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During the first half of November, pictures of “Myanmar government troops killing two villagers in Ke See” have been spreading on the internet. These were pictures of Nong Khio-based government troops killing two villagers from Pang Ze village, Ke See township, central Shan State in 2011, according to local sources.

On August 10, 2011 the Nong Khio based Burma Army LIB 114 under the command of Battalion 55 based in Kalaw, Southern Shan State, carried out a major offensive targeting the bases of the Shan State Progressive Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) around Ta Pha Saung, Ke See township. During their military operation, they found a villager called Loong Mon by a stream and killed him. After that, they arrested another village, Sai Tun Khin, tied him to a tree and killed him by slitting his throat, according to one of the local villagers.

“The day that they were arrested and killed was on August 10th 2011. One of the Burmese soldiers from the group that had returned from seizing the SSPP/SSA base came to that village and asked the villagers to go and check whether the man that was killed was one of their villagers or not. That Burmese soldier said: the man said he was from this village, but when we asked him the name of the head monk of this village temple, he couldn’t tell us. So our commanding officer said he is a Shan soldier and on his orders that man was killed,” said a local leader who prefers to remain unnamed.

After the Burma Army troops left the village, the villagers and the local monks went to collect the two villagers’ dead bodies and buried them, conducting a religious ceremony. Continue reading “#Burma #Myanmar #army #killing #shan #villagers -#warning #graphics”