Authorities ignoring rape and murder of 7-year-old girl in Pegu Division

logo2 January 8, 2009
HURFOM: A seven-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Ma U Pin village, Pegu Division last week. Local military authorities are refusing to take any action, though area residents and the Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) contend that the perpetrator is a soldier.
On December 27th, villagers report hearing a young girl scream and then, a little while later, a gunshot. According to a friend of the victim’s father, her family became worried when she did not return home that night. At dawn the next morning, a large group of villagers formed a search party.
At 10am, the young girl’s body was found hidden in bushes near her home. HURFOM sources said there was irrefutable evidence that she had been raped, and she was dead from a bullet wound in her chest.
HURFOM could not confirm the identity of the perpetrator, but a statement released by KWO contended that the perpetrator is a soldier.
HURFOM sources in the small, close-nit village also say they are certain the act was committed by a soldier. Earlier in the day on December 27th, a group of soldiers from Infantry Battalion No. 350, lead by Captain Thet Khine, arrived outside the village. A female resident, 45, said she saw a soldier enter the village in the evening. He disappeared, she said, and then she heard a scream and later a gunshot.
The bullet wound is also telling, the villagers say, for only soldiers in the area are permitted to carry firearms. “In our village, no one owns a gun – only soldiers can have gun,” said another source close to the family. “If the soldier did not do it, who did? But he [Captain Thet Khine] denies it.”
“We went to the Captain Thet Khine and told him the story of the rape, but the Captain did seem to care about it,” said the source close to the family. “He did not agree [that a soldier committed the crime]. But he did not do anything to investigate. He just treated it like it was something normal.”
In a statement released on January 6th, KWO demanded action from Burma’s military government. “KWO is appalled at this horrific crime, and that the SPDC authorities have failed to take any action over the case,” reads the statement. “KWO urges the international community to pressure the SPDC authorities to take action over this case, and to ensure that the victim’s family and other community members face no retaliation for their attempts to seek justice.”
This story courtesy of the Human Rights Foundation of Monland

Junta backed DKBA Attacks KNU

KNU Flag

God bless you all

Further attacks against the rebel Karen National Union (KNU) by the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) look likely to continue after a major clash that began on Saturday, according to Karen sources from both camps.

An armed clash between the KNU’s military wing, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and the breakaway Karen group DKBA broke out on Saturday in the KNLA’s Brigade 6 region in southern Karen State in Eastern Burma.

According to a source close to the DKBA, battalions 907 and 999 moved in against the KNLA Battalion 103 base. However, he said that the Burmese army did not participate in the operation alongside the DKBA troops.

The KNU’s newly elected Joint-Secretary 1 Hla Ngwe said that further attacks against the KNLA soldiers in Brigade 6 are expected as the DKBA has long coveted the region to control business and collect taxes along the Thai-Burmese border.

The area where the clash took place is rich in zinc mines, said the sources.

Hla Ngwe claimed that about six soldiers from a joint-Burmese/ DKBA force were seriously injured during the clash. However, the source close to the DKBA did not confirm any casualties.

Hla Ngwe said that a joint force of Burmese soldiers and DKBA troops have increased attacks around the border areas since late 2008.

Some observers said that the Burmese army and DKBA forces are intent on targeting in 2009 the KNU Brigade 6 region opposite Thailand’s Tak province, including the KNLA military bases in Kawkareik Township in southern Karen State.

A KNLA source said that the Burmese- DKBA troops were preparing to launch an assault mainly against KNLA battalions 201 and 103 in Kawkareik Township.

In late 2008, KNU’s tax department in Brigade 6 stated that the DKBA had plans to wrest control of Kawkareik from the KNLA, expecting to earn from agriculture, logging and mining in the area.

Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Monday, the source close to the DKBA said, “This is our New Year’s present for the KNU.”

News NCUB Border office Insulting Karens on Karen New Year Day: SPDC junta’s lawlessness

On 2008 December 27, Karen New Year’s Day, at about 6:00 PM, a soldier from Lt. Thet Khaing’s Company in SPDC Army LIR 350 deployed at Saw Behldoe outpost near Ma-u-bin village in Nyaunglebin District Kyaukkyee Township raped a seven-year old Karen girl named Ma Ni Kabyar at her home while her parents were away and then shot her to death.

On December 16, in Mergui-Tavoy District Kasehdo Township Htee Bo-bwa Special Region, soldiers from SPDC Army IB 101 killed four villagers trading oxen and buffaloes at Kasawphoe and stole two oxen and two buffaloes. The murdered villagers were Saw Hser Thel (aged 35), Saw Dah Htoo Phoe (aged 18), Saw Hut Phloe (aged 16) and Saw Deedi (aged 40) all of whom came from Se-ku village.

In KNU territory Dooplaya District Kawkareik Township, Col. Khin Maung Cho, Commander of No.1 Tactical Operations Command of No.19 MOC summoned village tract elders to IB 106 camp and ordered them to report to the army camp three days a week starting from December 11th, also threatening them with prison terms if skirmishes broke out on the road in their respective vicinity. The elders were from Wahkami, Belemai, Kaneh Kamaut, Kyeh, Dellphee, Ta-nayliu, Ru-taw and Tha-wawphya village tracts. They were threatened with seven years in jail for village tract elders and two years in jail for village elders.

Similarly, Than Win, Commander of LIR 587, also issued orders for guarding of Kaneh Kamaut-Wahkami Road with 36 villagers every day, threatening them with two years’ prison sentences if battle broke out in their allotted sentry area.

Thanks to DR.Lun Swe

FBR REPORT: Relief Continues for Hundreds of Newly Displaced as Teams Complete December Mission

Karen State, Burma
30 December, 2008

Over 200 displaced villagers fled last week in Kyauk Kyi (Ler Doh) Township, Nyaunglebin District, as Burma Army attacks yet again threatened their hiding sites.
Relief Continues for Hundreds of Newly Displaced
Images Sent by the Relief Team
Update — Burma Army Supplies Movements
Interviews with Prisoner Porters
Additional details of the latest attack
From Previous Reports

Relief Continues for Hundreds of Newly Displaced as Teams Complete December Mission.
Over 200 displaced villagers fled last week in Kyauk Kyi (Ler Doh) Township, Nyaunglebin District, as Burma Army attacks yet again threatened their hiding sites. Two Burma Army columns swept areas of central Nyaunglebin District, beginning on 21 December, 2008. Although their situation is tenuous, villagers have now been able to return to their former hiding sites as Karen Resistance soldiers have forced the attacking troops back to their camps. The area, which had just been visited by three multi-ethnic FBR relief team comprised of Arakan, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Pa’O, and Shan team members, is now being assisted by the local Karen FBR team which has been able to provide relief, medical treatment and encouragement. The teams have reported that the Burma Army plans to continue their activity in the area, and displaced villagers remain constantly ready to flee further attacks.

Note: additional details of the attack follow the report below

Throughout the month of December, Free Burma Ranger Relief Teams conducted relief missions in different ares of Burma. This report covers missions in Nyaunglebin and part of Muthraw (Papun) Districts, Karen State, Eastern Burma. The Free Burma Ranger teams have been providing medical care, tarps, clothes and blankets to families in need. The teams also provided education and encouragement via the Good Life Club program. Each team documented the humanitarian situation and human rights violations committed by the Burma Army. Relief team medics have treated 1855 patients in 11 different villages. The Good Life Club has given out over 1000 t-shirts, taught hygiene and anatomy classes as well as many songs, and built 6 toilets for 6 different villages that had none.

The diverse team of Arakan, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Pa’O, and Shan have all had the privilege of sharing this time of celebration and thanksgiving with the people here. We have seen that despite the Burma Army’s attempt to terrorize the Karen villagers, whether it be the grandfather who has fled more than 100 times or the 14 year old shot down before he had the chance, the people here remain undefeated, choosing instead to be thankful for every new day and celebrate with joy this Christmas season.

Thank you for your prayers and all that you have done to support the Internally Displaced People of Burma.

A relief team leader. maw-pu-burma-army-camp
Free Burma Rangers
Northern Karen State

FBR REPORT: We Tried Our Best to Help them (the British and Allies), Now We Are in Difficulty

Karen State, Burma
30 December, 2008

“We tried our best to help them (the British and allies), now we are in difficulty, we wonder if they will help us.”
— WWII veteran, Saw Nya They Mu, 80 years old.
Muthraw District, Northern Karen State, Burma. December 26, 2008.

Saw Nya Mu, 80 year old WWII veteran
While on this relief mission we met Saw Nya They Mu who fought alongside the Allies against the Japanese here in Burma. He was smiling and very happy to see us. He thanked us for the help the team gave the people, and told us his story.

“In World War Two, the Japanese invaded here and they killed and tortured us a lot. If they wanted to kill one of us Karen, they just did it. We worked with the British to help them fight the Japanese. They asked us to help them and we did. 160 of us joined the British. 80 of us as local militia or home guard, and 80 as a mobile unit to fight alongside the British on their operations.

The British camped here at that mountain over there -The Po Maw Jo– and the British parachuted the rations into that rice field there. There were also British soldiers at many places in the Karen State. They were at Thaw Thi Ko and Kaw Mu Paw, Plako and Kaw Mu Der.

One of us, Saw Tha Na Moo, went out to India, trained there with the British, and parachuted back into here. After the British came we all joined against the Japanese and defeated them.

I knew one of the British Officers well. He was Major Seagrim- Grandfather Longlegs- and was with us all the time. He was captured by the Japanese at Kaw Mu Pwa Der village near here.

As for veterans, only myself and Saw Tha Maw Ye who is more than 80 years old is still alive here. He is up the valley a little way where he had to run after the Burma Army attacked.

As for the British we did our best for them.

We tried our best to help them (the British and allies), now we are in difficulty, we wonder if they will help us.”

We gave him a blanket, shirt and some money. We told him that we and many around the world were grateful for his service. We made a presentation and honored him as best we could. He was smiling all the time and thanked us profusely. Then, with a twinkle in his eye and a broad smile, he said, ” I must be getting back home, thank you so much again and may God bless you all”.

Thank you and God bless you,

A Relief Team Leader, Free Burma Rangers
Muthraw (Papun) District, Karen State, Burma.

The Free Burma Ranger’s (FBR) mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Using a network of indigenous field teams, FBR reports on human rights abuses, casualties and the humanitarian needs of people who are under the oppression of the Burma Army. FBR provides medical, spiritual and educational resources for IDP communities as they struggle to survive Burmese military attacks.

DKBA accuses couple of being witches, executes them on the spot

HURFOM : A married couple in Myawaddy Township, Kawkareik District was accused of practicing black magic and executed by soldiers of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) on November 20th, say local sources.
At 6:30 pm, a group of soldiers led by Saw Leh Aye second commander of Battalion No. 907 entered the village and called out to the victims to come outside their home. When the victims did not comply Saw Leh Aye and two soldiers entered the house and stabbed U Tee War, 52, in the chest and stomach with a bayonet. He died on the spot. Saw Leh Aye and the soldiers than dragged Daw Kin Mu, 50, from the house and stabbed her at least twice with the bayonet. Both bodies are buried at the site.
“They killed the victim because the DKBA commander believed that U Tee War and his spouse have evil magic power. He thought U Tee War and his wife Daw Kin Mu were witches. Everyone knows that U Tee war was just a traditional medic and his wife was a normal person. I don’t know how the DKBA commander thought this to kill them,” said a Karen man, 28, who resides in the village.
“I have lived in this village for many years, but I never heard of this couple having magic power. I just heard that after the couple was killed. They have lived in this village very peacefully,” said a Karen woman, 55, also from the same village.

Free Burma Rangers > Report A Christmas Story Karen State, Burma

We walked into the hiding place after four days spent looking at Burma Army camps. The people in this hiding place site were all displaced earlier this year by one of the new camps we just photographed. The people here had been fleeing since the Burma Army first started their attacks in this area of Western Karen State in 1972. Since then, they have fled attacks many times. One 62 year old man told us he thought he had fled 500 times in his lifetime.

There were 17 families hiding here in a small ravine in a bamboo thicket. Their homes are small shacks made of bamboo and grass, some covered in tarps that our teams had given them earlier. There are two small water points where pieces of bamboo channeled the small flow of a little stream. Here the families can collect water and bathe. As we walked into the site, there was a plastic tarp spread on the ground, with children sitting on it, as one of the team led them in songs and games. Mothers and fathers stood behind, holding babies, smiling and laughing with their small huts right behind them. As we got closer, the team handed out presents for the children, and then the whole team sang a blessing song. It was a very moving melody, with powerful words about God being with us at all times. I felt very sad that the people had to live like this, but at the same time, I felt the more powerful emotion of love, hope and joy, as the team and the families bonded together. I thought, ‘ this is wonderful and the Burma Army probably wouldn’t believe it if they saw it’. Here are people that they are chasing who have lost so much, who are still smiling and singing and who haven’t given up.

I looked around the cluster of small huts, and smiling and happy people. I looked as the medics began to prepare for treatment and I thought, ‘this is a wonderful thing’. I felt satisfied. Not satisfied with the situation and the people in hiding, but satisfied that all of us at this site were happy together and that on this day, we would all eat well and sleep well. Later that same night other Karen from different displaced villages came to sing carols at the hide site. They went to every family’s house and sang. As we looked up at the stars and listened to the singing, I thought, “This really is Christmas.”

I want to thank all of you who pray for, love, and help these people, and all of you who help us here.

God bless you and Merry Christmas,
A relief team leader
Western Karen State, Burma

for someone,who doesn,t know Pado Mahn Sha… short info

MAE SOT, Thailand (Reuters) – A leader of Myanmar’s biggest rebel group was assassinated at his home in the Thai border town of Mae Sot on Thursday, his wife told Reuters. Mahn Sha Lar Phan, secretary-general of the Karen National Union, was shot at his two-storey wooden home by two men who arrived in a pickup truck, his wife Kim Suay told Reuters at the scene. He died instantly.“One of them walked up to the house and said in Karen ‘How are you, uncle?’ Then the other man joined him after parking the truck and they both shot him with two pistols,” she said, her voice shaking with emotion.

In an interview with Reuters on Monday, he had predicted a possible increase in violence ahead of a constitutional referendum in the former Burma in May.


you can see many pictures of Pado Mahn Sha,he was a great Hero,we miss him,thanks to Dr.Lun Swe for pics

Death of Karen leader blow to Myanmar groups – 15 Feb 08

Myanmar’s Karen mourn KNU leader’s death – 23 Feb 08

Junta Militants Arrested in Thailand: BBC

Thai authorities in the border town of Mae Sot have arrested an armed group of Burmese nationals, including women, who reportedly said that the Burmese military government had sent them to Thailand, according to BBC Burmese radio on Monday.

The BBC Burmese service said that 10 members of an unknown armed group were arrested and weapons were seized from at least four of them.

Sources in Mae Sot said that the Burmese junta has targeted prominent opposition leaders in exile in the past, as well as leaders of armed ethnic groups, pro-democracy organizations and human rights organizations, especially those based in Mae Sot.

Several dissidents along the Thai-Burmese border have claimed that assassinations have been ordered by the junta and suggested that Karen National Union General Secretary Mahn Sha was gunned down on February 14 by junta-backed assassins, although the murder was never officially solved.

Twenty undercover agents from the Burmese military authorities have been assigned and deployed in Thailand’s Mae Sot area to carry out assassinations, said opposition sources on the Thai-Burmese border.