Be careful enemy post !!!!! ENEMY NEWS / 2015.3.26 20:00 Myanmar government troops shelled continuously courageous Shi Guolin hills, when the sky was black, courageous allies to start fighting back./


The current situation is: Chinese fighter in the sky to defend China’s territorial airspace, ground allies along the water in the river to Burma Street ambushed old turtle car. Ah, the weather forecast says rain will be a few days until the 29th of this month under. However, the weather forecast is not even allowed, saying it was raining, but it is falling hail. There is, there have been enough of ethnic discrimination against ethnic oppression and courageous man to join the allies, now allies has shrunk! Lane!


TRUE ? Tomorrow, 27, it is said enemies of Burma Myanmar prepare for battle. Images Kokang and allies battalion. bd312e8ajw1eqj1h25qbtj218g0qnh2y KOKANG NO SUPPORT bd312e8ajw1eqj1e0qxtdj20pt0fi0zrbd312e8ajw1eqj1g2yvzzj218g0p2k9zbd312e8ajw1eqj1f11bn2j218g0os7jvbd312e8ajw1eqj1eo6qovj218g0rs7mmbd312e8ajw1eqj1ga3g52j20vk0hodpg

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Update on Situation in Ta’ang Region
February 3, 2015

As Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) suffered heavy casualty, 3 jet fighters came in as reinforcement to support the offensive.

Battles taking place near Mogoke Town and Pateela village started at 0945 hours, and went on well after dusk. As Myanmar side suffered heavy casualty, 3 helicopter gunships came in at about 1800 hours, as a reinforcement. At the same time 3 jet fighters came in and parked on the
airstrip at Momeik to assist.

Moreover, troops from units based at Mogoke, Momeik and the foothill of Mandalay Hill came to assist in the battles.

News and Information Department
3rd February, Breaking News

A battle took place near Pantila village in Migoke Township, Ta’ang Region between the TNLA and Myanmar Army troops, starting from 0945 hours until the time of this report.

Update: Myanmar aircraft attacked also on Hsainglein and Shwe Nyaungbin villages.

Reinforcements of over 300 Myanmar troops from Momeik-Molon side and over 300 from Momeik- Khunka side marched towards the area where a battle was taking place.

News and Information Department
February 2, 2015

Troops from Battalion-717, under TNLA Brigade-2, and Myanmar troops from IB-223 clashed near Shwe Nyaungbin and Shwe Thaya villages in Momeik Township, from 0840 hours to
1700 hours.

In the clash, not less than 9 Myanmar troops were killed and one killed on the TNLA side.

News and Information Department
February 1, 2015

More fierce battles between TNLA and Myanmar troops – A battle took place on Namtsan-Panlon highway between troops from Battalion-773, under TNLA Brigade-3, and Myanmar troops fromDivision77.Two were killed on Myanmar side and no casualty
on TNLA side.

News and Information Department

4th Feb, 2015
1) Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) fought against Burma Army for two days while TNLA was on an opium-eradication mission on the border between Mogoke and Mongmit townships on Feb 2 and Feb 3, 2015.Because of the clash 2 students and 3 villagers were seriously wounded, and more than 2000 from five Ta’ang villages, and other Lishaw and Chinese villages fled to the mountainous areas near the towns.
2) Because of that fighting, some ethnic villages near the battle have been totally abandoned and the schools in them are now closed. So the government must try to ensure that these schools are reopened because just a few days are left for students to study and sit the final exam and the ongoing fighting will be threatening their education. Given that, the government must stop the offensive targeting civilians and take responsibility for the 2 wounded students.
3) More than 1000 government soldiers from bases in Mogoke and Mongmit and Mandalay Hill, as well as 2 gunships and 1 fighter jets are now used in the offensive and there have been heavy causalities on both sides.
4) We denounce the brutal and indiscriminate use of force by Burma Army because it violates the Geneva Conventions that prohibit against utilizing armed helicopters, heavy weapons such as artillery, and excessive manpower and firepower.
5) Such kind of using excessive force is all the more inappropriate in the current situation , when President Thein Sein has publicly shown willingness to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement on Feb 12 , 2015. So we, Ta’ang Women Organization and Ta’and Student and Youth Union, condemn the use of heavy military power such as armed helicopters during large-scale offensives that prevent the signing of ceasefire agreement and peace process.
6) So we demand the following
• The government stop immediately and absolutely the full-scale offensive
• The government stops immediately and absolutely the use of fighter jets, gunships, and rockets during civil war with ethnic groups.
• The government cooperates with the public in eradication of opium and other narcotics
as a national priority
• The government take responsibility of the welfare, education and resettlement of the war refugees
Ta’ang Women Organization – TWO
Ta’ang Students and Youth Union-TSYU
1. DD Poe Kyein (TWO) 09-6718218
2. Lway Poe Kyein Kee (TWO) 09-252325799
3. Mai Myo Aung (TSYU) 09-91051695
4. Mai Thein Zaw (TSYU) 09-47214717

TWO & TSYU’s Joint Statement on Stop the brutal offensive in English

#MYANMAR #Two #troops of #RCSS/SSA #die #during the #battle of #anti #narcotic #drugs

Two troops of RCSS/SSA die during the battle of anti-narcotic drugs


10 December 2014 Written by Taifreedom
RCSS/SSA was encircled and attacked by the government army with a lot of force during the plan of anti-narcotic drugs at WanBan village in Kyawkme Township, Shan State and two troops of RCSS/SSA had sacrificed their blood and life for the nation in the battle field.

Troops of RCSS/SSA did it as their duty was to police in anti-narcotic drugs. Last 1st December 2014, they rounded up the locals and had captured the drugs seller, (Sai Win) 43 years old, who lived in Won Loung village, MurngDan block, with 19 boxes of heroin, 376pills of yaba (methamphetamine) and two bullets of (M-22) in his small hut, at night 10:00pm, and kept him in WonBan village.

On 4th December son of Sai Win went to give his father a coat and on the way home he also told the government troops, LIB 502, where the place of RCSS/SSA was, then the government army took a lot of force and encircled and fought the RCSS/SSA.


“Sai Win and his son were selling drugs and worked as informers of the government troops and militiamen of MurngDan. Both father and child did like that and sold the drugs freely and no one took action against them although the government troops already knew, but they allowed these father and child to sell freely” said the locals. Continue reading “#MYANMAR #Two #troops of #RCSS/SSA #die #during the #battle of #anti #narcotic #drugs”


Three hours long fighting, 19:15pm to 21:50 pm, broke out because the reinforcement of Burmese government was encroaching on their area, on October 17. The battalion 112 of TNLA plus battalion 478 had to stop Brigade 88 of the government from their advance.

It took place at Sa Khan Thit hill, Loi Sar, Nam Seri and Kung Khe hill, situated alongside a 13 miles road (which is the high way between Namphatkar to Namkham) in the south of Namkham township.

The battle started before that day as the government troop had launched an offensive on the united troops of KIA, TLNA, MNDAA around Murng Ngae region, Kotkhai town. cr. tai freedom



BURMA MYANMAR : Government Military reinforce in Murngngona

A battle happened in the morning at 8:00am of 10 January 2014, when Burmese army brigade and people’s militia forces searched for RCSS/SSA in the forest of Nam Doia village, Murnngona township (North Shan State), so they encountered and clashed. Three privates from Burmese brigade died, and RCSS/SSA was safe.

Government brigade in Thibaw township sent reinforcement to the battle in Nam Doia village, Murngngona township on 11 January 2014. On that day in the morning at 5:00am; Burmese brigade fired their mortar 3times into the Nam Doia village, but the shells did not explode. The villagers are afraid and dare not go outside, said the locals.


On 6 January 2014, Government brigade (unknown brigade number) and RCSS/Shan State Army clashed at Pang Nam Jaoh village in Kyaukmae township, lasting about 30minutes. The battle started at 12:30pm and finished at 1:00pm.

The battle field was the place where the RCSS/SSA were camping. Five mortar shells fell into Loan Ar Zay Ya and Pa Nang villagers, garden land, but nobody was injured. Both sides were safe, said the locals.




Two hours of fighting broke out between government troops together with local militia and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on early morning of August 17 near Myawgyaung village, in Pann Wa area of Kachin State, according to local sources.

“The government troops attacked us and the fighting took place in the morning that day. Though KIA suffered no casualties, a militiaman and a soldier from government was killed,” said an officer with the KIA.

The government has not commented on the skirmish but sources close to a pro-government militia group told Eleven Media that the fighting was due to the KIA’s refusal to leave an area.

“They [KIA] entered this area only in March 26 2012 and local people there started to suffer the trouble. The fighting will continue if KIA does not leave the area. They did not keep their promise at the previous peace talks. They tried to recruit new soldiers and construct new bases,” said a local person close to the local militia group.

U Zakon Ting Ring sent a letter to KIA on August 6 requesting them to retreat from militia-controlled areas in Kachin.

Hundreds of civilians flee as Burmese army continues to battle KIA


Published on June 28, 2013

A series of battles took place in the last week of June in northern Shan State between troops under Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army. Despite their agreement to undertake efforts to de-escalate tension on May 30, government troops continue to encroach on territories held by indigenous ethnic armies in northern Shan State.

A battle took place between Kachin people militia (MHH) troops under KIA’s 36th Battalion and a combined force of Burmese army’s 128th Light Infantry Regiment and 507th Light Infantry Battalion near Kong Sa village in northern Shan State on June 27 at 7 am.

A Kong Sa villager said Burmese government troops fired several rounds of 60 mm mortar shells on civilian homes in his village during the battle. About 1000 civilians have fled to Chinese side of the border as mortar shells landed in residential area.

Another battle took place between Kachin people militia (MHH) troops under KIA’s 36th Battalion and Burmese army troops under 128th LIR near Hpai Kawng village on June 26 at 8 pm. The battle lasted for about an hour and no casualties have been reported from either side.

A local source says Burmese army soldiers are staying inside civilians’ homes in Hpai Kawng village and often fire at Kachin troops from those occupied homes. Hpai Kawng villagers are currently living in open rice fields as Burmese army troops from 240th LIR burned down Hpai Kawng IDP camp which has about 50 temporary tents on Nov 28, 2012.

A civilian house hit by 60 mm mortar shells from government troops
A civilian house hit by 60 mm mortar shells from government troops