12 Burma soldiers die in KIA attack in southern Kachin state

More than 12 Burma army soldiers were killed and several more injured following two separate road side bomb attacks on Sunday.  The guerrilla strikes were carried out by members of the Kachin Independence Army as a Burma army column was traveling along the Bhamo (Manmaw) to Nam Hkam road in southern Kachin state, according to eyewitnesses.

The military column consisting of soldiers from Light Infantry Division No. 99 was hit near Man Win while it was traveling from Kai Htik military base to Nam Hkam in Shan state. The first series of explosions took place at Kyauk Phya at 7 AM, this was followed by another round of explosions some four hours later at Sha-U Hkyet at 11 AM, according to witnesses.

Some of the injured survivors appear to have been transported to Nam Hkam while others were sent back to Kai Htik base.

The twin attacks were carried out by units from KIA’s Battalion 1 and 27 based in Manje (or Mansi) township in Bhamo district, said a KIA officer stationed in Southern Kachin state. No KIA personnel were injured or killed as a result of the blasts.

The bulk of the Burma army column was not able to proceed to Nam Hkam because of the attack and instead was forced to return to Kai Htik, according to the KIA official.

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WAR: Over 60 Burmese soldiers killed by the KIA during defense of Gauri Krung-Maru Ying Sung

Officials from the Kachin Independence Army claim that on Wednesday their forces killed more than 60 government soldiers attempting an offensive in Gauri Krung-Maru Ying Sung in Manmaw (Bhamo) District.
According to the KIA the heavy losses were inflicted by a combined force from the KIA’s Battalion No. 15 and their allies from the People’s Army, a sister force of the KIA.

While most of the estimated original group of 100 Burmese soldiers were either killed or had fled, the Kachin forces believe they have now encircled the remaining 30 troops , a People’s Army officer told the Kachin News Group (KNG) late Wednesday night.

A KIA officer on the scene said that Kachin resistance force’s casualties were minimal.

Two days ago, the Burmese army overran the Loi Ying, headquarters of the KIA’s Battalion 15.  In June the Burmese army launched its offensive ostensibly to provide security for the Taping (Dapein) hydroelectric dam located near Loi Ying.

A KIA official named Zau Seng told KNG that the Burmese army recently sent more than 1,000 troops to capture territory belonging to the KIA’s Battalion 15, in an attempt to cut off the KIA’s Laiza headquarters from its 3rd Brigade based in Mai Ja Yang and 4th Brigade based in northern Shan State.

He dismissed the Burmese army’s claim that it launched an offensive in the area to protect the Chinese-run Dapein dam, as it was built in KIO territory with the group’s cooperation.

Fighting between the Kachin resistance and the Burmese army is currently taking place in the townships of Waingmaw, Hpakant, Myitkyina and Danai.

This story was compiled by our correspondent in Laiza, the headquarters of KIA in eastern Kachin State.


Burmese Army soldiers wounded by their own chemical weapons

About 90 Burmese Army soldiers have been wounded by their own chemical weapons near Manwin Gyi village located between Namhkam and Bamaw on Nov 10, 2011. One of artillery shells filled with chemical agents exploded immediately after it was fired and caused several Burmese soldiers to suffer from symptoms associated with chemical agents, said a frontline source. Wounded Burmese soldiers were taken to nearby Namhkam Hospital and most soldiers were discharged after getting treatment. At least 3 soldiers are still in serious conditions, said a local source. kachin land news

Human Rights Violations in Shan State Update

Monday, 24 October 2011 12:10

On 1 October, Capt. Yata Oo and his 20 Burmese soldiers from LIB 332 stationing in Wan Yeung base forced the villagers of Wan Yeung village tract Laikha Township to provide them bamboos and posts for their base’s fence. The villagers were ordered to compete the construction of fence within that day.

On 7 September, 48 Burmese soldiers from LIB 515 based in Laikha Township demanded 1.5 baskets of rice worth 42500 kyat, 9 meat-cans worth 9000 kyat from the villagers of Nwang Len village, Panglong Township. They also looted 4 viss of fresh fish worth 4000 kyat and 1.5 baskets of rice worth 42500 kyat from the villagers of Nam Nwang village, Nwang village tract too.

On 10 September, 30 Burmese soldiers from LIB 513 demanded 100,000 kyat in cash from Nwang Len village tract to pay them by 11 September.

On 11 October, 40 Burmese soldiers from LIB 510 led by Lt. Col. Tin Oo entered Nam Aw village, Pansat village tract, Murng Kerng Twonshp and took a rest there. At 9 pm, one of Burmese soldiers raped a 18 year old girl, daughter of Loon Kya and Pa Nang.

On 12 September, Burmese soldiers from Kho Mai base under LIB 578 based in Larng Khur Township ordered local villagers of Wan Zit village tract to provide them 100 bamboos and 500 wooden posts with 5 feet long. The bamboos and the posts had to bring to the base by 13 September or the villagers would be faced the fierce punishment. source taifreedom


WAR: Seven Burmese soldiers were killed Thursday morning during fighting with the Kachin Independence Army KIA)

Seven Burmese soldiers were killed Thursday morning during fighting with the Kachin Independence Army KIA) at Wawang Kumbang, in Manmaw (Bhamo) District, in Kachin State, Northern Burma, witnesses said.

Two guns from Burmese soldiers were captured by KIA fighters, according to KIA officials from the headquarters in Laiza, eastern Kachin State.

All the dead soldiers were from Infantry Battalion No. 47, based in Manmaw, said sources close to government troops.

A KIA  Corporal received injuries to his leg, KIA officials said.

The battle zone is in N’Mawk Township, on the Myitkyina-Manmaw Highway, which is in the controlled area of the KIA’s Battalion 15, under 3rd Brigade.

The fighting occurred after the new government held its first press conference on August 12, denouncing the KIA as insurgents and terrorists. kachin news

Hpukjawng Seng Du, was arrested on July 31 by Burmese soldiers and buried alive


Kamaing fighting eng
A Kachin farmer was brutally killed by Burmese troops in Kahtan Yang village, in Kamaing, Burma’s northern Kachin State, witnesses said.
Hpukjawng Seng Du, 30 was arrested on July 31 by Burmese soldiers and then he was buried alive in the forest near the village by government soldiers, according to villagers.

According to villagers, the killing of Seng Du was committed by the Waingmaw-based Infantry Battalion No. 58, under Northern Regional Military Command (NC), in Myitkyina, and Hlaingbwe-based Light Infantry Battalion No. 338, under Mawlamyine-based South Eastern Regional Military Command (SEC).

Around 7 a.m. the same day government soldiers from the same Burmese military columns shot to death 17 year old Marip Tang at his home in the same village, added villagers.

Kahtan residents are fleeing to the town of Kamaing after the deaths- fearing more killing, villagers said.

Burmese soldiers from IB 58 arrested eight villagers in Kawng Ra, in Kamaing, as porters on July 30, to bury corpses, witnesses said.

During the ambush of KIA to Burmese convoy of Sarhmaw-based Infantry Battalion No. 105 on July 24, at Nga Pauk Kone in Kamaing, 4 soldiers were killed and around 10 were injured.

The areas around Kamaing on Namti-Hpakant route has become war zone between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burmese troops since the renewed fighting started on June 9.

WAR:Burmese troops guarding the Kengtung-Mong Ngen (Mong Khark township) road construction project attacked by Shan State Army “South”

27 June 2011
Burmese troops guarding the Kengtung-Mong Ngen (Mong Khark township) road construction project attacked by Shan State Army “South” on 11 June. 3 dead and 5 wounded. The Burma Army had been subjecting villagers (Shan, Palaung and Lahu) to forced labor and other abuses, according to a report coming to the border. The SSA has neither confirmed nor denied it. (SHAN)

Burmese soldiers rape, kill and torture Kachin residents

Sunday, 19 June 2011 00:19 KNG
Local Kachin people are being raped, killed and tortured by Burmese troops, sources said.“Burmese troops raped women and small girls and also killed small children. They took away the men for porter duty from three families, who could not escape from Dum Bung village (on Ledo road in western Kachin State),” alleged a source.

In Sinbo, where 17 Burmese soldiers were killed on June 17 in the fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) battalion 5 and Burmese troops of the Light Infantry 141, a woman with four children and three girls under 20 years of age were raped by Burmese troops. The woman died after the incident but the three girls are alive, according to the source.

A refugee with a newly born child at refugee camp in KIO Laiza headquarters.

Another source said a couple was tortured and the wife died after being raped in Dawhpumyang village between Myitkyina the capital of Kachin State and Manmaw (Bhamo).

However, a KIA officer on the front line said, he could not confirm the incident but in Shan State three Kachin men were beaten to death after being put into bags and three girls were tortured and later released by Burmese soldiers. The three local girls are from Na Lung village between Manmaw and Laiza headquarters of the KIO.

He said, Burmese troops deployed in Manje (Mansi) township in southern Kachin State are arresting and killing civilians. Three Kachin residents from these areas have been killed by the soldiers.

WAR: 4 villagers from Nazawng and Hsai Leng villages shot by Burmese Soldiers

  • 16 June 2011
    On 14 June, 5 villagers from Nazawng and Hsai Leng villages, Wanpang village tract, Hsipaw Township, Shan State North, were shot while were working on a farm by an unidentified Burma army unit active in the area, leaving four dead and one injured. The victims were:
    1.      Sai Lu, 34, Hsai Leng village
    2.      Sai Jing, 25, Hsai Leng village
    3.      Hsang Hla, 30, Hsai Leng village
    4.      Hsang Mya, 30, Hsai Leng village and
    5.      Sai Htun, 20, Nazawg, Mongkhurh, Hsipaw Township, wounded on his left shoulder.(SHAN)