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Clashes Continuing in Ta’ang Region
July 27, 2014


On July 27, from 1000 to 1025 hours, a battle took place between troops
from Battalions 101 and 112, under Brigade-1 of the Ta’ang National Liberation
Army (TNLA) and Bama/Myanmar Army troops from Infantry Battalions (IBs) 45,
53 and 114, at a place between Kaung Waing and Pan Han villages of Namkham
Township, Ta’ang Region. The Buma Army units are those that have come into
Ta’ang Region for launching more offensives against the TNLA.

In the battle two were killed on the Bama Army side. There was no casualty
on the TNLA side.

Two battles have taken place now, while the ethnic armed resistance
organizations are holding meetings on terms and conditions for Nationwide
Ceasefire Agreement, at Laiza, the KIA Headquarters.

News and Information Department

Battle News
July 26, 2017

On July 26, a battle took place from 1700 hours onward, between troops
from Battalions 101 and 112 under Brigade-1 of the TNLA and troops from
Bama/Myanmar Army, at a place between Kaung Waing and Panka villages of
Namkham Township, Ta’ang Region.
In the clash, three were killed on the Bama Army side. There was no casualty
on the TNLA side.

News and Information Department

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Security forces clash with locals in Letpadaungtaung area-video


Security forces in Letpadaungtaung copper-mine project area clashed with the local people on the road connecting Moegyo Pyin Village and Setel Village in Sarlingyi Township, Sagaing Region on November 13.

The conflict started around 9am as the security forces put barricades across the road just outside Moegyo Pyin Village, which is located beside Pathein-Monywa Highway. Then, nearly 150 locals gathered and demanded the security for stopping and removing the barricades.

“Since 8pm on the night of November 12, the police came to the road. They built the barricades during the night and closed the road. On the morning, they did not allow us to pass it,” said Kyaw Myint Lay from the central part of Moegyo Pyin Village.

“The road they blocked has always been used by the villagers. It is not also on the compensated land, and it is far from the project site. When I went there to get some grass for the cows, my cart wasn’t allowed to pass. They said I have to sign to go in,” said a woman from the southern part of Moegyo Pyin Village.

There were arguments between the villagers and the police. A large number of police were sent there to contain the clash.

Sarlingyi Township’s chief official Kyaw Thaung also came to the place and said “Blocking is because the area falls in the project land. It is also because there is a protest camp on Ingyin Mountain.

These farm-lands are actually state-owned. These villages are also not legal ones. So, they can be confiscated anytime.”

A total of 200 security people were there that afternoon, trying to manage the conflict situation that was still going tense by 1 pm.

SSPP news sources:2000 bags of rice (40 tons), the aid from Nippon Foundation in Japan is unable to deliver toits Wanhai Headquarters

source panglong.org

Due to the ongoing clashes between Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) and Burma Army, 2000 bags of rice (40 tons), the aid from Nippon Foundation in Japan is unable to deliver toits Wanhai Headquarters, according to SSPP news sources.

“The Natala (Border Areas and National Races Development Affairs) Lashio Office promises that once the clashes are over, the rice aid from Japan will be delivered to the SSPP HQ. The clashes between the SSPP/SSA and government troops are occurring in Wanwap village, Kehsi Township in southern Shan State. The confrontation occurred when the government army did not comply with the ceasefire agreement that both sides had signed. Now people are scared to live in the village, even monks have fled from their temples. The government army has occupied the temple’s compound and directs its military operations there,” said Maj. Sai La, the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

The SSPP/SSA was said to have told the Nippon Foundation earlier that they will not accept the offer if the aid come through the Myanmar Peace Center (MPC). Reportedly, all the current aid from Nippon Foundation, which are distributed to all ethnic groups, are being managed by the MPC.

“The Nippon Foundation and the MPC came together to offer aid in cash at the Natala Office. The Natala then purchased the required amount of rice and stored it in their office. On 24 June, I went to sign the invoice and official documents with the duty officer at the Lashio Natala office, but the bags of rice were not yet delivered,” Maj. Sai La told SHAN.

“We have suggested the Nippon Foundation give us cash instead of rice, because we can purchase the rice ourselves later,” said the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

He continued by saying, “Not only do our people prefer Shan rice, but the money would also go to local vendors, allowing locals to benefit by gaining more income,” explained the SSPP/SSA spokesperson.

On 24 June, it was reported that clashes occurred between the SSPP/SSA and the Burma Army as the latter with Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 525 attacked the former’s base at Wanwap village, Kehsi Township in southern Shan State. The next day, 25 June, following the SSA’s withdrawal reinforcement troops from the Burma Army arrived. The two Burmese units then mistook each other for the SSA and engaged in friendly fire for several hours, said an SSPP source.

Burma Army engaged in friendly-fire


TUESDAY, 25 JUNE 2013 16:54 KP

Sources say clashes between Shan State Army-North (SSA-N) and Burma Army, which broke out recently started again this morning as units engaged in “friendly fire” for 2 hours in Keshi Township, southern Shan State.

“We withdrew our troops from Wanwap village yesterday evening; units of the Burma Army under the control of regional command Lashio were replaced by LIB 525. With several units of its frontlines in the eastern central region requests were made to LIB for reinforcement troops. During the friendly fire it is possible the LIB commander did not notice we had already left the village.  Both sides with reinforced units have been stationed in the village exchanging attacks lasting for 2 hours a SSPP/SSA commander told SHAN.

On 24 June at 10.00 in the morning Langkhur based units of Burma army LIB 525 and LIB 569,under the control of eastern regional command, together 100 troops strong continuously launched the attack with M60 and M79 machine guns towards Wanwap Buddhist temple and into the village. Burma army was reportedly attempting to take over the village where the SSA-N is based and thus resisted the assualts; fighting lasted from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm in the evening. As Burma Army troops advanced toward the village, fearing of damaging houses and properties of villagers, the SSA withdrew its troops, said the SSA field commander.

Wanwap village is located on Lashio-Mongyai-Keshi Highway in Kehsi Township, some 30 miles from Mongyai.

“On 23 June, we fought the whole day, at night fall the SSA troops and units of the Burma Army were attempting to encircle each other. On the night of 24 June we retreated to the other side of the Keshi-Mongyai Highway. Clashes that took place this morning were not with us, but battalions of the Burma Army units. We have informed the representatives from the Union Peacemaking Work Committee (UPWC) office not to allow their trips to cross over the east side of the highway. Our troops have been ordered to shoot them if they cross,” Col Naw Leik, a member of UPWC from SSA-N told SHAN.

Due to the clashes between 2 armies, units of Burma army from Keshi, Mongnawng and Monghsu, under the control of Middle Eastern Command, have been reinforced in the SSPP/SSA controlled areas. LIB 525 and 569 soldiers loaded were brought in, in over 10 military trucks, and have been mistaken by reinforcement troops under the control of the northeastern regional command said a relative of a truck driver who carried the Burma Army troops in.


The SSPP/SSA has rejected the Burma Army’s demand to withdraw its base from its Ta Soppu camp, which is a key strategic point, because the Burma Army has prepared its units to take over the base using force. The SSA is prepared for any consequences. Some villagers have fled to other villages due to fear of death, said a Buddhist monk.

Renewed clashes between the Myanmar army and ethnic armed group Shan State Army (SSA)

There have been renewed clashes between the Myanmar army and ethnic armed group Shan State Army (SSA), the armed wing of Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP), according to a spokesperson of Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD).


About 100 people are reportedly taking shelter in a Buddhist monastery after the clashes occurred in some areas of Kyaythee township, northern Shan state on June 20 and 21.

“The refugees are not taking shelter in the downtown areas. They are in the Wanpein Monastery, which has to arrange for their meals. The affected areas are in the jungles but they fled in fear,” said a local resident from Kyaythee township.

The local also said more clashes happened on June 23 in Shiwanwit village-tract of the township and there were reports of firing heavy weapons by the government army. Some homes were damaged but there were no causalities in the clashes.

SNLD Spokesman Sai Lait said the refugees sent a letter to SSPP/SSA complaining that the government army had taken two out of them. SSPP therefore contacted SNLD by phone to inform the government’s union peacemaking committee of the issue.

SNLD will work out the problem together with the peace committee if it receives an official letter from SSPP, he added.

After the government and SSA reached a ceasefire agreement in January 2012, a spate of clashes occurred between them. More than 1000 local people left their homes after the clashes started in Tangyan on March 28 this year.

The renewed clashes have occurred after the government’s peace group and SSPP reached a four-point agreement on May 11.

SSPP/SSA confirmed the clashes but answered no details when contacted by the Daily Eleven.

Curfew imposed in Lashio following clashes-muslim man burn buddhist wife-video

credit emg 29.may 2013


Fresh clashes occurred in Lashio, Myanmar’s northeastern Shan state, yesterday after a Muslim man had doused a Buddhist woman with fuel and set her on fire.

Two Islamic religious buildings and shops were set on fire in the clashes, which prompted authorities to impose a curfew.


Nay Win, aged 48, was chasing after Aye Aye Win, 24, trying to douse her with fuel. At that time, the woman was at her petrol shop near the township maternal and child welfare association office by the Union Highway.

Nay Win is the Indian-Chinese man of Islamic faith while Aye Aye Win is the Chinese-Myanmar woman of Buddhist faith.

The woman tried to run but was caught and doused with the fuel by the man, who was later beaten by angry local people from nearby areas.

As soon as the information spread, police arrived at the scene and arrested Nay Win.

At 5pm, about 150 locals had gathered in front of No (1) Police Station, shouting for the handing over of the arsonist to them.

According to the local reporter of the Daily Eleven, the man and woman did not know each other before, and the man living in Kengtung only arrived in Lashio three days ago. He was staying in a hotel, the reporter said.

Aye Aye Win, whose hands, legs and hair were burnt, is receiving treatment at the emergency ward of Lashio People’s Hospital.

An official from Shan State Police Force said: “The incident occurred after a row between Nay Win and Aye Aye Win at the petrol shop. We found two stimulant tablets from the pocket of the man’s trousers. The father of the victim has opened a case at the police station.”

Five relatives of the victim and about 10 Buddhist monks arrived at the police station at 7pm, shouting for taking the arsonist out of the police station and gradually, the number reached about 30. The suspect was sent to Lashio Prison at 7.30pm, the police officer added.

Lashio Police Station has charged Nay Win with arson attack, attempted murder and drug possession.

Angry residents set fire to a mosque near Lashio Myoma market and an Islamic school on Lanmadaw Road around 7 pm. The fire spread to 15 shops near the school and was nearly extinguished by 11 pm, according to local residents.

The authorities managed to handle the mob outside the police station and all over the city around 8:30 pm and section 144 of the Penal Code has been imposed in Lashio since 9:30 pm last night.


This riot occurred on the same day the Union Peacemaking Committee and the Kachin Independence Organization held their first peace talk in Myanmar.

The majority of the population in Lashio is Chinese while few Muslims live in the city. Critics have called for the authorities to investigate which country and organization are involved in the riot and release the report to the public.

Since Thein Sein’s civilian government took office, the first riot started on June 8 2012 in Rakhine State based on Thida Htwe’s death that occurred on May 28, a day after Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh visited Myanmar to discuss bilateral cooperation.

Ten days before Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Myanmar, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told Myanmar Minister of Foreign Affairs Wunna Maung Lwin that US President Barack Obama will release an official announcement for the easing of investment sanctions on Myanmar.

After riots occurred in Meikhtila, Mandalay Region on March 20 this year, the riots had spread to other townships in western Bago Region. These riots occurred after the Latpadaungtaung Investigation Commission released its report on March 12 and around the time President Thein Sein went on a goodwill visit to New Zealand and Australia.

Peace Center seeks solution to DKBA’s clashes with border guard forces

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Possible ways to solve the clashes that had broken out between the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and Border Guard Force (BGF) under the Ministry of Defense is to raise the case with the Union Peacemaking Committee, Aung Naing Oo of Myanmar Peace Center said.

Clashes of three days between the DKBA and the BGF broke out in the last week of April. To examine these clashes, Dr. Min Zaw Oo of Ceasefire of Myanmar Peace Center and Aung Naing Oo of Peace dialogue held meeting with representatives from the DKBA and the BGF at Myawady on May 11.

“We asked the area commanders of the DKBA and the BGF over the prevailing latest situation. We urged them to avoid clashes in the future. But sometimes misunderstanding can crop up at the grass-root level. It is necessary to handle the situation with great care,” Aung Naing Oo said.

“Everyone wants to address the situation. We will have to help to hold peace dialogue. I will present the reports on ways and means to settle the situation to the committee,” he added.

On April 27 and 28, the clashes between the BGF and the DKBA broke out. Under the pretext of Hatkyi dam, the army informed the DKBA troops to move from there, thus leading to the tension between them.


soldiers carrying an injured man after clashes broke out between the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and Border Guard Force (BGF) under the Ministry of Defense

Clashes with Shan army will not disrupt peace talks, minister says

source emg 25.february

Last week’s clashes between government and Shan State Army troops will not affectpeace talks with the Shan State Progressive Party, President’s Office Minister Aung Minsaid.

The clashes were the result of a misunderstanding between low-level troops, the minister, who is also vice-chairman of the government’s Union Peace Working Committee, told reporters at the Myanmar Peace Centre on Saturday.

Aung Min admitted that clashes took place on February 19 and 20. “It happened because of a misunderstanding between lower level troops. No fighting occurred yesterday or today. Similar incidents might happen in other countries. This will not disrupt the peace talks,” he said.


Reliable reports said that during the last weeks of February, thirty Burmese government troops were killed in action in its clashes with the Shan State Progressive Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA).

“Fighting on the 22 February was quite fierce and the Burma Army came to collect its deaths and wounded the following day. The casualty of the government troops was not less than thirty”, according to a militia leader, who don’t want to be named.

On 24 February, unexploded 60mm ammunition fired by the Burma Army exploded, due to the villagers’ routine bushfire in preparation for land cultivation, during the night. The villagers said that the panic-ridden government troops responded by firing their weapons all night long.


“A ceasefire is a firm foundation for peace, but we have much to discuss after ceasefires. It is difficult to hold talks while carrying weapons. Such an incident might happen between low-level troops because they are carrying weapons. This is a further issue to discuss. We are holding talks alternatively with armed ethnic groups,” Aung Min said.

Although the fighting between the government army and Shan troops was not the focus of February 20 talks in Chiang Mai, Thailand between the Union Peace Working Committee and ethnic alliance the United Nationalities Federal Council, Aung Min said the talks could reduce fighting.

The Shan State Progressive Party and its armed wing, the Shan State Army, are members of the ethnic alliance that reached a ceasefire agreement with the government in January last year.

About 50 clashes between the Shan State Army and government troops have been reported since the ceasefire was signed

SHAN: More clashes before powwow

As the two sides: Naypyitaw and Loi Taileng (the main base of the Shan State Army “South”) gear up for further progress in their peace talks, 3 more clashes had already taken place, according to rebel and local sources.

The first and second clashes occurred in Loilem township and the third in Mongpan township, opposite Thailand’s Maehongson:

9 May 2012      :    At 23:40 with Kunhing-based Infantry Battalion 246 near the deserted village of Pangnim, Sanien Tract, Panglong sub-township

10 May 2012    :    16:00-17:30 at Phalai-Tawngha, Tan-ae tract, Panglong sub-township with Laikha based Infantry Battalion 64

10 May 2012    :    Mongnawng-based Infantry Battalion 286, some 180 strong at Lawng Mark Oh, north of Homong sub-township seat

According to the Restoration Council of Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA), as the SSA South is officially known, the casualties are yet to be known. But sources in Mongton, opposite Chiangmai, said two on the Burma Army side were killed and an unknown number wounded. “The Burma Army is sending reinforcements to Homong (which is near the Loi Taileng base of the SSA South),” said a source.

The SSA leader Lt-Gen Yawd Serk, following the 14th clash in Mongyawng-Tachilek area against a pursuing column of the Burma Army in March, had ordered to shoot any Burma Army units caught moving outside main motor roads without prior notification.

Altogether 17 clashes have taken place between the two sides since the ceasefire agreement was signed on 2 December 2011.

“One of the topics to be discussed at the next round of talks understandably is on how best to avoid future clashes,” said a member of the SSA delegation.

The third formal meeting between the two sides is due to take place in the weekend in Shan State East capital Kengtung, 160 km north of Tachilek. Gen Soe Win, Deputy Armed Forces Chief and Army Chief, who was appointed as a vice chairman of the newly reorganized negotiating working committee, is expected to participate.

Burma: Three clashes took place in Hsenwi township during the weekend

9 April 2012
Three clashes took place in Hsenwi township during the weekend, killing at least 18 and wounding 13 of the Burma Army troops from Military Operations Command # 16.

  • Date            Location                          Killed        Wounded
    6 April          Homien-Kawng Lang           7              7
    Honawng-kengkham           1               4
    8 April          Hotong                              10             2

    Most of the 300-400 villagers from Mongyang tract forcibly relocated before the April 1 by-elections still unable to return home. Shan State Army (SSA) North signed ceasefire agreement on 28 January.(SHAN)

    • 8 April 2012
      Karen National Union (KNU) delegation led by Zipporah Sein and Mutu Sayphoe meets leaders of ethnic political parties at Rangoon’s Sedona Hotel. They include 1990 election winning parties and 2010 election winning parties. Zomi National Congress’s Pu Cin Xian Thang thanked KNU for being the first to support his 2010 Kalemyo Declaration calling for Panglong II. (Kawli Media)
    • 9 April 2012
      Lashio airport closed for about 24 hours after strike by thunderbolt on 5 April, around 13:00, caused fissures on the runway. The repair was supervised by armored command chief who has been acting regional commander while the incumbent Maj Gen Aung Kyaw Zaw is in Naypyitaw to attend a meeting.(SHAN)