WAR: Burmese Army Officer, Police Officer Killed in the Clash with SSA

12.July 2011

The clash broke out between SSA and Burmese army, Burmese police force at a place between Murng Pun Towship and Loilem Township, southern Shan State, casing 9 dead include 1 captain from Burmese army and 1 police lieutenant from police force.


On 9 July at 8:20 am, SSA fighters exchanged gunfire with Burmese army IB 12 based in Loilem and Loilem police force at a place northwest of Tongnao village, Loilem Township. In the 10 minutes-fighting, 3 Burmese soldiers and 6 policemen were killed.

There were 1 captain from IB 12 and 1 police lieutenant among the dead bodies. SSA captured 2 AK 47 with 2 magazines, 44 AK 47 rounds and 1 pistol with 6 rounds.

Two SSA fighters have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Shan State in the fighting.


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