#MYANMAR : #Regional #development #funds #more #effective than #INGO #aid, locals say

Local people say that development funds of Ks 100 million allowed for each member of parliament are more effective than aid from international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in fulfilling their basic needs. However, controversy has erupted between the government and parliament over the implementation of such development projects.


The Ks 100-million development project plan began this fiscal year, but the amount is not enough to fulfill the regional requirements, say local residents.

More effective than INGOs

In the township of Myaungmya, Ayeyarwady Region, most of the Ks 100-million fund is reportedly used in the education sector, while some of the money is also spent on other requirements of the local people.

They say the amount of Ks 100 million is not enough to meet all local needs. However, it is more effective than INGO assistance because the main requirements can be fulfilled. The development efforts of INGOs can be limited as they rely mainly on donors, say the locals.

“The amount of Ks 100 million allotted by parliament is not enough. Actually, there are a lot of requirements for the region. The crematorium repairs at Myaungmya cemetery carried out with this fund are really necessary. The people from three surrounding areas were faced with health problems due to smoke from the crematorium. We asked for assistance from many local organisations and INGOs. But it didn’t work. Now we are glad we received help [from the development fund],” said Thet Paing Kyu from Myaungmya’s charitable youth association.

“Our town has many NGOs and INGOs but their aid is limited. Foreign donors contribute only to the specific projects. Local people also need to contribute. Although the same is true to the parliamentary aids in requiring local people’s contribution, they are also based on pubic needs. So they are more effective,” said Thet Paing Kyu.

“Parliament has provided assistance that the people really need. So it (the development fund from parliament) is more effective, he said. Continue reading “#MYANMAR : #Regional #development #funds #more #effective than #INGO #aid, locals say”