Burma: Thai factories discuss to operate in Myanmar


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Myanmar migrant workers passing Thai border gate

Some Thai factories inundated during last years’ flood are now discussing about possible functioning in Myanmar.

The managements of these factories conducted negotiation with the responsible persons of railway and industry ministries of Myanmar to set up factories in some Myanmar towns such as Myawadi, Hpaya Thone Zuu, Hpa-an, HteeKhee-Khtee-Kha, MoneHtaw-MoneHtar and Mese of four states such as Kayin, Kayah, Mon and Shan, as well as Thanintharyi Region.

The agricultural-based factories and garment factories, as well as the Baby Corn Thailand will also establish the factories in Myanmar.

Railway Minister U Aung Min confirmed these discussions during a press conference in Nay Pyi Taw on 1July.

As the government is attempting to make lasting peace with ethnic armed forces, the aim for permission of foreign factories in the country is to create job opportunities for those would give up weapons, refugees from border areas, and refugees fleeing from the internal conflicts when they come back home.

There are 60,000 members of ethnic armed forces and 430,000 civil war refugees in Myanmar, as well as 350,000 refugees at the border camps. Among them it is expected that about 840,000 persons will arrive back into the country after making the lasting peace.  news-eleven   Reported by Marn Thu Shein Translated by Aung Khin