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Thailand consular officials in Tokyo said the phrase “kamron.p Wit” was caught carrying a gun on a plane to Japan in the top prosecutors. The Meeting discussed with lawyers tomorrow (25 June), but still do not know the future. According to Japanese law, prosecutors have said the detention of 20 days and allowed to visit only once a day. Today (June 24), consul of the Embassy of Thailand in Tokyo, Japan. Told reporters ASTV Manager The progress of the case . Maj. Gen. unit. Kamron.p Sci incense clarification former Metropolitan Police Commissioner (ผbch.n.) were detected to carry firearms. Narita Airport Japan on 22 June that the case against the now. เพื่อนๆส่งมาให้ครับ ถามเรื่องแนวโน้มคดีดังครอบครองอาวุธปืนที่ญี่ปุน(เข้าใจว่าเราเป็นอัยการยี่ปุ่นซะนี่) ว่า 1. โทษแรงไหม รอ/ไม่รอ 2. สู้ขาดเจตนา ไม่ฟ้อง/ชะลอฟ้อง ได้ไหม ขี้เกียจจะรับโทรศัพท์เรื่องนี้อีก เลยไลน์ไปถามเพื่อนอัยการโตเกียว (เพื่อนPPด้วย) และขอโพสต์ให้เพื่อนหายสงสัย ซึ่งได้คำตอบปฐมภูมิว่า 1.Generally speaking, the possession of guns is serious crime in Japan and the punishment is harsh. The possession of a gun can be punished between 1 to 10 year imprisonment. If he has 2 and more guns, 1 to 15 yrs. If he possesses a gun/guns with bullet(s), 3 to 20 yrs. Once he is indicted, the suspension of the sentence is hardly occurs in gun cases. In short, he must go prison. 2. Many accused argue for lack of mens rea element. In gun case, it is difficult as well. Same as the suspension of prosecution. ไม่รู้เคสนี้มีกระสุนป่าว ถ้ามีสงสัยต้องอยู่ยาว ถ้าไม่มีก้ออยู่สั้น สู้องค์ประกอบภายในยาก CR.เถกิง สมทรัพย์ 11391207_1151318601561681_6843210252582065644_n 10584052_124713327861578_5400727375220196917_n KAMRONVIT11403106_124995477833363_3478685324543802172_nRED BUFFALOES Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today ordered an investigation into how the former metropolitan police commissioner was able to carry gun aboard a THAI plane without being detected.As to the firearm carried by the former senior police officer, Gen Prayut said the action was illegal and authorities were looking into the matter. He went on saying “Report factually so that the country can benefit! I am not asking any of you to cover up any facts! Weren’t you listening just now! Investigations are being carried out and we are trying to determine how he was allowed to pass through airport checkpoints and X-Ray machines or whether certain exceptions were made. “Wrong is wrong! So what if he is a Thai national! We will provide him with attorneys and make certain that he is treated fairly,” he said. But Gen Prayut said the former commissioner was no longer a government official. “He is no longer a civil servant! Do you understand that he is just a civilian now and we will do all we can for every Thai citizen but within the limits of the law!” he added.