Would you like to cycle for reform? If so, do join fellow cyclists at Big C Rom Klao (Ramkamhaeng/Rom Klao intersection) this Sunday at 7 am.

#‪#‎จุดโรงพยาบาลสนาม‬ ในวันอาทิตย์ ที่ 22 ธันวาคม 2556


Here’s a clearer illustration of the 5 satellite and 10 sub-satellite stages for the Sunday, 22 Dec. 2013 grand rally.
(credit: Eyes of Thailand community page


For our friends traveling into Bangkok – if the national police stop you at any point, like they have during our previous rallies, get out of your cars and set up your own protest stage! 

For those women wanting to visit Yingluck’s house we depart Rajdamnoen by bus at 9 am. This grouping will be led by Dr. Seri’s transgender unit.


On 22 Dec. 2013, Rajdamnoen stage will still operate as a rally center as usual. In addition, the following points will have stages (see the attached pic; the 5 large yellow dots mark the 5 stages):
– Point (1) Victory Monument (protest leader Issara Somchai is the coordinator)
– Point (2) Bangkok Art and Culture Center (Hor Silp Krungthep/green and pink intersection) (Chulalongkorn University as coordinator)
– Point (3) Rachprasong intersection (blue and green intersection) (Rachprasong business community as coordinator)
– Point (4) Lumpini Park on the Silom side (blue and purple intersection; below point (3)) (Silom business community as coordinator); and
– Point (5) Asoke (far right on the green route) (Asoke business community and several protest leaders are acting as coordinator).
Activities on these 5 stages will all commence around 13.30 hours on Sunday. Rajdamnoen’s activities will also be broadcast to screens at these destinations. We note that BTS travels between all these points in case you want to visit more than one.

We note that our friends from outside of Bangkok will be marching to visit you. Here’s the plan:
– The first line is from Isaan (the Northeastern provinces) and will be joined by protesters from Rangsit/Donmuang/
Lardprao/Bangkhen/Saimai/Jatuchuk, and march along to Victory monument. 
– The second line is from the western provinces like Karnchanaburi, and will be marching along Petchkasem road, crossing Pinklao bridge, to Democracy Monument. 
– The third line is the Eastern provinces (Chonburi, Traad, Rayong, etc.) and will start at Bangna and march to Asoke. 

We note that the farmers’ association has also joined our fight against Yingluck, and will be forming a special rally line formed of farming trucks to head into Bangkok.

For our friends traveling into Bangkok – if the national police stop you at any point, like they have during our previous rallies, get out of your cars and set up your own protest stage! 

Local PDRC units: Bangkok activities will go from 13:00 – 18:00 hours on Sunday. The crucial point is 18:00 hours when we salute our flag together, across the country. After that PDRC Suthep will lead the rally to chase Yingluck from office!

Provincial PDRCs are extremely important. Please e-mail each unit’s photos to our central e-mail so we can show you on our screens this Sunday.

Again, we ask government officials and military personnel to stand outside your houses and salute the flag at 18:00 this Sunday along with us.

For our unit in the USA, protesters will line up Sunday morning in front of the Thai Embassy.

As you know, our numbers in each and every protest have been egregiously misrepresented in domestic and foreign media. This time we will have ground photos and aerial photos from every point taken by our volunteers as proof. These captures will be broadcast during the rally so we can tally our numbers without dispute.

For those women, and Dr. Seri’s transvestite/drag-queen unit, we depart Rajdamnoen at 9 am for Yingluck’s house. Come in your finest apparel and be ready to negotiate with police on your way there!