Jatar Singh Tara WANTED



Jatar Singh Tara
Jatar Singh Tara

An Indian bomber who broke out of a maximum security prison in India with suspected help from Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence is reported to have taken refuge in Thailand, especially in the Deep South.
The forward command of the Internal Security Operations Command reportedly said that Indian government officials had approached the Thai Defence Ministry to seek help in tracking down Jatar Singh Tara who staged a car-bomb attack against an Indian minister in India.

Informed sources said that the Indian jailbreaker might have wanted to cross into Malaysia and to continue his journey to a third country.

Pol Colonel Abdul Kodae Buenaesateng, superintendent of immigration police in Sungai Kolok district, has reportedly ordered his men to keep watch for Jatar Singh who might try to cross the border into Malaysia.

Video footage of Jatar Singh has been unloaded on immigration website so that officials can check with it in comparison with the images on the passports.