Burma: U Aung Min submitted wrong situation about SSPP’s battle problem to supreme legislative

SSPP_03SSPP’s spoke person Colonel Phain Pha said U Aung Min’s submitting to supreme legislative does not have foundation, the reason for fighting between SSPP and the government because of we don’t have relation office and haven’t settled for troops.

“We SSPP signed on 28 January 2012 for ceasefire. And we also had relation offices at Lar Show and Taunggyi. We limited the troop areas, where SSPP area is and where government area is and also sometime we have to withdraw and sometime they have to withdraw. Even we withdraw ours according to agreement; the government sides do not withdraw and then gave us third ultimatum. We already withdrew twice and now they ordered us again.” said Colonel Phain Pha. SSPP’s Officer in-charge at Lar Show relation office leading by Major Sai Aung La and Major Say Phain Pha leading at Taunggyi relation office. Yet we have relation offices, the battles are creation by government said some observers.

Union Peace Foundation Committee’s vice chairman U Aung Min replied as in this link http://www.kawli.info/?p=2520on the question asked by a member of legislature that even SSPP have agreed with ceasefire, why still fighting are occurring?

For SSPP, we can meet and discuss if the government give a reason for troops settlement, but why the government attacked SSPP with no informing. We already had over 30 battles, we reported through Lar Show and Taunggyi relation offices towards Union Peace Foundation and president. However, they could not resolved and continued attacking. Continue reading “Burma: U Aung Min submitted wrong situation about SSPP’s battle problem to supreme legislative”