “genocide” is totally contrary to the truth

The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release

1. It is learnt that Qatar based Al Jazeera Television will be airing a documentary relating to so-called “Rohingyas” from December 8 to 12 in Arabic and from December 9 to 13 in English languages. It is also mentioned that the documentary will include accusation of genocide against the so-called “Roh…


2. The Government of Myanmar has been handling this matter with full transparency when the violence between Bangalis and the ethnic Rakhine people broke out in May and June, and also in October 2012.

3. The Government has given permission to organization such as UN Agencies, INGOs, Diplomatic Corps and Muslim Aid to visit the affected areas to observe the situation by themselves. Moreover, foreign minister and high level delegations from Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries as well as from the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are also allowed to visit Rakhine State.

4. Providing shelter, relocation and rehabilitation of the homeless victims of the conflict, supplying food, medicine and other humanitarian assistance have also been carried out in a non-discriminatory manner for both affected communities.

5. The Government has taken actions to ceasing violence and maintaining rule of law in accordance with the law. An independent Investigation Commission has also been formed to carry out detail investigation of the incidents.

6. The Ministry reaffirmed that the government security forces and local authorities have never involved in the communal violence or racial and religious discrimination in Rakhine State as accused by some media and organizations. The Head of State and other responsible officials have also declared this to the world at the UN General Assembly, ASEAN Summit and the Non-Aligned Summit.

7. Therefore, the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar strongly opposes and rejects the attempt made by Al Jazeera to broadcast the documentary by exaggerating and fabricating the incidents in Rakhine State.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nay Pyi Taw

Dated: 6th December, 2012

Exaggerating Rakhine conflict as a “genocide” is totally contrary to the truth

Burma Bangladesh : Rohingya: Suu Kyi’s comments irk Dhaka

Bangladesh has expressed surprise over Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s comments about Rohingyas — calling them illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

The Foreign Ministry, Dhaka, said the Rohingya Muslims had been living in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine for centuries and that they could not be Bangladeshis as the country was founded only in 1971.

During her historic visit to India, Ms. Suu Kyi had, on November 13, described the recent violence in Myanmar between Buddhists and Muslims as a “huge international tragedy”, but suggested that “illegal immigration from Bangladesh” had to be stopped.

Dhaka said such comments were clearly inconsistent with the position of the Myanmar government, and the action taken by them to resolve the issue over the past several years. Bangladesh has also mentioned that Myanmar had accepted 236,599 refugees of Rohingya ethnicity from Bangladesh after their own process of verification.

Sincere expectation

The foreign office statement also said it is the “sincere expectation” of Bangladesh that all concerned will refrain from making statements that are without any basis in fact. Dhaka also said it would remain engaged with Nay Pyi Daw for a durable solution to this outstanding issue in the spirit of good neighbourliness.

There had been occasional influxes of Myanmar nationals of Rohingya ethnicity from Myanmar to Bangladesh due to internal situations in Myanmar, the statement read.

The last such major influx took place in 1991-92 when 250,877 Myanmar nationals of Rohingya ethnicity took refuge in Bangladesh, it said.

In many discussions at the official levels, including during the visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Myanmar in December 2011, the statement claimed, Nay Pyi Daw had assured Bangladesh to take back these undocumented Myanmar nationals after verification of their origin.

Bangladesh has also appreciated the recent decision of the Myanmar government to review their citizenship laws to ensure inclusive nationality for all members of Myanmar society.