Flag meeting between Nasaka, the border security force of Burma and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)

Dhaka: A commander level flag meeting between Nasaka, the border security force of Burma and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and was concluded on Tuesday with an agreement to restore a peaceful atmosphere on the Burma – Bangladesh border, said a Narinjara correspondent from Cox’s Bazar.

“They discussed normal issues, not any strange things. Then both sides discussed the issues of the Muslim influx from Burma, Yaba and smuggling protection. Both sides agreed to restore peaceful atmosphere on border,” he said.

The two hour flag meeting was held at the Ghundum government Primary School in Naikkongchhori Township of Bangladesh, opposite the small Burmese town Taungbro located along the Bangladesh Burma border on Tuesday afternoon.

In the meeting Col Mohammad Khalequzzaman led an 11-member Bangladesh team while Wanna Zaw, deputy director of NASAKA, led a 13-member Myanmar team.

Nasaka and BGB agreed to meet at least once a month.

During the meeting Nasaka informed BGB that the Burmese authority is arranging to hand over 238 recently released Bangladeshi prisoners from Sittwe under the last presidential amnesty, to Bangladesh authorities.


Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) asks-nasaka-to-crack-down-on-yaba-factories-on- Burma border

5.april 2012.

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has asked the Burmese border security and immigration force Nasaka to crack down on factories that produce Yaba or methamphetamine tablets on the border in their commander-level flag meeting. 

The meeting was held between the 15-member BGB delegations led by Colonel Md Bashirul Islam, the commander of BGB Chittagong Sector, and the 17-member Nasaka delegations led by Colonel Aung Gyi, the commander of Nasaka in western Burmese border, on 31 March in Cox’s Bazar, a southeastern sea resort town in Bangladesh. 

Colonel Md Bashirul Islam told the reporters in the press briefing after the meeting that they have demanded their Burmese counterparts immediately crack down on factories  near the border to stop the increasing smuggling of Yaba into their country. 

“There are three Yaba factories on the Burmese side very close to Bangladesh. Yaba tablets are now being smuggled from those factories into Bangladesh and have been ruining the lives of Bangladeshi youths”, said Colonel Md Bashirul Islam. Continue reading “Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) asks-nasaka-to-crack-down-on-yaba-factories-on- Burma border”