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latest earthquake hit near the town of Namche Bazar, near Mount Everest, The US Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 7.3. Vishal Rishi Sharma : I would like to inform you that Airport is now open. It was closed only for a while. Flights are now functional. Also everything in Kathmandu is safe. Few casualties have been reported but situation is under control and devastation is not that huge. 1505123920150512_125432_resized 15051241Earth-Quake-1 (1) #NEPALQUAKE Relief Unreachable – Gorkha Far-West 11.may Dear All, This is to kindly inform you all that in the far west region of Gorkha, due to the landslide the roads(kaccha) also have seems to be destroyed completely, taking away more than 150 Donkeys death, which use to carry loads to reach up the mountain, near the lake. Today is the fifteenth day and currently there is no source of way to reach up there, except for the expert climbers. It is sad to tell you all that the local people in that zone who we met told me that the locals there have all started feeling that they belongs to no one’s lands, as time has passed and they are just left haphazardly with no source of basic relief until now. I do not know how to put up this word correctly but I have this strong feeling that the leaders of the country who are leading are playing with the sentiments of the civilians right now, be it you me or any. It is of a big surprise to me that how it is even possible for the government to charge one and half lakh to two and half lakhs, of rupees for delivering the relief material to anyone interested at that particular zone? Where else the relief material that only fits in the helicopters are worth not even more than fifty to sixty thousand rupees only, is a question to me. This is not the time to do business is how I think. Either we have forgotten our rights to public property else the government has forgotten it’s the public’s property. Finally, after the fifteenth day the Secretary of the wards that you will see in the video(First left hand side of the screen is Dhurbaraj Parajuli, a Secretary of Keranju, VDC-9) is moving today along with other EIGHTY SEVEN i.e. 9th May. Where else when I tried to reach out to the CDO of Gorkha district, his cell phone was switched . Eventually I consider this INHUMAN!!!! I, would kindly request you all to appeal in this regard as many of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are all crying out loud for help and we think should also think outside the box as I am sharing the correct information if you all are not informed well, that there has been no relief material properly sent there . Let us all help!!!!! Here is some collective information please kindly get an idea how to reach there. Most importantly we should ask for free service P.S. I do not recommend anyone to go hiking there with the relief material as we were told that it’s an unusual and awkward small thin ways where soil erosions are high, every day, along with 100 meters down there is a river flowing The routes to reach there are as follows: Day 1: Kathmandu – Gorkha Bazaar to Swoti (By Bus) Manabu (Hiking) Hiking starts Day 2: Manabu – Dauraht- Dhunche – Chaihtey Khola – Kashigaun (O/N) Day 3: Kashigaun – Ahi Khola – Kerauja (O/N) Day 4: Rumhchet – Jhulchuk – Doh Bahn – Sauli Bhatti – Jhayam Khola – Dahdye Bharyang – Jagat (sirdibas) (O/N) Day 5: Jagat (Sirdibas) – Salairi – Ghatey Khola – Fhilm – Chisopani – Nayang Fedi – Pewa – Uyang (O/N) Day 6: Uyang – Rana – Dafridi – Gup – Prok – Nahmrung (O/N) Day 7: Nahmrung – Relcham – Legam – Sachau – Lay Gau – Syala Day 8: Syala – Samagaun. (O/N) Keranju – Village Development Committee – Ward no. 9 Election Area Zone: 3 Total Wards: 29 Wards where vehicle reached: 18 Wards where vehicle unreached: 11 Continue reading “#7.1 #Earthquake!! in #Nepal #Again #Today #12 May 2015 #VIDEOS”


12.may 2015 second one RASUGADI 

LANGTANG ,The hole village is gone.. Ang Norbu Sherpa :Just for info: we have been working since 10 days for search and rescue mission Langtang. It is not the Spanish who found the body it is the local guide local police and local army who discovered it.the Spanish were in Langtang only on Tuesday. So the media please use your commensense before you broadcast Nepal National Mountain Guide Association – NNMGA Mountain Guide – Ang Norbu Sherpa, Sunar Gurung , Ang Gyaljen Sherpa and Jangbu Sherpa B was at Langtang now for search and rescue, guide Lakpa Kitar Shepa is at Sindu palchok now with Zealand Mountain Guide as volunteer and tomorrow guide Suman Gurung,Tenjing Sherpa and Jangbu shepa A is heading to Laprak village taking cloth and Tents, guide Prem Gurung is heading to Lamjung soon taking Tents and food, Past president Pemba gyalje sherpa, Genral Secratery Furba Namgel Sherpa and,TC chief Lambabu Sherpa went to Langtang earthquake victim camp today to distribute 100 tents. Guide Tshring Pande Bhote is busy rescuing people with simrik helicoptor every day, Thank you very much all fellow guides for your great contribution Dorjee Lama Sherpa CR. Ang Norbu Sherpa 11182142_944753175564254_1448800578600008166_n11114742_944753125564259_1062651247748981286_n11149331_944753155564256_36402556557448320_n

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Because of excessive cargo and relief equipments , Nepal airport is short of Ground handling equipments….. It would be great if these things can be arranged……..Pallet dolly – 50 pcs , Container dolly – 50 pcs , Baggage Trolley – 50 pcs….. ‪#‎groundhandlingequipment‬ ‪#‎airportequipments‬ ‪#‎nepalairport‬ — at Tribhuvan International Airport.

There is this huge confusion with the customs and airport….
. so this is what needs to be done….
For the ones sending goods : Make a list of things that are being sent , a letter stating where these will be used and for what purpose….. also the ones receiving should be an NGO or INGO who has to come to receive it with details of things they are receiving, the purpose of it and the area where it will be used…..

Once you have that , please send me the list and we will help the coordination part at the airport….. We are going to have a coordination center at TIA INTERNATIONAL ARRIVAL from tomorrow…… For the ones in need : Please send me a detail list of things that you need , it has to be from some NGO and INGO letter head stating the purpose and area of use….. Please bring the document or mail me in nishantshrestha@gmail.com and our coordinators at the aiport will start the process immediately. ……..

REQUEST TO HOSPITALS , RELIEF CAMPS , INGO’S AND NGO’S…. Lot of groups and Nepalese living abroad are asking me what is required…… please mail me the list of things you need and also mention the area where it will be used at with your phone no and mobile number at nishantshrestha@gmail.com and also if there are emergency airlifts to be done , there are several helocopters flying to the affected areas do lemme know —

So FINALLY we have permission to have a coordination center at the international arrival and also we take charge of all the cleanliness from day after , looks like a big challenge but lets see………. will update on how things are to be sent so that we will handle it and dispatch it…. also I will update how you can collect things from the airport without much of the hassle …. ONE REQUEST FOR ALL IS PLEASE JUST DON’T SEND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING….. OUR AIRPORT IS FULL OF CARGO, WILL UPDATE ON THE DEMAND…….


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There are no words to describe the depths of our sorrow and loss.
We believe that our girls, Bailey Sage Meola, and Sydney Jo Schumacher, perished during the earthquake and catastrophic landslide in the Langtang region of Nepal. When Sydney’s brothers, Will and Paul, searched the entirety of the trek, and saw the immense and unfathomable destruction and devastation, it became clear that there was no chance our girls had survived. Although our strong desire has been to hear final confirmation from the US Embassy, and to receive our beloved girls’ remains, we haven’t, and may never.
We have been profoundly moved by the support and love we have received from near and from far, far away. You have all had your part in helping us move through these dark days. Thank you.
The Meola Brown Family
The Schumacher Family




It is with great sadness that I share this news we received from the SAR Dogs Nepal as to the status of the Langtang Landslide Recovery Mission. It seems the likelihood of any type of recovery in the area of Langtang is now impossible as a result of the second earthquake.

News received states;

The second quake has caused more slides and damages in and around the Gosaikunda-Langtang-Helambu region.

Horrible disfigured mountain slopes have caused huge countless landslides yesterday and entire villages are now buried.

Langtang Village is now buried under a further 300 metres high and 600 meters wide hill of debris – a new smaller mountain of its own inside the valley.

Langtang Valley is vanishing slowly from the map. The pressure by the Indian sub continental drift on the two mountain ranges at both the sides of the west to east situated canyon is absolutely immeasurable”.

We questioned the possibility of proceeding with a search and recovery effort for the areas of Kyangin Gompa, Thangsyap and Ghora Tabel – the last know location of many other loved ones still missing.

The response from SAR Dogs Nepal came as follows;

“It is out of the question that the search & recovery mission into Langtang Canyon (Valley) will resume. The Army has now taken every living human out, the place is empty. The army and local administration have declared it a restricted area, entering is not possible anymore.

There have been 3 more landslides on top of that first landslide and the entire area is still shaking and moving continuously.

This is the grim reality we face now. Also, the Monsoon is now coming in 15-20 days – this will cause serial landslides, the worse is still to come…”

It seems clear despite our hope to perhaps find someone alive in the Langtang region, to perhaps recover maybe at least one more person for one family, no amount of will can change this harsh reality, and I am so very sorry. Sorry for the young backpackers and trekkers, the beautiful people of the villages who thrived on this industry and the families across the world in pain.

If I can be of any assistance to family, please feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards

Veronica Hey
Blackbook Traveler

Email: admin@blackbooktraveler.com

Vishal Rishi Sharma : I would like to inform you that Airport is now open. It was closed only for a while. Flights are now functional. Also everything in Kathmandu is safe. Few casualties have been reported but situation is under control and devastation is not that huge. ########### Khaled Habash Portland, ME, United States · Hello Everyone! I wanted to update everyone. My sister, Yasmine Habash and Reid Harris, along with ALL locals, have been forced to evacuate from the Langtang Area due to multiple avalanches. The weather is/was terrible and is NOT a place to be. They did not have luck finding our mother Dawn Habash although giving up was not an option until the forced evacuation. I want to thank the people from this page and families around the world for all help, support, love and hope that has allowed us to get through the past 2 weeks. We are heartbroken and exhausted yet truly feel everyone right next to us. My heart is with your heart. Dawn Habash was on the Tamang Heritage Trek in Nepal at the time of the earthquake. ##########Here is a message from Leonie Elsner’s family: Nina Stechmann has been identified as one of the deceased in Langtang. Her friend, Leonie Elsner, is still missing. Please let everyone know that we appreciate all the help and support, organizing and staying in touch. It is such a hard time for everyone, especially those who do not know anything about their still missing ones and the ones who lost their beloved, and especially for the Nepalese people who lost everything. Langtang Missing/Found People https://www.facebook.com/groups/1618410661725880/ http://missingperson.gov.np/Nepal-Police/search-persons.php The Russian Embassy in ‪#‎Nepal‬ has confirmed the deaths of two young diplomats, Alexei Lipeev and Maria Yakovleva, after their bodies were discovered in the mountain village of Langtang. 11252602_812860435463851_347505116687039908_n 22 Nepalese dead body evacuated from Langtang, Rasuwa By Mahabirgan(ranger) 3 unidentified dead evacuated from Langtang Embassies are kindly requested to coordinate. Status: Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu he body of award-wining local DJ Sai Jaya Raj Anthony, who has been missing since the devastating Nepal earthquake, may have been found. The authorities have found a body with Anthony’s passport in Langtang Valley, one of the worst-hit mountain villages, about 130km north of Kathmandu. Sai Maya Raj Anthony M 21 Malysia A34235325 Dead evacuated from Langtang Maybe someone did say it already but spanish news just confirm the dead of Roser Palau. Mi más sentido pésame. D.E.P. Roser. 11148595_10152707345431105_4939939790883266494_n I’m still waiting to hear from my brother Tyronne white 44 from Australia trekking alone. He was last seen at langtang and had a chat with another guy and i quote: I saw him on April 23rd. He was either going to stay in Langtang that day or make it up slightly higher. He was going up. We chatted briefly at the spot I was having lunch (in Langtang). Higher up to Kyanjin gompa and onto the glacier most likely and that Tyronne looked fine and ready to go! So if anyone at anytime has seen Tyronne or has any info at all regarding him please contact me personally through email at timmygetfree@yahoo.com.au Facebook private message brepil whikim or call +610410928776. Thank you very much. — with Tyronne White.

RIP  Maybe someone did say it already but spanish news just confirm the dead of Roser Palau. Mi más sentido pésame. D.E.P. Roser.
Maybe someone did say it already but spanish news just confirm the dead of Roser Palau. Mi más sentido pésame. D.E.P. Roser.

12815_10153264068480460_4999996562227274851_n Langtang Missing People (68) Last Updated 5.5.15 at 4:07 a.m. PST (Name, Age, Nationality, and Best Guess of Last Location) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q62U7oP9joNaPluo2aAWJGmRxeUxqj-v8XCrkTVQ3YQ/edit?pli=1 Please contact the following numbers for more details on missing foreigners. 1. Rikesh Tandukar — Police Inspector Contact: 1144 (Toll free) Email: policetourist@nepalpolice.gov.np 2. Sarad Pradhand — Media Consultant, NTB Contact: 9851077385 Email: saradpradhan@gmail.com Thanks TAAN Media Center Sundar Tiwari Dear All : I’m sorry this links may bring bad news for someone and also good for some. Please see the links from Nepal Police.

http://nepalpolice.gov.np/images/crisis-detail-2072-01-18/foreigner-2072-01-18.pdf Nepal Quake: Langtang Missing/Found Person Database https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1emNUSYvk0fo1BqaDAzIzDQXFoHGYm9QGcFPW8SCnORg/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true# Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche April 25.2015 DCnepal भुकम्पमा पुरिएर मृत्यु भएका यि साना बालकको लास निकालिंदै Report on situation in Langtang, April 28, from Austin Lord. “Some information about the effects of the earthquake in the Langtang Valley, as well as the rest of Rasuwa: The village of Langtang was the site of the largest single catastrophe, as the entirety of village was completely buried by an avalanche that came from thousands of feet above on the southern slopes of Langtang Lirung and Langtang II. Smaller settlements on the outskirts of Langtang, such as Chyamki, Thangsyap, and Mundu were also buried. It is impossible to determine exactly how many Continue reading “#update #NepalQuake #Langtang #Missing #People #NAMES #FOREIGNER #Report #Missing/Found #Person #Database”