#MYANMAR #Solo #protester #detained in Mg So Pyay

Solo protester detained in Mg So Pyay

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A solo protester in Pyay was detained shortly after marching with vinyl posters saying that the Union Election Commission must take full responsibility for faulty voter lists.
Within a few minutes of holding the poster, the head of the police force and about eight members from No.2 regional police station stopped and detained the protestor at about 9:30 am.
“As it is the first time for him, we didn’t file a case. We will summon the administrator of where he lives and made him signed a promissory note right before us. We strictly stopped his activity to avoid unnecessary events over this matter during the election period,” Myo Myint from No.2 police station said.
The two posters reading the commission’s promise for only 30 percent of voter lists would be corrected is not acceptable because the commission is being supported by public fund and international aid. The commission must take full responsibility. The commission would be punished for vote rigging.
“He was taken to the police station shortly after he started. They [police officers] didn’t let us enter into police station when we got there. But they let some people in. The head police officer said that they will let him go and they will not file any case. Later, we were told to send our information with one person for briefing,” Thiha Lwin, a local reported said.
Later, the protester is a 48-year old, Tin Htay Win from Sin Pite village of Telgone village tract in Pyay Township.


#THAILAND #counter #couprumors #FB #DETAINED

A rumour monger responsible for spreading counter coup rumors in the past week was arrested by police.

Identified as Miss Chayapha Chokpornbutsri, she spread the rumour on her Facebook which also carried recent tank movement in the capital.

National police chief Somyot Phumphanmuang said the suspect was to face lese majeste charge as several posts by her carried inflammation messages.

She will be brought before a press conference before noon today. THAI PBS




Forty-five Myanmar migrant workers of a total of 48 who were jailed for holding fake visas in Malaysia returned to Yangon yesterday evening, according to the workers.
They were granted a general amnesty in Malaysia. The costs of their travel back to Myanmar were funded by Malaysia-based Kampung Free Funeral Service Society and by Premier Coffee Mix Company.
“Myanmar migrant workers were detained and imprisoned in Malaysia. We sent back 47 persons, including 45 workers who were released on general amnesty and two patients, to Myanmar in cooperation with Premier Coffee Mix Company and Aung Kyaw Soe from the Kapon Free Funeral Service Society.
On July 9, 72 Myanmar citizens were detained at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia by the Malaysian Immigration Department. On August 12, a Malaysian court sentenced 52 of the workers to one year jail terms for holding fake visas. On December 2, the Malaysian government granted general amnesty to 48 of the 52 prisoners.

Kepong Free Funeral Service Society ( Malaysia ) is the youth member of cohort volunteer cooperated association and aid for departed person stayed here. It established since 2011 and activity.

Myanmar worker (45)persons have been sent to Myanmar Yesterday , because they have been caught with they got false visa , apart of 72 persons since 8th July, 2014.

So our Kepong Free Funeral Service Siciety (Malaysia) and Premial Coffeemix Copany Dination air ticket for their.
Kepong Free Funeral Service Society (Malaysia)


#burma #myanmar Religious Affairs Minister suspended and detained for misuse of ten million kyat

20.06.2014 Largely appreciated Minister for Religion, Hsan Sint, has been charged and taken in custody by Bureau of Special Investigation (BSI) in concerned with corruption, sources say.
In 2013-2014 fiscal year, Hsan Sint, Union Minister for Religious Affairs, has used ministry owned vehicles and ministry staffs for his family donation ceremony to Hnakyate Shitsu Aung Taw Mu Pagoda located at Yat Kan Sin Taung village, Lewe Township violating the rulings of the ministry for the first half of the fiscal year. Ks 3.3 million worth of ministry funds and fuel are used for his donation and repaid back the money to the ministry in November 30, 2013.
Furthermore he used ministry fund worth of more than Ks 10 million for umbrella-hoisting ceremony of the pagoda held on December 20, 2013 and paid back over Ks 2.8 million to the ministry on November 6, 2013. The remaining Ks 7.2 million has not paid back to the ministry and used for the donation with his family’s name, sources say.
The BSI filed a case against the minister and his companions under section 409/109 of Penal Code at Phaya Gone police station in Ottarathiri Township for the misuse of ministry owned fund.

A vehicle carrying Hsan Sint leaving from Popathiri township Court at 3pm (Photo-EMG)
A vehicle carrying Hsan Sint leaving from Popathiri township Court at 3pm (Photo-EMG)

Hsan Sint has been elected in Yekyi constituency, Ayeyawady region during 2010 election for the current ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party. He had been acted as parliament speaker for Ayeyawady region before being appointed as Religious Affair Minister.
He had been promoted to deputy regional commander for Yangon division in former military regime and he had been appointed as Military Appointment General. He has been assumed as the least notorious in corruption cases among high ranking government officials during his term. The locals from Ayeyawady region asked him to stay as the parliament speaker of the region while he has been asked to appoint as Minister for Religion. Continue reading “#burma #myanmar Religious Affairs Minister suspended and detained for misuse of ten million kyat”

#Burma #Democratic #Concern (BDC) #RELEASE #Venerable U Uttara #MONK #MYANMAR #ENGLAND

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) is very concerned about the news that Venerable U Uttara, a leading religious and political leader of Burmese community in UK, and other five monks, who have been detained in Ta-mwe police station in Burma are forcefully disrobed to change monkhood to layman. Venerable U Uttara and monks have been caretaking at Penang Sayadaw’s Maharthandithukha monastery when Burmese government and police forces raided and detained monks there. We earnestly demand Burmese government to release immediately and unconditionally Venerable U Uttara and monks who have been detained. (Original news source: U Khin Mg Win AP)

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) earnestly demands Burmese government to release immediately and unconditionally Venerable U Uttara and Buddhist monks who have been forcefully and unlawfully disrobed, arrested and imprisoned in Burma. (PS: Venerable U Uttara is a leading religious and political leader of Burmese community in UK.)


BURMA ARMY DETAIN 18 people from Bangladesh in Rathidaung township



(Rathidaung, 29 October 2013): The Burma Army have detained at least 18 people from Bangladesh in Rathidaung township, 20 miles away from Arakan capital city Sittwe, while they were entering into the Burmese territory without valid documents by a machine boat, said a source in the authority.

A police officer from Long Chaung police station located near the spot said that the Burmese Army personnel detained 18 people from both Burma and Bangladesh on the last Sunday morning from nearby the Chaingkha Le village, located at southwestern part of  Rathedaung township.

“Some villagers from Chaingkha Le village informed an Army outpost stationed in the village about the group of people in a machine boat harbored on a bank near to their village creek. The security personnel quickly traced them with the help of local villagers,” informed the police officer.

A villager from Chaingkha Le village said that the Army had detained around 21 people, among them 12 were from Bangladesh and 9 from Maungdaw township of Burma, when they tried to enter the Burmese territory from Bangladesh by a machine boat.

Some of the passengers of the machine boat had however fled into the nearby jungle with fear of arrest by the Burmese authority. The security forces and local residents are still looking for those fleeing passengers.

The local source suspects that the machine boat was likely moving towards Malaysia with passengers from Burma and Bangladesh who would have tried to enter the country, but the bad weather had forced the boat-riders to enter into the Burmese territory for temporary solace.

RNDP official detained by police over Thandwe violence

Myanmar police have detained 11 ethnic Rakhines including the chairman of the Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) for Thandwe Township on October 2 and 3, after a spate of attacks in Rakhine State.

Saw Hlaing, also known as Maung Pu, the RNDP chairperson for the riot-hit Thandwe Township, was detained by police along with another 5 ethnic Rakhines belonging to an organisation aimed at safeguarding race and religion.

The party has said no one knows where the detainees are being held.

The police detained 5 more Rakhine ethnics on suspicion being connected to the violence that happened last week in the area, killing 6 people – including a 60-year-old grandmother – and injuring 4.

“The police did not have the arrest warrant and the detainees can be held only up to 24 hours according to the Constitution,” said Upper House MP Dr Aye Maung, chairperson of the RNDP.

“The police took a total of six people including Maung Pu and those from other organisation at 11pm on October 2. Our party accepts that the police can keep them for interrogation within 24 hours according to the Constitution,” said Dr Aye Maung, chairperson of the RNDP.


WAR:KIA destroyed 6 bridges-updated News

5 June 2011
At least 6 bridges have been destroyed by the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) since the ceasefire broke down last week, according to locals. They include:

  • Namphakka bridge on the Taping river
  • Namhton dridge near the Shweli hydropower plant, Namkham township
  • Bridge between Loije and Bhamo
  • 2 bridges between Bhamo and Namkham in the Manwiang tract
  • Bailey bridge near Waingmaw (Wiang Mai)
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  • 5 June 2011
    At least 20,000 people from Loije, Bhamo district, have fled across the border to Nawiang in Yunnan, opposite Loije, said the abbot of Loije monastery. China has placed more troops along the border, but the border crossings are not hampered, according to him. (SHAN)
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  • 15 June 2011
    Two militiamen from Panhsay People’s Militia, Namkham township, detained yesterday in Jiegao, opposite Muse, after Chinese authorities found 2 M 20 pistols in their Pajero truck. The leader of Panhsay is Kyaw Myint, who is an MP in the Shan State Assembly. (SHAN)
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