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Nay Pyi Taw, 1 March — Military columns bravely fought and occupied point 1319 and strategically important hills near border post 129 and 23rd-mile area. On Sunday, the Tatmadaw columns could reopen the Laukkai-Kongyan communication route for secure transport after occupying six hills of Kokang insurgents. On 28 February, military columns discharging security duty seized 60 bullets of M-22, two berry caps, one photo album and two vehicles at a building in Napan Village. At 11.30 am, Tatmadaw columns clashed with some Kokang insurgents in a place, southwest of Laukkai and seized one dead body of the insurgents, one M-23 sub-machine gun, one pistol, one .22 rifle, two mines, ammunition and related materials and equipment. At about 1.15 pm, Tatmadaw columns, acting on tip-off, searched four suspects but they fled from the scene. So, the military servicemen tried to stop the suspects by firing at them. In the incident, one of four suspects was dead and three remaining persons were arrested. According to the investigation, the Tatmadaw columns combed the surrounding area and seized two boxes containing 1,000 electronic detonators each, eight black bullet proof coats, 30 bullet proof plaque, 50 uniforms with MNDAA badges, two caps with MNDAA titles, five bags of equipment and related materials, two packets of 30 green knapsacks and five bales of camouflage beds from the building. At 8 pm, Tatmadaw columns searched 15 suspected persons near Sinkyaing Village but two of them opened fire at servicemen. In combing the area, the military columns seized one dead person, 12 suspects including two injured, three uniforms with MNDAA badges, 12 sets of uniforms without badges, four hats, one peak cap, three gun proof caps, one Icon communication device, one Motorola communication device, one equipment, and two packets of heroin (about four grams). In the incidents, Tatmadaw columns seized three dead bodies, 331 rounds of ammunition, two rocket shells, two mines, 2,000 electronic detonators, two vehicles, two white powder packets believed to be heroin, 65 sets of uniforms and military equipment and arrested 15 persons. Four officers and other ranks sacrificed life for the nation and seven servicemen were injured. Myawady Final

Photo shows materials and packets of equipment seized from Kokang insurgents.—Myawady

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