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Unlawful hospital building confiscated


The Royal Rose hospital seen on October 14. (Photo-EMG)
Mandalay – The Mandalay City Development Committee seized the Royal Rose Hospital after it was found distributing pornographic adverts and employing unregistered Chinese “doctors”.

Khin Maung Tin, secretary of the committee, said: “We only permitted them to build a five-storey plaza not a seven-storey hospital. Since they have infringed the conditions of the licence, we confiscated the land and building.”

The owners of Great Wall, which ran the project, Tin Maung (aka Lee San Xin) and his wife Nan Hla Sein, and the illegal Chinese immigrants were sued in January. Tin Maung is now cleared of charges but his wife and the Chinese citizens were declared fugitives on June 3.

Nan Hla Sein – charged under private health legislation – was granted bail. However, after skipping bail several times, the court required her to apply for bail again.

The 15.4-acre plot was leased by the City Man Company, whose administrative director was Tin Maung, through a 30-year contract to develop a hotel, plaza, condominium and offices.

Although Tin Maung was accused of violating the licence agreement, the city mayor and government officials attended the opening ceremony of the hospital.