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Shootout at Kosher supermarket

Police now say that one person was wounded and several people were taken hostage at a kosher supermarket in Vincennes, in eastern Paris. They denied previous reports that two people had been killed.

the gunman was suspected of being the same man who killed a policewoman in Montrouge, southern Paris, on Thursday.

The suspect was said to be armed with two guns, and several people were believed to be wounded in the attack in the eastern part of the French capital.Use of Kalashnikovs.A baby is among the hostages at the Paris kosher grocer

Amedy Coulibaly, the suspect of the Montrouge shooting, and Chérif Kouachi, the suspect in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, knew each other, a source close to the investigation told the AFP News Agency.

French police named the suspects in the Montrouge shooting in southern Paris as a woman named Hayat Boumeddiene and a man named Amedy Coulibaly, according to Reuters News Agency. (See tweet below from France 24’s @JulienPain)

Amedy Coulibaly, the suspect in the Montrouge shooting who may also be the gunman currently holding people hostage in Vincennes, was married to the other Montrouge suspect, Hayat Boumeddiene, according to a source close to the investigation. (Though the ceremony was religious and not legal under French marriage law.)

French police named the suspects in the Montrouge shooting in southern Paris as a woman named Hayat Boumeddiene and a man named Amedy Coulibaly, according to Reuters News Agency. (See tweet below from France 24's @JulienPain)

Female police officer dies after second Paris attack -Two police officers were injured when two gunmen armed with automatic weapons opened fire in southern Paris, French media are reporting.

Rescue service workers and firefighters gather near the site of the shooting in Montrouge Photo: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty





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Help us pay hommage to the Charlie Hebdo victims!
If you would like to help, please send us a video (just 3 seconds long) where you say “I am Charlie” in your native language.
You can do this alone, or with others; in your home or outside.
A compilation of these videos will be shown on France 24 TV and on our websites.
Please send the video to observers@france24.com.
Together, we can stand with Charlie Hebdo and defend freedom of expression.
Thank you

Muslim leader in europe condemn the act, but in the same sentence, “we are the oppressed ones ” , seems like an excuse ?? thats why we don,t trust you 

Comedian Louis C.K. has joined satirists worldwide in expressing solidarity with French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

C.K. swapped his usual black shirt for a red one at his Wednesday night performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, in honor of the victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, MTV reports. His red shirt bore the handwritten name of the magazine in black ink.




The attack occurred hours after the magazine published a cartoon of Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issuing a New Year’s greeting, with the caption: “And especially, health!”
Nine journalists, including the editor-in-chief and caricaturist Stephane Charbonnier (who publishes under the pen name Charb) were among the dead, according to police. Two police officers were also reportedly killed. Three people were in critical condition.


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ชาวต่างชาติผูกคอตายเสียชีวิต วันนี้ 1 ม.ค..58 เวลาประมาณ 15.00 น.ร.ต.ท. จักรพันธ์ แก้วขาว พงส. สภ. เกาะพะงัน ประจำหน่วยบริการประชาชนตำบลเกาะเต่า ได้รับแจ้งจากพลเมือวดีว่า มีชาวยุโรปไม่ทราบสัญชาติ ใช้เชือกผูกคอตายที่หน้าบ้านเช่าตาชิน ไม่มีเลขที่ หมู่ 3 ต. เกาะเต่า อ. เกาะพะงัน จ. สุราษฎร์ธานี จึงร่วมกัแพทย์โรงพยาลส่งเสริมสุขภาพตำบลเกาะเต่า ทำการชันสูตรพลิกศพ พบว่าผู้ตายชื่อ นายดิมิทรี พอฟว์ อายุ 29 ปี สัญชาติ ฝรั่งเศส สภาพศพ มีเชือกสีดำรัดรอบคอ ผูกติดกับคานระเบียงหน้าห้องเช่า อยู่ในสภาพยืน เท้าลอยจากพื้น ไม่สวมเสื้อ สวกางเกงเลขายาวสีแดงผมสีน้ำตาลหยิกยาวประมาณคาง ตาสีน้ำตาล ลิ้นจุกปาก ข้อมือทั้งสองข้างผูกมัดไขว้หลังด้วยเชือกสีดำ พบรอยบาดของเชือกบริเวณรอบคอ พบรอยแผลฉีกขาดบริเวณแขนขวาใกล้กับข้อศอก 2 รอย ยาว 5 ซม. ลุก 3 ซม. พบปัสสาวะและอุจจาระเปื้อนกางเกงที่สวมใส่ ศพเสียชีวิตมาประมาณ 2 ชม.ประตูห้องเช่าเปิดไว้ไม่มีร่องรอยต่อสู้ หรืรอยรื้อค้นทรัะย์สิน บนเตียงมีกระดาษขาวเขียนด้วยปากกาเป็นภาษาฝรั่งเศส มีความหมายพูดถึงหญิงคนรัก และผู้ตายเพิ่งสูญเสียปู่คนเลี้ยงดูมาไม่นาน จากนั่นได้กั้นที่เกิดเหตุและแจ้ง ศพฐ.เดินทางมาตรวจที่เกิดเหตุ และนำศพมาเก็บรักษาไว้ที่วัดเกาะเต่า รับเป็นคดี ช.และจะได้ ส่งศพตรวจพิสูจน์ต่อไป และจะได้ รีบแจ้งหน่วยงานที่เกี่ยวข้องทราบ
เพิ่มเติม;ภายในห้องพักทรัพย์สินยังอยู่ครบ ไม่มีรอยรื้อค้นแต่อย่างใด ส่วนบาดแผลจากการวิเคราะห์น่าเชื่อว่าผู้ตายอาจใช้มีดทำร้ายตัวเองก่อน แล้ว cr.



1st of January 2015 police and rescue teams were called to a bungalow on Koh Tao where the body of a 29 year old French man was found hanging from the ceiling of his rented bungalow. Suspicions arose over what appeared to be a suicide when on further inspection it was discovered the man’s hands were tied behind his back. Wounds were discovered around the man’s neck as well as two 5cm lacerations to his arm, one near his wrist the second near to his elbow. It is thought the man had been dead for around two hours.

The door to the man’s bungalow, later identified as Dmitri, was open and there was no sign of a struggle. Police and rescue workers found a note on the man’s bed that suggested a recent love affair may have come to an end and that the man recently lost one of his grandparents.

commit suicide with hand tied behind the back …

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There have been numerous criticisms upon the activities of US, EU, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The criticisms are if they are misinformed or doing for their own good. Their actions start to go away from the public.
Firstly, if they are misinformed, it is their embassies that send the wrong information. The misinformation leads to mistakes when taking decisions. Secondly, NGOs running with government seem funding to take surveys.
In April, a report that tried to hide the flaws of the government and applied ‘make-ups’ was published. The report was a far cry from the truth.
International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted the report with the support of the US government. Myanmar Survey Research worked under IRI to contribute to the report. USAID provided funding for the project.

However, criticisms were unleashed when the report was published. Critics said the report was misleading saying it was different from the real situation.
The reported stated Myanmar government has a good image among the public, the people admire President Thein Sein over Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the people want central government and appreciate the anti-corruption measures by the government.
The IRI report delighted Myanmar government but was a mockery among the public.
Just recently, another report similar to the IRI report was published. This time, it was conducted by The Asia Foundation (TAF) and published on December 11.



The Asia Foundation is based in San Francisco and has local offices in 18 Asian countries and Washington. Australian government’s international affairs and trade department provided funding for the report “Myanmar 2014: Civic Knowledge and Values in a Changing Society”.
The survey was conducted in May and June. Just like IRI survey, 3,000 people from all States and Regions were questioned. The irony was the foundation tasked Myanmar Survey Research that worked on the IRI report. The preface of the recent report says (they) thank the Ministry of Information.
The TAF report was more detailed report than IRI and contained 126 pages while IRI report was only 31 pages.
IRI report contained four sectors including Current Development, Role of Political Parties and Role of Media.
TAF report has six sectors: Knowledge of Government, Political Participation and Understanding of Democracy, Identity, Values and Trust, Peace Process, Public Outlook on State of the Union, and Sources of Information.
61 percent of the survey takers were females and 39 percent were males. Only 7 percent of them were graduates while 46 percent had primary education, 20 percent middle school education and 8 percent high school graduates. 11 percent were uneducated.
Most of the survey takers work as farmers and made up 35 percent. 17 percent were self-employed and 15 percent were housewives. 11 percent basic workers and other occupations made up 10 percent.
The participants had limited or no knowledge upon the government. 82 percent of them did not know the names of the ministries.
Only very few of them are interested in politics. 5 percent of the participants were very interested in politics while the number of people who discuss the politics among friends was between 3 to 9 percent.
The percentage of people who were not interested in politics was 62.
When they said Eleven Media Group, it was not clear whether it refers to all four publications (one daily newspaper, one weekly journal and two weekly sport journals). It was not clear and the Bi Weekly Eleven they had listed has not been published for two years. Compared to 7 Days, EMG’s sale tax amount more than tripled. That means we has higher costumer rate.
TAF report suggested many people view the 2015 general election positively. 77 percent of participants believed the upcoming election will improve the future. 10 percent thought it will change nothing.
Moreover, 68 percent believed it will be a fair election. To take a closer view, 72 percent of participants from Regions believed so while 44 percent from States did not.
66 percent stated they can now freely express political ideas while 23 disagreed.
The questions were political themed. Basically, the answers depend largely on the political interest of the participants. To compare the questions to the political interest rate of the participants, the ratio is illogical. For example, only 10 percent interested in politics but 62 percent answered 2015 election will be a positive action.
Additionally, most of the participants did not know the structure of the government, parliament and appointments.
TAF claimed Myanmar is on the right track. 62 percent participants said so while 28 was unsure.
The question was included in IRI survey and 88 percent said yes. 6 percent said no and another 6 percent said unsure in the IRI survey.
The time between these two reports was five months. In the five months, the number of people who thought the country is on the right track reduced significantly.
The question why do they the country is on the right track was answered mostly as building roads and bridges. The answer was the same in both IRI and TAF reports. Second most answer was economic development in IRI while TAF had building schools.
In TAF report, there were people who answered the country is not on the right track and the most common answer was because of sectarian violence. The second most common answer was no economic development, bad governance and corruption.
The survey still remains questionable because one of the facts in the IRI survey said President Thein Sein is preferred to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. However, the fact was not concluded in the finalized statement. Plus, the IRI’s “How would you rate each of the following institution or organization: Very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or unfavorable?” The military received 84 percent very favorable and favorable and standing at the top place in that category.
The Asian Foundation’s survey didn’t include specific details based on people. But it included a question like “How has their interest in politic changed in the last three years?” 70 percent of most people responded their interest in politics has not changed in the last three years.
Under Election Participation title, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD were highlighted as “In 2015, Myanmar is planning to hold highly anticipated general elections across the country. These will be the first elections since the shift from military rule to a quasi-civilian government in 2011, and they are expected to have the participation of all political parties, including the main opposition party, the National League of Democracy (NLD), headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, which boycotted the 2010 elections and only participated in the by-elections of 2012.”
As the report is saying that 70 of percent people said their interest in politics has not changed in the last three years. It is questionable that the by-elections 2012 and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD participation in that Election doesn’t mean any changes of people interest in politics.
The TAF’s survey upon sources of information seems incredibly wrong. The IRI’s seems incorrect as well. The IRI’s survey used the term as Media Usage for sources of information. Under that category, “Where are you most likely to get your news and information?” 35 percent is saying that from Radio, followed by 26 percent from friends and family, 23 percent from TV, 8 percent from newspaper, 2 percent from journal, 2 percent village head, 1 percent each from internet and magazines.
The data in TAF’ report is different from the IRI’s which conducted after five months later the IRI’s. Main Sources of Information in TAF says 37 percent from Television, 35 percent from Friends, Family and Neighbors, 35 percent from Radio, 13 percent from Newspaper, 11 percents from Journals, 3 percent from village leader, 3 percent from Internet/Computer and 14 percent saying Don’t Know. It even specify with details for getting information category. 60 percent rated that MRTV is the most watch TV station, following by Myawaddy with 42 percent, MRTV-4 with 33 percent, Channel 7 with eight percent, DVB with four percent and Myanmar International with three percent. The popular Skynet station was nowhere to be found in the report.
For the “Most Frequently Used Print Media” category, the question is how the survey measured and described the Print Media because the New Light of Myanmar means English edition newspaper or the Myanma Alin Newspaper [Myanmar Language]. It does not matter whether it is English edition or Myanmar edition, their circulation wouldn’t be more than the Kyemon(The Mirror). The Ministry of Information officially declared that the sales of the Keymon are more than the Myanma Alin Newspapers.
It is not also clear that when it says Eleven/Bi-weekly Eleven Journal, which Eleven it is trying to describe because Eleven Media Group has two weekly sports journals, one weekly news journal and one daily newspaper. Does it mean all four published by EMG? It is uncertain because Bi Weekly Eleven has been stopped publishing for almost two years. Comparing with 7days, the EMG is paying three to four more times than 7days publisher in commercial tax. The sales between these two newspapers [the Daily Eleven Newspaper and the 7days daily newspaper] are largely differentiated.
When reviewing these facts, were the survey takers trying to get the result they wanted by giving hints on their questions? It is questionable because they don’t seem to have experience at business they were questioning.
“Most Frequently Used Radio Station” seems wrong as well. The TAF’s report says that 59% radio audience is Myanmar National Radio, 26 percent is Shwe FM, 13 percent is BBC, 12 percent is Mandalay FM, 10 percent is Cherry FM and nine percent is VOA. It is very clear which has more audience when comparing Shwe FM and Mandalay FM.
The TAF’s report is likely to be same as IRI’ report because it would become the government’s favorite. The TAF’s survey was conducted five month later the IRI’s survey. Myanmar Survey Research was the only one that provided ground information for both IRI and TAF while conducting the survey.
International’s perspective upon Myanmar could change due to IRI’s report. It could be anxious that wrong study made by the US’s government and its embassy on Myanmar. Critics are saying that the IRI’s report might especially help create the dirty voting for Election 2015.
Both reports seem to have same intention. The main point of the reports seems to be pre-created result which is pretty much veering from the absolute condition of Myanmar people.
There will be no change although dressing up the current condition in Myanmar with sugarcoated facts. That is for sure not presenting the Myanmar people.
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Four armed men have reportedly taken a hostage leading to a tense standoff with police at an apartment building in Belgium.

Around 30 special police have been called out to the developing situation in Ghent, a city in the north west of the country, this morning.

The Belgium hostage situation comes as the police in Australia continue to deal with a standoff with a suspected gunman in Syndey, who is holding a number of hostages inside a cafe.



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มิลาน!! ม๊อบต่อต้านจริง แค่หางหมา..เสือกตีเนียนไปแจมกับม๊อบเหยียดผิว / แต่ม๊อบสนันสนุน นายกฯ พล.อ.ประยุทธ์ เยอะกว่า มีเป็นหางราชสีห์!!
(16 ตค.) พวกควายแดงหนีคดีหมิ่น ม.112 นังผู้หญิงคนไทย 2 ตัว คือ นางจรรยา ยิิ้มประเสริฐ และเพื่อน – ซึ่งนัง 2 ตัวนี้ได้เหมือนเดินไปตีเนียนกับม๊อบนักศึกษาที่มิลาน ที่กำลังประท้วงเรื่องเหยียดผิว ..และได้แจกป้ายให้นักศึกษาที่มิลานช่วยถือ ..ซึ่งป้ายภาษาไทยฝรั่งเค้าก็อ่านไม่ออก .. แต่ป้ายภาษาอังกฤษได้เรียกร้องในกรณีของนายฟาบิโอ โปเลงกี ช่างภาพชาวอิตาลีที่ถูกกระสุนยิงเสียชีวิตช่วงสลายการชุมนุมเมื่อเดือน พ.ค.2553 ด้วย (มันไปตีเนียนนังบ้านี้) เรียกร้องขอความเป็นธรรมต่อนายกรัฐมนตรีไทย ว่ายังจับคนร้ายไม่ได้!!!
มนุษย์ป้าคนไทยควายแดง 2 ตัวเสือกที่มิลาน ชื่อ >> จรรยา ยิ้มประเสริฐ เป็นเมียนายสุธาชัยฯ เป็นหนึ่งในผู้ที่ขัดคำสั่งคณะรักษาความสงบแห่งชาติ(คสช.)ที่เรียกรายงานตัวเมื่อเดือน มิ.ย.ที่ผ่านมา อีกทั้งเป็นหนึ่งในผู้ต้องหาคดี ม.112 ด้วย โดยยังคงอาศัยอยู่ในประเทศแถบสแกนดิเนเวีย / อดีตเป็น NGOs ทำงานด้านสิทธิมนุษยชนกับคนงาน ปัจจุบันลี้ภัยอยู่ต่างประเทศ
ปล. 17.00 น. – เสธ.ไก่อู พลตรี สรรเสริญ แก้วกำเนิด รองโฆษกรัฐบาล ให้สัมภาษณ์ บอกเป็นภาพตัดต่อ ไม่มีม๊อบต่อต้าน…ก่อนภาพจะออกตามหลังมากัน เมื่อเวลา 18.00 น. @เมืองมิลาน ประเทศอิตาลี!!. cr. cathay mee