Be careful enemy post !!!!! ENEMY NEWS / 2015.3.26 20:00 Myanmar government troops shelled continuously courageous Shi Guolin hills, when the sky was black, courageous allies to start fighting back./


The current situation is: Chinese fighter in the sky to defend China’s territorial airspace, ground allies along the water in the river to Burma Street ambushed old turtle car. Ah, the weather forecast says rain will be a few days until the 29th of this month under. However, the weather forecast is not even allowed, saying it was raining, but it is falling hail. There is, there have been enough of ethnic discrimination against ethnic oppression and courageous man to join the allies, now allies has shrunk! Lane!


TRUE ? Tomorrow, 27, it is said enemies of Burma Myanmar prepare for battle. Images Kokang and allies battalion. bd312e8ajw1eqj1h25qbtj218g0qnh2y KOKANG NO SUPPORT bd312e8ajw1eqj1e0qxtdj20pt0fi0zrbd312e8ajw1eqj1g2yvzzj218g0p2k9zbd312e8ajw1eqj1f11bn2j218g0os7jvbd312e8ajw1eqj1eo6qovj218g0rs7mmbd312e8ajw1eqj1ga3g52j20vk0hodpg